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Future be going to and first conditional original

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Future be going to and first conditional original

  1. 1. Realizado por: o Jesús Antonio Martínez o Lorena De Jesús Ayala o Aurora Montoya Cardona o Belén Ramírez Rubio
  2. 2. o o o o o o o o o o o o o Vocabulary Future be Going To About Future be Going To Structure Activities Future be going to Reading Future Be Going to Question about the Future be going to Video Future Be Gonig To Vocabulary First Conditional About First Conditional and Structure Activities First Conditional Reading First Conditional Questions about the text First Conditional Video First Conditional
  3. 3. Going To + Verb simple form Regular Verbs Future Be Going To Present Simple form Walk Walk Wash Wash Travel Travel Clean Clean Jump Jump Play Play Dress Dress Save Save Kiss Kiss Carry Carry Image
  4. 4. Irregular Verbs Future Be Going To Present Simple form Be Be Drink Drink Sing Sing Blow Blow Have Have Read Read Wear Wear See See Fly Fly Fall Fall Image
  5. 5. It uses a form of "to be" with "going to" to discuss the future. The future tense with 'going to' is more commonly used in spoken language when you want to reference the immediate future, to something that is about to occur. 'Going to' to express a plan or an intention, prediction, promises. Plans: We use "going to" to talk about our intentions or plans for the future, ie decisions already taken: I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow. Predictions for the future: "Going to" is used to talk about what we think will happen in the future. Normally, this prediction is based on what we experience in the present, for example, what we see: Look at that plane! It's going to crash! Threats and promises: They are also decisions already made when we express promises or threats. "Going to" is used in this case: I promise I'm not going to do it ever again.
  6. 6. Aff. Subject+verb to be+ going to+ verb infinitive Neg. Subject + not verb to be + going to+ verb infinitive Question. Verb to be+ going to+ verb infinitive Yes-No Question. Am/Is/Are+subject+going to+ verb in f.s.+ comp?
  7. 7. o o o o Sentences Affirmative Sentences Negative Yes-No Questions Wh-Questions
  8. 8. INSTRUCTION: Complete the following sentences so that the structure is Future be Going To Example: He____________ to swim He´s going to swim 1. I´m ___________ to swim 2. I´m going to ____________ a book 3. She´s going to ____________ 4. I´m going _____ play 5. ________ going to listen music 6. I´m ________________ draw 7. They_____________ to visit a museum 8. We´re going to ______________an act theater 9. She´s going to see a _______________________ 10. He´s going to _________the car
  9. 9. INSTRUCTION: Related sentences with pictures, writing in the parenthesis the correct letter a b c d e f g h i j
  10. 10. 1. I´m not going to on holiday ( ) 2. We aren´t going to drive to Teotihuacan ( ) 3. She isn´t going to go the party ( ) 4. He isn´t going to go the concert ( ) 5. She isn´t going to visit grandmother ( ) 6. I´m not going to clean the window ( ) 7. We aren´t going to travel in vocation ( ) 8. They aren´t going to stadium ( ) 9. He isn´t going to study for exam ( ) 10. She isn´t going to pass the semester ( )
  11. 11. INSTRUCTION: Answer the following questions Structure: Am/Is/Are+subject+going to+ verb in f.s.+ comp? 1. Is she going to read a book? 2. Am I going to dance in the party? 3. Is he going to play soccer? 4. Are they going to eat a pizza? 5. Are we going to travel France? 6. Is she going to drink a soda? 7. Is he going to live in Mexico? 8. Are we going to draw my house? 9. Is she going to write a history? 10. Is he going to listen a music rock?
  12. 12. INSTRUCTION: Complete the following question with the verbs that are listed in the table Check Swim Dance Going to do Play Win Going to Do 1. What are we _____________ do today? 2. We are going to __________ our homework? 3. We are going to _______ exercise? 4. They are ______________ the Project? 5. He is going to __________ soccer? 6. She is _____________dinner for the night? 7. When are we going to ____________? 8. How are we going to_________ dinner? 9. When is she going ___________ the school? 10. How is he going to _________dinner in work? Win Going to
  13. 13. INSTRUCTION: Read and answer the following questions COMING TO UNIVERSITY A girl named Maleny , is 17, lives with his parents and his brother Ezekiel. She is excited because soon, she is going to leave school, she is going to submita examand going to sign in university, which she is going to study tourism . But it has a problem because his English teacher is very strict and taught little, so it does not understand. She said, I’m going to study, I´m going to enroll about English courses. This weekend begin their English classes . When he got home his mom asked what are we going to do? So she replied ,We are going to lunch with your grandmother a while to get going to exercise. As it was Friday but Mom said , you have to get at 7:00 pm to sleep early and rest for tomorrow morning wanting to go to my course. Finally arrived Saturday , woke up, got ready , after breakfast and told his mom and I´m goint to go, the return time . On the way he saw that the clouds were gray and said , It´s going to rain, I'm goin to go hurry rush to get there fast. At the course , was to present to their peers, their class was great and I´m going to said yes that fluent in English ,I'm going to be ready to submit my college examination . Was also prepared and pass the exam achievement and college entrance dominated not only offer English but also other languages
  14. 14. INSTRUCTION: reading according to answer the following 1. When is she going to leave school? 2. How old is she? 3. How many brothers have Maleny? 4. Where is she going to study university? 5. What subject is it difficult? 6. What solution to her problem? 7. When is going to begin to her couse? 8. When was Melany when it started to rain? 9. What is going to reach in her English Course? 10. What happened on the way to English courses?
