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  1. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E ERICK CALDER +1 310 488 0777 12400 VENTURA BOULEVARD # 1227 STUDIO CITY CALIFORNIA 91604 ICQ: 10053783 A dynamic individual with 25+ years of software consulting practice, Erick is accustomed to tight schedules and long hours in mission-critical projects. His exposure to the entire development cycle across a variety of industries (aerospace, financial, health-care, retail, publishing and entertainment) has made him adept at managing the intricacies of modern corporate computational needs. In addition, a well-honed knowledge of development technologies and excellent communication and interpersonal skills differentiate Erick as a valuable addition to any development team. For a skills matrix, other formats of this document and letters of recommendation please see: EXPERIENCE January 2015 – March 2016 UNION BANK/MUFG As a Solutions Architect within the Enterprise Architecture group, Erick provided guidance on proper data sourcing, dataflow structure and compliance with the bank’s adopted principles, for over 12 projects related to the Federal Reserve’s Enhanced Prudential Standards legislation implementation. Additionally, he spearheaded development of an EA initiative to create infrastructure allowing the bank to pull together heterogeneous information from a variety of sources into a central repository capable of graphical display. The application conjoined information regarding projects, teams, organizations, systems and dataflows, spanning 10 different financial institutions, all members of the Mitsubishi/Bank-of-Tokyo financial group. The solution renders user queries into a graph format and allows users to easily navigate and search the repository. Technologies in use: Neo4j/cypher, Linkurious/sigma, Powershell, Javascript, NPM/Node.js, grunt, karma, mocha/chai, browserify, MetaCenter, Docker, sinon, PhantomJs January 2014 - Present BITCOIN STARTUP For this un-named startup, Erick is currently developing the primary website. Work includes developing interface code needed to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain, as well as all workflow, layout and UX work. Technologies in use: MVC 5, Azure, Entity Framework, SQL Server, LINQ, Less/Sass, jQuery, parallax scrolling, Ajax, Json
  2. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 2 of 19 January 2012 – December 2014 THOMSON/REUTERS ELITE, CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA Engaged to help improve performance of 3E, the company's flagship application, Erick performed analysis and a complete re-write of three key modules, resulting in run-time improvements in orders of magnitude. In total, 32,000 lines of code were refactored, simplifying logic and reducing the code base by almost 70%. Architecturally, these modules were converted to make use of multi-threading technology, allowing the software to make greater use of the underlying resources, as well as benefiting from process improvements and SQL query optimizations. Additionally, performed substantial analysis and profiling of various other components within the system, made bug-fix and enhancement contributions to the company's enterprise framework, and developed various tools to aid in performing code analysis, like a call-tree mapper capable of scanning an assembly and providing a list of calls made by all methods within all its classes. Such tools aid in dealing with large applications like 3E, which consists of nearly 4.5 million lines of code, 8,000 tables and 30,000 assemblies. In my role as lead developer within the Performance and Architecture team, I worked closely with business analysts and other developers, to understand requirements, the intricate issues of the business, formulate design strategies and implement these, often mentoring others in better, cleaner approaches to coding. The work was done in the typical 2-week sprint periods of the Agile methodology. Technologies in use: .Net 4.5, IIS 8, SQL Server 2012, OQL, Powershell, TFS, Redgate ANTS profiler, Visual Studio 2013, Reflection, TPL, PostSharp, SQL Load Generator, FxCOP, JetBrains dotPeek, DbSchema Ultimate Edition February 2011 - Present SKILLSCORE DOT US, STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA For this startup, currently developing a C# application based on Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC 3 technology with a SQL Server 2008 back end. Controllers are written against an Entity Framework (available in DOT-NET 4.0) model using LINQ as glue; views developed in the new Razor engine. Support for video features accomplished through the open- source Red5 server, with use of front-end Flex application and Java-based server applet. The project integrates federated authentication via the Windows Identity Framework (WIF) mapped onto the Azure ACS (Access Control Service) platform and offers support for Facebook, G-Mail, Yahoo, Windows Live ID and Active Directory Federated Services token signing services. For subscription payments, the application uses CMI, the customer management API from Authorize.Net that allows ACH processing; for single
