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Ericsson Distributed Cloud

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Ericsson Distributed Cloud goes beyond NFV and Edge Computing. It brings to operators the best of telecom and cloud capabilities, placing the application where it’s needed the most (centrally, distributed or at the edge). It’s an open platform, with end-to-end orchestration, that allows operators to prepare their infrastructure to unlock at least 25% of the business potential of 5G use cases. Visit our page: www.ericsson.com/distributed-cloud

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Ericsson Distributed Cloud

  1. 1. Ericsson Distributed Cloud
  2. 2. Whatisadistributedcloud VNF APP VNF APP VNF APPVNF APP VNF VNF APP VNF Edge sites Distributed sites Central sites Any workload Anywhere in the network End-2-end orchestrated VNF Global clouds Public safety Automotive FWA Factory Video streaming Metering
  3. 3. 2020 2022 2024 2026 Agriculture Retail Financial Services Automotive Media & Entertainment Public transport Healthcare Public Safety Energy & Utilities Manufacturing +178%* 619 129 14 *Total growth year-over-year 426 +14%* Overall 5G potential USD bn Distributed Cloud unlocks 25% of 5G operator revenue potential Where is the Distributed Cloud revenue potential Characteristics enabled by Distributed Cloud — Scalability — Security — Regulations — Bandwidth — Low and very low latency — Ultra reliable — Very high availability
  4. 4. Media & entertainmentManufacturing Public transport Healthcare Energy & utilities Agriculture LogisticsRetailPublic safety Financial servicesAutomotive Distributedcloud–usecases $5,6 trillion from autonomous vehicles to society Autonomous driving Safety and traffic efficiency services Connected services Other Global cost savings Up to 25% with AR assisted factory maintenance AR assisted factory maintenance Cost reduction Latency DensityPeak data rate Video traffic in mobile networks 50% Today 75% 2022 of content delivery network traffic close to edge 60-80% Traffic cached
  5. 5. Deploy and scale NFV – Multi-site SDI and NFVI with SDN interconnect – Workload distribution, e.g., packet core – Prepare for Network Slicing, Critical IoT & Enterprise Services Grow ecosystem – Expose APIs – Support service creation – New multi-sided business models – New offerings for IoT media acceleration Implement Network Slicing orchestration – Greater flexibility & elasticity meeting fast-changing customer demands – Distributed user plane Embrace Cloud Native – Efficient and flexible infrastructure usage for demanding future 5G services Network slices Network function Network function Network function E2E network consistency DistributedCloudjourney
  6. 6. V-RAN 5G Core IoT UDN New applications Cloud execution environment . . . EricssonOrchestrator Ericsson NFVi solution DynamicOrchestration Services(e.g.SI,Support,LCM) Ericsson container platform Ericsson service enablement Edge sites Distributed sites Central sites Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) vPOD vPOD vPOD vPOD vPOD vPOD vPOD vPOD vPOD Ericsson Cloud SDN Ericsson Distributed Cloud
  7. 7. Local application (VR/Robot) Central applications Edge site Central site Critical Traffic Cloud App Global clouds Latency – Bandwidth – Security – Availability – Transport/compute/data offload – Scalability - Regulations Policy and charging vEPC CP vEPC UP (CN UPF)V-RAN vEPC UP (CN UPF) Smart manufacturing demo powered by Ericsson Distributed Cloud
  8. 8. Drive industrialization with – Operators – Public cloud service providers – Industries and enterprises Engaged in E2E collaborations to converge on working solutions In cross-industry alliance to ensure that new technologies and standards will meet the future needs of the industry Automotive use-cases – Use cases and business analysis – Industry and eco system alignment – Requirements on distributed cloud infrastructure – Architecture and topology – Network dimensioning – End to end network slicing New business opportunities – Architecture – Technical requirements – Business opportunities and technology roadmap – Focus on verticals like eHealth, automotive, factories – Standard definition Industryalignment
  9. 9. – Drive eco-system for common framework for new applications – Shorten TTM for service introduction – Develop new business models – Manage virtualization and telco cloud deployments challenges – Industry aligned solution, management, orchestration, and automation – Cost efficient Life Cycle Management Solution to manage end-to-end complexity Open platform for new business value Valuetooperators
  10. 10. Open Industry aligned solution based on SDN, NFV, and 3GPP Edge Computing, leveraging open source UniqueEricsson valueadded Modular Modular E2E solution with open integration interfaces spanning products and services Unified orchestration Unified orchestration and management for multi-clouds
  11. 11. www.ericsson.com/distributed-cloud