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Aeronautical Billing System at O’Hare Airport

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Chicago O’Hare optimizes and automates billing operations with our configurable airport billing software.

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Aeronautical Billing System at O’Hare Airport

  1. 1. Landing/takeoff Terminal usage Flight support Utilities Passenger facility charges Ground handling Retail leases Chicago O’Hare, named “Best Airport in Northern America” by Global Traveler for 10 consecutive years, is one of the busiest international gateway airports in the world. Airport operation and passenger services are estimated at $850 million annually. BEST airport Airline rates are based on many factors such as number of gates and common services consumed. Non-airline revenue is based on 20+ business models combining fixed-rate leases and concessions. Manual invoicing was time consuming and often led to errors and delayed invoices. Invoicing lacked integration with other City of Chicago systems. 20+models Billing Support Is Required For: is the only billing application that met all Chicago O’Hare requirements: Able to configure any service & fee structure. Automates accurate calculation for unlimited fees. Accurately allocates costs in conformance to contract terms. Generates detailed reports essential for accurate and timely audits. Provides a platform for further automation within other City of Chicago departments.