  3. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 3 of 19 payments, Paypal is fully integrated into the solution. Additionally, a number of other external solutions are integrated such as EchoSign for contract management, the Google Translation service, and a SOAP service for queries of ABA information. In his capacity as sole developer, Erick has been responsible for all data modelling, information architecture, design of user experience workflows, layout, imagery (including all Photoshop work), font selections, colour schemes, etc. The work has included development of many jQuery plugins, extensive use of AJAX for server-side communications (with JSON data transfers for access to ASP.NET objects within Javascript), and full internationalisation of the application. User interface includes use of slider panels, auto-lookup fields, Google Translate services, text-area resizing, browser detection, keyboard shortcut support and many specialised front-end features designed to create a smooth and enjoyable use experience. Additionally, Erick has conducted all requirements gathering efforts, documentation of use-cases, developed business, marketing and pricing plans, designed the scoring system and fully managed the project. February 2011 PAMELA ALEXANDRE, STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA For this fashion designer, Erick created the retail web site and was responsible for all aspects of its development, including making all user experience (UX) and information architecture (IA) and project management (PM). Work included extensive retouching of client photographs, font selections, layout, colour scheme, workflow and the writing of site copy. Please see site at: Project makes use of slider panels, image cycling, loadable fonts, and browser specific CSS functionality such as transforms and border radius. Extensive effort was invested to assure a consistent look and feel across browsers and operating systems, thus making use of browser-detection for explicit tweaks to each target. Browsers tested included: Safari, Internet Explorer 9.0, and Chrome and Firefox (for both Windows and OSX). Safari on the iPhone was also tested. Solution abstracts the typical problem of image display given a file system store of content and metadata and makes use of AJAX to communicate with a PHP back-end. Project included a fair amount of dynamic DOM manipulation, primarily accomplished in jQuery. Special CSS techniques were employed for vertical centering of content, also avoiding use of tables in favour of floating divisions. Septembre 2010 - January 2011
  4. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 4 of 19 ELITE INC. - A THOMSON/REUTERS COMPANY, CULVER CITY, CALIFORNIA Engaged for the development of a proof-of-concept, Erick engineered a Microsoft Service Broker 2008 solution capable of performing exhaustive collection of server data from various sources, including WMI, Performance Monitor, BCP, event logs and various XML-based sources. Architecture included development of a complex sequencer capable of supporting rendezvous points, and propagation of conversation-level tokens across asynchronous calls. Functionality included collection of data from hundreds of clients spanning time zones around the globe, with consideration for dial windows and bandwidth throttling. Application written in C# and T-SQL including modules for support of FTP tasks, TCP clients, database and files system management, and extensive XML/XPATH functionality. Web-based front-end designed in the motif of a light-box, with drag/drop functionality, slide panels, type-ahead lookups and a tree dynamically built from XML documents, was developed in JQuery/CSS with ASP.NET web methods on the back, connected to SQL Server. Additionally, project included development of Windows service to wrap vendor package responsible for establishing secure links into client sites. In total, responsible for writing 4,500 lines of C#, 2,400 lines of T-SQL, 580 lines of JQuery/JavaScript, and 600 of CSS. Novembre 2009 - Novembre 2010 TRUST COMPANY OF THE WEST (TCW), LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Retained again under separate contract, this time for the Database Administration department, Erick was charged with designing and developing an automation framework to aid the department in its daily tasks. Written primarily in PowerShell 2.0, functionality included daily scans of all servers via WMI for collection of hardware and operating system configuration and status information, as well as via SMO for low-level inquiries into SQL servers. The framework empowered the team to automate monitoring and expansion of transaction logs and data files for SQL Servers, the creation of specialised startup and shutdown scripts to manage server sets per environment, and automating a host of daily morning sanity checks and other routines. The framework was designed with core support for plugin modules, 18 of which were developed, including interfaces for Exchange 2007, SharePoint (via web service), Visual SourceSafe repositories, the DNS system, Windows services, disk subsystem, WMI, as well as internal legacy applications. Highly specialised work included development of device-driver level layer for query of iSCSI logical-disk to partition mapping, which is missing from WMI, and which allowed mapping SAN targets to specific databases.
