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Theory of macro and micro elements of genre

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Macro and Micro

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Theory of macro and micro elements of genre

  1. 1. Theory of Macro and Micro elements of Genre Altman: media theorist who stated that film genre can be talked about in two ways: 1.Syntactic (macro): the stories that the film tells 2.Semantic (micro): how these stories are presented
  2. 2. Example: Teen Slasher Genre Micro (semantic) features: •Low key lighting and use of shadows •POV camerawork through eyes of killer •Slow pace of editing to lure us into thinking everything is ok, followed by fast pace during moments of high tension •Fluid moving handheld camera •Urgent, persistent music raising tension, and moment of silence to raise tension •Use of a mask to hide identity of killer •Use of murder weapon – often a knife Macro (syntactic) features: •Absence of parents/authority figures •Predominant cast of teenage/young adults •Popular blonde, geek, jock, and other stock characters dominate •Loner killer known by characters – identity revealed at end •Theme of revenge •Series of brutal killings – main characters solve crimes
  3. 3. For example Scream (1996) POV shot - allows audience to see what the character is seeing. Mask to hide the killer's identity, creating mystery. Weapons - knife she plays with the knife foreshadows what could or is going to happen. Typical blonde Teenager Macro Micro Absence of parents/authority figure