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Pwa intro, 1 q2016

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Private Wealth Association

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Pwa intro, 1 q2016

  2. 2. To promote Singapore as a private wealth hub, to represent Asia as thought leaders of wealth management, and the place to network with like-minded individuals, industry professionals and investors. ABOUT PWA www.pwealth.asia PWA operates within a circle of trust, laying bricks upon the foundations of reputation and professional conduct. PWA is formed with one objective in mind: to build the private wealth hub of Asia People KnowledgeResources HNWIs FOs Profes- sionals Expert s Professional network
  3. 3. SINGAPORE AS WEALTH HUB Growing wealth of Asians, efficient business environment, tax regime, political stability The World Economic Forum in 2014 ranked Singapore as a close second after Switzerland as the most competitive economy in the world. www.pwealth.asia
  4. 4. WHY A PRIVATE WEALTH ASSOCIATION IN SINGAPORE • Reflecting a shift in the balance of global economic power from West to East, Singapore and Hong Kong are now ranked as among the top wealth management centres globally. • Singapore’s rise as the world's top wealth management centre is part of a competition between distinct models of financial sector governance, political environment and economic efficiency of traditional hubs like Switzerland, London versus emerging centres like Singapore and Hong Kong. www.pwealth.asia Hong Kong has 5 active industry associations: • Private Wealth Management Association (PWMA) • Association for Private Bankers in Greater China (APB) • Association for Family Offices in Asia (AFO) • Association of International Wealth Management (AIWM) • Asian Wealth Management Association (AWMA)
  5. 5. For The Industry, By the Industry • Non-profit industry group supporting the growth of Singapore as a private wealth hub with strategic stakeholders in banking, legal, trust, tax and professional services • Promote the interests of private investors, family offices and wealth community by advancing industry dialogue and shaping policies on regulations, risks, tax and business issues • Provide a platform for business opportunities and social networking for its members and partners Connecting to a world of PROFESSIONALS and QUALIFIED INVESTORS Expanding your BUSINESS Shaping our MARKET PLACE OUR MISSION AND VISION www.pwealth.asia
  6. 6. OUR FOCUS In positioning Singapore as a private wealth hub and a safe haven, the Private Wealth Association has four key focus areas: Connecting a network of professionals and experts in private wealth Working groups to champion business opportunities and challenges Create a platform for HNWs and FOs to choose Singapore as the preferred wealth hub Encourage more interaction and cooperation with business and social calendar www.pwealth.asia
  7. 7. WHAT WE DO PWA Holding Structures •Private Equity and Venture Capital •Family Office •Accredited & Institutional Investor Fund Manager Licence •LLP, CLG in Singapore •Private, Family and Charity Trusts •Special Purpose Vehicles Investments •Futures, Commodities •Asean and TPP Market Access •Universal Life & Financing •Passion Investing & Secured Storage •Syndicated Financing & Crowd Funding •Safe Haven and Asset Protection Advocacy •Education and Professional Accreditation •Industry Consultation •Promotion of Industry Best Practices •Updates for Regulatory and Compliance trends Power of Networking •Business Workshops: Tax, Legal, Risks Social Events •Investment Roadshows •Joint Activities with Other Associations •Connecting to China, India and Indonesia www.pwealth.asia
  8. 8. OUR BOARD www.pwealth.asia Financial Services Eric Chua, Cai JinXing Terence Tan Lucy Yow Henning Swabey Bill Chua Teo Joo Howe Professional Services Stella Tan Petrus Huang Seah Li Yun Julia Leong Adrian Ng Irene Lee Kit Ow Connie Leung • Independent representation from different private wealth industry segments • Strong leadership for working groups • Dedicated commitment from Board and Committee members to the Vision and Mission of PWA • Adopt open, transparent industry engagement • Adhere to Professional Code of Conduct
  9. 9. OUR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEES www.pwealth.asia
  10. 10. WHY JOIN PWA Strategic opportunities • Supply Chain Partnerships • Integration Partnerships • Technology Partnerships • Financial Partnerships • Market Access and Go-To-Market Partnership Business opportunities • Open, transparent stage for crowd funding and investments • Match making of investors’ risk/return requirements with investments’ term sheet/track record • PWA’s Assessment Panel for pre-qualification and use of watermark Exclusive access to networking events • With industry experts, family offices (FOs) and individuals who wish to expand their private wealth portfolios Knowledge bank • Access to high level topical discussions, programs and publications contributed by our members and leading people in the industry to address industry trends and areas of interests. Members www.pwealth.asia
  11. 11. MEMBER: WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU Type / Benefits Premium / Corporate Individuals Platinum Gold Regular Platinum Regular No. of network members up to 10 up to 5 up to 2 1 1 Credit of Annual Fee for Association’s activities and/or corporate brand events To be advised To be advised To be advised Nomination to Board & Working Groups, subject to review and suitability ✔ ✔ ✔ Listing on Professional Services Directory (Printed/Website, available in 2016) ✔ ✔ ✔ Invitation to member’s business and social events ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Corporate branding at events, publication, website ✔ www.pwealth.asia
  12. 12. EVENT CALENDAR 2015/2016 Check out our website for the latest update Business events Social events Aug Members’ Night & Wine Tasting: “Building the Switzerland of Asia together” Nov Launch of PWA’s website, www.pwealth.asia Dec Members’ Night: Sake and Cocktails Night Jan 2016 COO’s Working Luncheon Chairty Cruise Night for Children’s Society Feb Capital Immigration, Singapore Workshop CNY Celebration Lunch Mar FinTech 2.0 & Investments Workshop Champagne and Strawberry Night Q2 Global Tax Codes & CRS Workshop Passive Investing Cocktail Updates on MAS FinTech Grants Polo Club Lunch + Match Range of Members’ activities & events Breakfast meeting, luncheon, workshops, roundtable health, beauty, charity sports, fun activities
  13. 13. ASSOCIATION INFORMATION Administration & Secretariat Office Asia Harvest Group Ltd #40-00 Ocean Financial Centre Singapore 049315 Tel; +65 6808 6555 Email: contact@pwealth.asia International Chapters Hong Kong (Oct 2015) China (Nov 2015) England (Jan 2016) Indonesia (Jan2016) India Registered as a non profit organization under Singapore Law & ACRA Banker: Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) Branch Code: Account Number: Alliance & Partnership Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) China-Asean Business Association (CABA) Investment Management Association of Singapore (IMAS) Legal Counsel Drew & Napier LLC Hong Kong Association of Private Bankers in Greater China (APB) www.pwealth.asia