  5. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 5 of 19 Additionally, developed Web 2.0 application to perform database restores for users at varying levels of authority, abstracting a complex series of steps performed theretofore manually by the team. Written in C# as a collection of ASP.NET web services with a JQuery/AJAX front end, styled with CSS and embedded into a SharePoint page, the application managed SQL Agent jobs dynamically, also handling a notification workflow. Also, in support of a data import process, developed a solution capable of receiving e- mails from a vendor, logging into the vendor website, retrieving encrypted SQL Server backup files, and restoring these onto the proper environment for the given application, saving the team from manually performing these tasks. Finally, performed dimensional modelling and created cubes with system data in support of analysis of space utilisation and trending using Microsoft Analysis Server 2005. February 2005 - June 2009 TRUST COMPANY OF THE WEST (TCW), LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA A consultant for this prominent investment institution, Erick has been responsible for the redesign and implementation of the trade compliance system in use by the Bank Debt and High Yield departments. Built entirely as SQL Server stored procedures, this system allows users to define arbitrarily complex compliance checks reflecting the rules of indentures to which the business must adhere. In this capacity Erick is responsible for the accuracy and performance of hundreds of rules critical to the business. For the Credit Mortgage Group, Erick has been instrumental in introducing the SQL Server 2005 environment, helping to pioneer the company's Business Intelligence initiative. In this capacity, he has developed a dot-net infrastructure consisting of C# stored procedures used to interface with the CDO Sentry vendor applications via web services. The code is used to retrieve information from the foreign system, archiving it to the SQL data store and transforming it, via an ETL layer (using SSIS), into a data warehouse. For this initiative Erick has performed all data analysis and the requisite dimensional modelling, as well as building the Analysis Server cubes (MOLAP) used for presentation. Display of data is accomplished via Excel, the new SharePoint (MOSS), and through Reporting Services. Additionally, Erick maintains and enhances AIMS - one of the company's asset management systems - a VB 6.0 application with a SQL Server back end for which he has extensively re-engineered a dynamic entity editor, key to the application's flexibility, and a batch process manager. As part of this work, Erick also supports, fixes and enhances an existing base of Crystal Reports 7.0 reports. Finally, Erick actively develops and maintains scores of Reporting Services (SSRS) reports
  6. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 6 of 19 for various departments and has diagnosed, documented and submitted over a dozen bugs with the platform to the Microsoft Product Support Services division, served as TCW's primary technical contact point for Microsoft. Erick also sits on the SQL Standards committee, helping steer the company towards greater formality in its software development efforts. Please see letter of recommendation. Septembre 2005 - June 2009 THE WRITER'S GUILD OF AMERICA, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA Retained by this labour union to develop a set of Crystal reports for the Creative Rights department, Erick quickly realised the immediate need for substantial database repair and remodelling work. Well familiar with the complete development cycle, he established templates for report description, collected requirements from the user community and despite the need for a great deal of data analysis and cleaning, delivered on schedule and under budget, providing a level of service to which the organisation was unaccustomed. Subsequent work for this client includes the development of an ASP.NET application designed to allow the synchronisation of data with other guilds. The application provides workflow for data imports, giving the users the ability to select various ways in which records are to be handled, and provides exception and difference reports for auditing purposes. Additionally, taking Erick's lead, the company has migrated to the use of Analysis Server 2005 for decision support activities. In this capacity, he has designed and implemented OLAP cubes for a number of target domains, making extensive use of the UDM (used as an interim solution before a data warehouse can be developed), and providing presentation through Excel pivot tables. For this client, Erick also aided in the interview and selection of a new Director of IS and has taken part in the selection of developers, members of the DBA team, and business analysts. With his help, the company has also adopted a set of SQL coding standards and style guidelines, and is currently redesigning its migration process. Please see letter of recommendation. April 2004 - February 2005 WESTERN ASSET MANAGEMENT, INC., PASADENA, CALIFORNIA Engaged by this financial institution to evaluate a high profile, behind-schedule and
