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Eric life low wages

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Eric life low wages

  2. 2. THE BEGINNING • I was born in Harvey, Il at Ingalls Hospital on March 19, 1986 to Eric and Rhonda Hall. • I lived in Chicago where my sister was born, and then we moved to Kentucky where my brother was born. This is where I first started my school life in Kindergarten.
  3. 3. EDUCATION • My family moved back to Chicago without my father and until the end of 1st grade. • Moved to Rock Falls, where a lot of my father’s family lived until then end of my 3rd grade year. • Moved to Greenwood, Mississippi from 4th grade to 6th grade. • Moved back to Chicago’s south suburbs in Glenwood, Il where I attended 6th and 7th grade, Junior High. This is where I began to involve myself with organized sport teams with the school and the city district. I graduated top ten in class • From this area is where I started High School at Marist Catholic school for boys (at the time) for two years then we moved to Chicago Heights, Il where I graduated from Homewood- Flossmoor High. I graduated top %30 in class. • I attended DeVry University 6months after graduating in 2005. Completed 1 semester.
  4. 4. WORK • 2 Leo’s Lawn Care – (Glenwood, IL) I started in my freshman year, before school was out , and when I was 15 years old. I started at $7.00 per hour where I was bumped up to $8.00 after my first day of work. I worked my way up to crew leader, after I obtained my Driver’s License , making $8.50 per hour. Stayed for two years of summer service and quit when I got my own car at at the end of the same year that I turned 16. • Moo & Oink- (Hazel Crest, IL) I started at 7.25 per hour my senior year. I worked in there for 2.5 years and I left making $8.25 per hour, part - time. • K-Mart Superstore – (Homewood, IL) $8.00 per hour for 6 months. Seasonal associate and cashier. • Target- (Homewood, IL) Started at $8.50 per hour. Worked 1 day due to conflicts of interest because I was at that time working in at three stores at the same time. • Rail Terminal Services-(Chicago, IL) I started at $12.00 per hour, full time, after I graduated from high school. I stayed there for 3 years and I was making $13.00 per hour when I quit to Join the U.S Navy. • Did not go to the Navy. • Home Depot DC- (Romeoville, IL) I worked here for 8 months and I was offered $12.00 per hour and I quit because of the commute. I lived in Indiana at the time on Section 8.
  5. 5. MORE WORK • Laborer- (Chicago, IL) After working at Home Depot I found a ‘under the table’ job working for a remodeling crew, just picking up side jobs and helping out around the project. I did this for 1 year from 2008-2009. I made $50 a day whenever they needed the help. • Walmart Supercenter- (Orland Hills, IL) I worked overnight, full time, for $9.00 per hour for 1.5 years. I had 1 pay raise that was $0.35. I was happily let go in October 2010. • DC Sales- (Calumet City, IL) This is my first sales job. I was selling Kirby cleaning system (vacuums) door to door and referral to referral. This was a commission based job where I made $2600 in my first month on January of 2011. I worked here for 1 month. • Comcast- (Chicago, IL ) March 2011 to October 2013. I loved the freedom of this job and the income. I sold Comcast residential services door to door. The salary was $35,000 plus commission. I averaged $50,000 each year. • Ford Motor Company- (Chicago, IL) Worked for 3 months at $15 per hour 50 hours a week. Back breaking labor. The first job I quit because of the immense amount of work. • LA Fitness-(Lansing, IL) This is the last job I had. I started in March 2016. I worked for 4 weeks at $8.50 per hour for 40 hours a week. I got fired because I didn't’t have LA Fitness’s ‘perfect image’.
  6. 6. I.C. STARS |* • This is my second chance in my life to take help, to better my life. • I want more for myself and my family. • I want to be proud of me. So I had to find something to do, to be proud of. • I seen one of my close friends graduate from i.c. stars and he is now doing well for himself. • I want to build my skills and gain experience in a field that pays for my brain power and not all of my physical abilities. (neck up)