  7. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 7 of 19 over-budget internal effort to develop a reporting system, Erick conducted a thorough assessment of the $1M+ yearlong Crystal Reports solution developed. At his recommendation, the company discarded its prior architecture, committing to development of a web-based, componentised design proposed by him. In his role as technical lead, Erick architected and fully implemented a set of Cold-Fusion MX components and custom tags capable of delivering feature-rich reports in highly interactive tabular, hierarchical and freeform formats. The components served to abstract and automate database access functionality, report parameter collection, provide a standard look-and-feel and a navigational framework, and support printing and Excel export functions as required by the user community. In this capacity Erick also participated in writing and optimising PL/SQL code on Oracle 9i. As proof-of-concept, Erick implemented the company’s most complex and heavily used report – a hierarchical layout of securities nesting 7-10 levels deep and comprising optional layouts per security type, collapsible columns and rows, and filtering and top- side grouping, amongst other features - meeting with user and management acceptance and guiding the effort through to its production-level deployment. With success behind him, Erick’s attention was turned to streamlining and enhancing the company’s vendor data import processes, which included benchmark information from Bloomberg, JP Morgan, and Standard & Poor’s, amongst others. His efforts in this area concentrated on developing a series of Perl-based classes for abstracting FTP retrievals, complex data transformations, and finally, database imports and downstream processing. In addition to writing the above-named functionality, Erick also rewrote many of the existing processes, as well as creating new scripts for data imports of previously unavailable data. In addition, as part of various database-migration efforts, Erick developed a highly customisable Perl script used to generate data-set comparisons between heterogeneous sources including Sybase and Oracle stored procedures, Excel spreadsheets and non-delimited data files. The script allowed the creation of regression tests across disparate sources of data whereby complex manipulations had to occur before comparison could be made. The script was written as a CGI program and presented its output in the form of Excel workbooks containing the original result sets as well as their comparison. April 2001 - March 2004 CES PARTNERS, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA As a managing partner in this start-up consumer-electronics firm, Erick has served as the concept lead, designer and sole developer. Immersed in Linux and related technologies, Erick built both a web-driven set-top application and a peer-to-peer network
  8. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 8 of 19 architecture. His work in this endeavour has included database design and management tasks, front and back end development, systems administration work, and interface design to foreign systems. Below please find greater detail: • Installations of various versions of RedHat Linux, including kernel recompilations and manual configuration. • Installation and configuration of the Apache web server, Sendmail MTA, TinyDNS name resolution server, Samba, WU and VS ftp servers, NFS, and the MySQL engine. Additionally, Erick has installed, configured and is proficient with a myriad utilities and clients, having often both compiled and packaged them, amongst which figure: SpamAssassin, SCSI tape support, WiFi drivers, RPM, iptables, ptal print drivers, Webmin and SSH. • In his development work, he used the following technologies: Perl, PHP, the POE state engine, DHTML/CSS and a wide array of CPAN modules. As a by-product of his efforts Erick also developed the cpan2rpm packaging utility, which creates RPM packages from CPAN modules and which may be found on SourceForge and at • At the data end, Erick was responsible for data modelling and database design. His work included extensive research into the use of the RDF model, vis-à-vis other XML-based technologies, to represent the problem domain. • In the middle layers, Erick was responsible for writing a number of Linux daemons, each packaged into numerous small modules and offering HTTP interfaces with data returned as URL-encoded strings and XML. The technology was developed using the POE state engine. Additionally developed a number of web-page scrapers and maintenance utilities. • At the front end, the system was designed as a PHP web site with extensive use of JavaScript. Erick was responsible for all graphics design and testing. For a closer look at the set-top application, please refer to - for a look at the peer-to-peer architecture, see In conjunction with the above Erick has become an active member of the open-source community, publishing a number of POE classes and CPAN modules, some of which may be found at Sundry other sites Erick has developed and currently maintains include a DNS-based RBL which may be found at:, a web-based data repository:, and a matrix of animal information modelled after the Resource Definition Language pattern.
  9. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 9 of 19 January 2001 - April 2001 LOAD MEDIA INC., HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA Acting in the role of interim CTO for this content distribution network company, Erick's activities included the following: • Introduced and implemented RUP (the Rational Unified Process) as a methodology for development, conducting in-house seminars of the process and persuading management and key personnel of the need for a development methodology. • Performed Business Modelling functions, assembling the senior-level management team in order to define a Business Vision, identify stakeholders of the system and in general, define the boundaries of the IT effort. • Performed system analysis of the company's current software, identifying areas to outsource and integrate. Analysis included UML diagramming of business use- cases, component and deployment models, and activity charts for various representations of the IT effort. • Researched market solutions in the areas of Digital Asset Management, Portal packages and video display technologies, bringing vendors in-house for presentations and performing evaluations of their various offerings. Amongst the companies evaluated were: Vignette, Artesia, eMotion, WorldWeb (now StarBase), iPlanet, Sequoia Software, and Plumtree. • Researched business-core technical solutions, identifying and producing proofs-of- concept for key requirements including true bandwidth-throttling (accomplished with Windows port of BSD Packet Capture library), a small web-server (various open-source solutions were considered), and web-crawler technology. • Aided in staffing, interviewing applicants in the search of the Chief Technology Officer and VP Engineering positions, as well as of Project Managers and C++ programmers. Personally introduced several candidates, placing a Database Administrator. Interview eventually led to the hiring of a CTO, a Systems Architect, and others. • Participated in evaluation of various toolsets, including the Rational Suite, TogetherSoft's products, Embarcadero's GDPro, and the DOORS and Caliber Requirements Management offerings. April 2000 - Octobre 2000 GUIDANCE SOLUTIONS INC., MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA At this website design studio Mr. Calder served various clients in different roles. • For Moveline Inc., developed a Java Server Page (JSP) solution using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) on BEA's WebLogic Server. Amongst others, tasks included
  10. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 10 of 19 installing and configuring the WebLogic server, developing a proof of concept and investigating the Microsoft COM interface to Java classes. Additionally, as an integrator took ownership of sections of the web site, developing in Microsoft's ASP (ActiveServer Pages) and coding to a XML-based COM layer. • For, served as a trouble-shooter, performing analysis on a poorly performing production system and making design recommendations which resulted in substantial improvement to the satisfaction of the client. • For Venator Inc., performed a Phase II redesign of's back-end in collaboration with client's business analysts. In addition to data-modelling, responsibilities included architecting the physical layout, installation and configuration of 5 Sybase XII servers. Also participated in migration aspects from previous system and helped co-ordinate co-location of servers to server farm. May 2000 - June 2000 EZ2PLAN.COM, MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORNIA As a short-term contract, re-architected client's web-based application. Work performed included layout redesign, functionality reorganisation and analysis of new site features. Site developed on Microsoft ASP against a SQL Server back-end. Septembre 1999 - April 2000 HUGHES SPACE & COMMUNICATIONS, EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA Retained to re-design the heart of the company’s satellite telemetry system, Mr. Calder served as both the project lead and sole developer. A high-visibility system in the critical path, the project required from Erick such tasks as preparing project schedules and making design review presentations to management, performing analysis of the existing production system, as well as personally implementing his designs for the new web-based solution. Rebuilt from the ground up, the new web-based application consists of approximately 3,500 lines of fully commented Perl code, a similar number of lines of Sybase T-SQL and a fair amount of DHTML/CSS and JavaScript. Along with a fully working application Mr. Calder delivered database schema diagrams, process flow diagrams, code-maintenance documentation and a user manual, implemented as a set of web-pages tightly integrated into the application. Additionally Mr. Calder assumed a leadership position, redesigning the department’s internal web-site. In this assignment, Erick made use of both Macromedia’s GoLive! web-authoring tool, and the Cold Fusion server.
  11. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 11 of 19 Please see letter of recommendation. May 1999 - Septembre 1999 CITY OF HOPE, DUARTE, CALIFORNIA As a database administrator (DBA) for this cancer research organisation, Mr. Calder supported and maintained over 132 databases on 11 servers comprising mission-critical corporate systems and their interfaces to vendor packages which included the Oasys system and its gateway, and the Dun & Bradstreet SmartStream accounting system. Amongst others, his duties included installing OS patches and EBFs, analysis of Sybase configuration parameters and performance and tuning of various servers, standardisation of script code and automation of various tasks. At COH, Erick worked with Sun Solaris versions 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, Sybase versions 11.01, 11.0.2 & 11.5.1 and MS SQL Server 6.5 and 7.0. The largest database on site was 20GB. February 1999 - March 1999 HUGHES CORP,. LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Under contract for the Space and Communications division, Mr. Calder developed SQR program to produce an 8 part report consolidating and detailing information regarding telemetry feeds from satellite stations. Report included table of contents, and several cross-indexes to engineering key data. Output presented to engineers via intranet, as Adobe Acrobat files. Octobre 1996 - February 1999 THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Retained by this prominent newspaper to overhaul its in-house Compensation and Commission Calculation System, Mr. Calder worked closely with Times analysts and became responsible for: • redesign of data model • development of the nearly 3,500 lines of production-level Transact SQL which comprise the entire back-end of the system, including nightly and weekly batch- level processing • assisting with import/export issues to the corporate mainframe and other foreign systems • advising on front-end interface issues Running Sybase System XI on IBM AIX 4.1 with a Windows NT 4.0 front end, the system
  12. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 12 of 19 currently handles all of the Times’ 800+ sales force and their management’s commission distribution, bonus calculation and other compensation needs, including interfacing to G/L and the current cheque issuing system. Mr. Calder also served to establish Sqribe’s SQR † development platform as the corporate standard for report generation. Working with UNIX version 3.0.12, he personally developed over a dozen reports consisting of over 6,000 lines of SQR code. Under separate contract Mr. Calder also developed the Automated Report and Distribution System (ARDS). A mixture of technologies, ARDS consists of a database- driven web-page solution which allows Times’ employees to run and view reports via the local intranet. With Netscape and MSIE 4.0 at the front end, dynamically generated HTML (embedded with fairly sophisticated JavaScript) allows for user interactivity with live data e.g. users may specify report criteria in terms of current data. A hybrid CGI middle layer, consisting of over 6,800 lines of object-oriented Perl code and Korn Shell, handles requests from the browser and generates reports via SQR, iSQL, Korn Shell or other means. Once generated, these reports are returned to the browser as plain ASCII, HTML tables or Adobe Acrobat files. Postscript output from SQR is converted into PDF format suitable for the plug-in at the front end, by the Acrobat Distiller. Additionally, the system allows for printing of reports, not only to the local workstation, but also to remote printing facilities via standard UNIX queues and IBM’s PSF software. Other means of delivery available through the system include e-mail and FTP. Aside from being solely responsible for its design and coding, Mr. Calder’s efforts in this project included: • Installation and configuration of a local intranet, including Apache web servers using virtual domains. • Installation of SQR 3.0.12, Perl V and the SybPerl module on AIX. • Creation of over 30 AdVision reports comprising 3,200+ lines of SQR code, including the development of an application framework for creating reports. Included among these reports figured several which correlated data across separate databases on separate servers • Development and set-up of bi-directional replicated stored procedures and configuration of remote servers for RPC procedure calling. • Design and implementation of all web pages in the system, including maintenance † formerly known as MITI Inc., this company’s primary product was at one point owned by Sybase.
  13. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 13 of 19 and configuration modules, and user-end report query screens. • Establishment of a report access hierarchy and permission structure for sales representatives and managers and system administrators. • Writing of both system and user documentation, both available online (as web pages) and in printable form (as Word files). • Modification and overhaul of several thousand lines of existing AdVision report code - a CText product, AdVision serves as the Times’ off-the-shelf ad order entry package. • Consulting on performance, data replication, RPC functionality and foreign system import/export issues. • Spearheading an effort to consolidate the creation and management of user profiles on an enterprise-wide level. • Additionally served as on-call, production-level DBA support in a 24x7 environment. Finally, in addition to exploring and writing in-house papers on complex issues as pre- exploded data mirrors, the safe nesting of transactions in recursive functions, generic tree walking SQL and the use of RPC in cross-server reporting, Mr. Calder had the privilege to serve as a tutor and mentor to some of the Times’ internal staff. This effort included mini-conferences, code walk-throughs, and private discussions on language, technology and development-cycle issues. During his term with the client, Mr. Calder worked between 70 and 80 hours per week and worked through holidays to make sure product delivery kept on schedule. As a professional courtesy to the client, Mr. Calder still advises and consults on ARDS/AdVision related problems via e-mail. Please see letter of recommendation. August 1996 - Octobre 1996 NETLOCK INC., FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA Engaged by this division of Hughes Corporation, responsible for installing Sybase System XI and the Scopus call-centre product on a Sun SPARCstation™ running Solaris 2.5. Principally responsible for data conversion to Scopus/Sybase from existing Macintosh Act and Filemaker Pro databases. In this capacity, performed analysis and cleanup of existing data. Also solely responsible for writing of data mapping plan and SQL scripts for Scopus framework modifications, as well as for performing data transfer.
  14. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 14 of 19 Additionally participated in design meetings and assisted with knowledge transfer of Scopus structure and functionality. June 1996 - August 1996 DUNN EDWARDS CORPORATION, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Involved in the redesign of this paint manufacturer’s existing revenue and commission system, became responsible for feature additions, debugging of current process-flow and code obsolescence analysis. System hosted on a Compaq ProLiant running Sybase System X. Octobre 1995 - February 1996 PACKARD-BELL COMPUTER CO., MAGNA, UTAH Brought-in as a back-end specialist, formed part of team to assemble complete solution for company's 24-hour, OLTP, call-centre system. Directly involved with all database issues from beginning until production roll-out, consulted on system configuration issues, capacity planning, and performance analysis and projections. Also advised on redundancy and fault-tolerance issues particularly important in 24-hour production systems. In addition, actively participated in back-end customisation of Scopus call- centre product. Duties and responsibilities during all stages of the project were as follows: • Responsible for installation of Sybase System 10 and OS patches on HP 9000 T-500 platform (4 processors, 1.3GB RAM). • In charge of devising and helping to implement stress testing procedures for pre- release pilot. Stress testing included multiple log-in simulations, network traffic generation, processor overloading and index usage. Made recommendations based on resulting data regarding possible bottlenecks and general system performance. • As primary resource for security issues, wrote UNIX scripts and SQL stored procedures for the automation of co-ordinated Sybase and Scopus account creation. Such mechanisms allowed for the creation and deletion of test sets of accounts and also aided in the production-level creation of nearly 1,000 user accounts. • Actively involved in back-end customisation of Scopus call-centre product. Work done included analysis and modification of triggers, indices and database structure. Also became involved in optimising and re-writing existing SQL stored procedures to reduce program logic complexity. • As DBA (database administrator), responsible for fulfilling developers' requests for
  15. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 15 of 19 table, index, and view creation, as well as for stored procedure version management. • Established start-up and shutdown procedures to deal with frequent power outages and management of the UPS system. • Installed Sybase threshold mechanisms for prevention of resource depletion, as well as an automated monitoring scheme to alert DBAs of resource failures. • Automated database back-up routines. Also created simplified UNIX interface for handling database restore and emergency database fix processes. • Suggested the need for and authored client's Emergency Procedures Guide - a nearly 150 page document describing step-by-step procedures to follow in case of emergency. February 1994 - August 1995 WALT DISNEY CORP. (BVHV), GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA Retained by Buena Vista Home Video as a database programmer, became involved in optimisation and performance issues as well as providing advice and support to front- end programmers on Sybase System 10 technology. Work done included writing of stored procedures, triggers and views, creation of indexes, use of declarative referential integrity code, debugging and tuning of existing code including implementation of server-level cursors for efficiency. Responsible for maintenance and administration of over 300 stored procedures. Also involved in co-ordination of data transfers to/from company's AS/400 systems and of overnight batch processing Additionally fulfilling database administration duties such as maintaining consistency of code and data across multiple servers, performing data backups, automating tasks through UNIX scripts, scheduling and monitoring of batch jobs and providing security services such as creating login id's and granting or revoking permissions to tables and databases. Octobre 1991 - Novembre 1993 ARCO PRODUCTS COMPANY, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Project leader responsible for development of the Arco Document Management System (ADMS) for engineering and manufacturing divisions. In charge of co-ordinating integration of other in-house systems into ADMS including code re-writes, optimisation and streamlining. Also provided end-user support and maintenance of production-level system. Windows-hosted MDI front-end consisted of over 30,000 lines of VB and VC++ code, in
  16. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 16 of 19 addition to use of Q+E's access library, the VBSQL language and custom control and many other VBXs. Sybase SQL Server 4.2.9 back-end constitutes over 50 stored procedures, triggers and views (10,000 lines of SQL). Also responsible for full context- sensitive electronic documentation. Program makes extensive use of DDE to other applications including AutoCAD, Excel and MS Word, as well as various raster and vector viewers. Utilisation of Novell API for automatic connection and manipulation of file servers. System also makes use of Open Server API for remote procedure calls (TI-RPC) to UNIX systems. Co-ordination of department-wide implementation of version control system, including teaching seminars and providing technical support to other developers. Also performed duties of software evaluation and in-house testing of outside vendor systems. OTHER DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE Often in parallel with longer-term contracts, Erick's assists clients and remains involved in various development efforts including those below. ARIX INTERNATIONAL, STUDIO CITY, CALIFORNIA With partner Pamela S. Frank, formed venture aimed at pursuing various World Wide Web related projects, including designing and developing virtual sites - see Current site customers include brokerage house Thomas Green Securities, The Nutty Monk Cookie Company, renowned French Chef Georges Blanc and Russian folk rock band: Limpopo. Responsible for design and layout, content acquisition and development, image composition and editing, and implementation of all aspects of customers’ web sites. Also responsible for writing all CGI scripts for secure forms. Duties have included reviewing and using various authoring tools and environments including: Quarterdeck’s WebAuthor, ® Microsoft’s Internet Assistant, ® Front Page ® and the Netscape Gold editor, CorelDraw, ® Photoshop, ® 3D Studio, ® and Authorware ®. Also familiar with sockets programming, Netscape’s Plug-in architecture and the NSAPI, server-side includes (SSI+), Microsoft’s ActiveX technology, Java and JavaScript. Also familiar with 32-bit programming issues and the new APIs (including process and thread calls). Furthermore, knowledgeable regarding NT networking issues such as setting up NT servers, configuring WINS partners, establishing DHCP servers and managing Web servers.
  17. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 17 of 19 THREE RING SOFTWARE, LTD., LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Founded Los Angeles-based software firm - responsible for design and implementation of Clockworks, a Windows-based commercial utility. Also fully developed Registar 900, a software registration and encryption system and distribution mechanism. Both systems written in VB 3.0 with Borland C++ DLLs and extensive use of the Windows API. In addition, responsible for writing installation program and all documentation in the form of Windows Help files. Other projects have included the creation of After-Dark animation modules, a system for encapsulation of DOS boxes in 386 Enhanced mode for Windows (Borland C++), and the development of WinHook, a library for trapping exported function calls in Windows (Visual C++). Primary use of WinHook library is for commercial product to show status of active processes in SQL Server while waiting for return from server. CORNELL-ABOOD, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA Served as outside consultant for modification and customisation of bidding-schedule generation system for cell-animation firm. System written in Lotus' Macro Language. CONTINENTAL BANK, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Complete development of report generator used in transaction and trading management of financial repurchase agreements. System written in Lotus' Macro Language. MONEY MANAGEMENT GROUP (MMG), SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Design and implementation of spread-weight matrix for current issues (3MO, 6MO, 1YR, etc.). System written in C for the DOS environment. SOFTLOGICK LTD., NEW YORK, NY Co-founded financial software development firm. As sole developer, completed design and implementation of The Sector Trading Program, a large financial securities trading system. Written in C (nearly 40,000 lines of code), with ample use of datagram-based NetBIOS programming, this application handles cash securities and futures (bills, notes, bonds, zeroes, long/short coupons, WI's etc.). The system manages spread matrices and position keeping tasks as well as analytics. Customer base includes Paine-Webber, Bank of America, Continental Bank, Midland-Montague, Garban Inc. and MMG among others. Also responsible for migration of system to Turbo C++, including creation of general purpose class hierarchies and encapsulation of proprietary financial mathematical
  18. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 18 of 19 routines. Other work included initial port to Windows 3.0 using Microsoft SDK. THIRD GENERATIONS BROKERS, NEW YORK, NY Served as data architect in design of data-base billing system which generated reports on commissions for trades and account invoicing. System written in 4th Dimension for Macintosh. PRINTON-KANE G.S.I., NEW YORK, NY Design and creation of Paradox database (PAL 1.0) used in management of telephone, video-switching and network systems. Coding of binary file viewers and filters used in generation of system status reports, in Turbo Pascal. V-BAND INC., LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Design, implementation and management of Paradox databases to handle incident tracking and maintenance of over 200 telephone lines and related telephone equipment. Databases also responsible for video-switching equipment and monitors. Provided technical support to end-users on all software issues. MORGAN, OLMSTEAD, KENNEDY AND GARDNER, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Served as outside consultant for port and development of software system used in generation of matrices of over-the-counter stock positions and spreads. Original code written in QuickBasic and ported to Turbo Pascal. Use of third-party vendor mathematical libraries. Translation of Symphony macros into Turbo Pascal. FIRST INTERSTATE BANK, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Design and implementation in Pascal of software system for automation of floating-rate note trading. Also served as outside consultant for in-house Pascal development - aided in creation of filters for data downloaded from company's DataGeneral mainframe. Consulted on portability issues from DG BASIC to DOS PC-BASIC. THE ANGUS SYSTEM, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Design, purchase, installation, configuration, maintenance, and user-support of over 120 XT and AT personal computers. Installed multi-server LAN based on Novell's Netware v86 running on 1 MBit/s Omninet twisted-pair architecture. Configuration of software systems to run network, and software for video-switch handling and tape- backup subsystem.
  19. C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E erick calder Ÿ +1 310 488 0777 Ÿ page 19 of 19 PERSONAL INTERESTS Additionally, Mr. Calder’s interests have led him to explore other technologies such as neural networks, encryption algorithms, data compression and encoding, object- oriented design methodologies and persistent object-databases. He also remains informed on a wide area of subjects including molecular biology, psychology, international relations, finance and military intelligence. Erick has travelled extensively across 3 continents and has a working knowledge of the Spanish, French, Swedish and Asturian languages; he has studied Latin, Anglo-Saxon, Sanskrit and Japanese.