  15. 15. Ejercicios Interactivos de Future Be Going To
  16. 16. Regular Verbs First Present Third person Simple form Arrive Arrives Arrive Ask Asks Ask Close Closes Close Cook Cooks Cook Dance Dances Dance Help Helps Help Listen Listens Listen Live Lives live Look Looks Look Start Starts Start Image
  17. 17. Irregular Verbs first Present Third person Simple form Leap Leaps Leap Buy Buys Buy Build Builds Build Eat Eats Eat Hear Hears Hear Run Runs Run Cut Cuts Cut Draw Draws Draw Drive Drives Drive Bite Bites Bite Image
  18. 18. Use It is used when a situation is real or possible (Se emplea cuando una situación es real o posible). Structured If + is formed with plain simple present + future. Yes-No Question: Do/does+subject+verb s.f. + comp+ if+subject+will+ verb s.f.? If clause Main clause If + Present tense will / can / may / must + verb Ifitrainstoday, I'llstay at home
  19. 19. o o o o Sentences Affirmative Sentences Negative Yes-No Questions Wh-Questions
  20. 20. INSTRUCTION: Complete the sentences with the words in the box 1. If it rains today, _______ stay at home 2. If he _______ busy now, I will come back tomorrow 3. If I _______ time, I´ll visit my parents this afternoon 4. If it is warm tomorrow, we´ll _______ to the beach 5. If you work hard, you _______ become a millionaire someday 6. If you need a pencil, you can take _______ 7. _______ you want present, go to your room 8. If win the _______, I will buy a house 9. If I make the cake, I _______ eat in the afternoon 10. If they _______ homework, they will play the soccer go if mine have I’ll lottery youris will do may
  21. 21. INSTRUCTION: Complete the sentences with the words in the box 1. If he _______ do your homework, you can not go with your friend 2. If he _______ not wants you, you look your 3. If _______ do not win the lottery, I will not buy a car 4. If they do not sing at the concert, I _______ not be happy 5. _______ Marco does not wash the car, not go to the party 6. If she did not do your _______, you can not go to the party 7. If you do not, we will not _______ win the football game 8. If you do make money, I'll buy a house 9. If we did not be _______ badly, does not have to bother 10. If not studying, you _______ pass the exam play will make homewor does k, you have did not can not if
  22. 22. Structure: Do/does+subject+verb s.f. + comp+ if+subject+will+ verb s.f.? 1. Do they go to swim if it will be warm today? 2. Does he stay at home if will it rain today? 3. Do they stay at home if they won’t do his homework? 4. Does she play in the house if will be sick? 5. Do they eat fruit if will be strong? 6. Does he cook the cake is will have money? 7. Does he buy the dog house if will have wood? 8. Does he sing the school if they will pay? 9. Do we study English if will like tourism? 10. Does she fail the exam if will don’t study?
  23. 23. INSTRUCTION: Complete the following question with the verbs that are listed in the table 1. What _______ you do if you don't pass the test? 2. _______ will do Sarah if his boyfriend comes late again? 3. What will Jonathan if you fail _______ exam? 4. What will the students of 406 if your experiment _______ not work? 5. What _______ too Christian? 6. What will _______ if she loses the race? 7. What will _______ Julian if your dog dies? 8. How will _______ react knowing that drew 10 English? 9. _______ will your project if you do not bring information? 10. When will Sofia with their _______ if they are angry with her? if How does will make They Happen Your Friends What
  24. 24. INSTRUCTION: Read the text and answer questions Paula party Paula was a normal, fun adolescent 17 years .... That morning she was at home preparing to go to school , as usual I am late , the study was not for him she said, rather out to have fun , go to parties , and have a good time with friends and did not care the study or their qualification , therefore always left their jobs and tasks to finish. That day at school had left a lot of homework and Paola wanted to go to a party but her parents were tired of never worry about their studies , they said that if applied would not give him permission to go to more parties , or go out with her ​friends anywhere else , then she remembered what his father had told her mom that morning " if she does not work , you can not go to a party " then she quickly so do your homework to go to the party . Achievement finish on time and gave permission happy mother telling her to be careful and not get very later when Paula was already at the door reached her mother and said have you already wear a sweater ? , Paula nodded and her mother continuous remembers “if this cold, you should wear brigade “gave him a kiss on the cheek and said goodbye. I arrive at the party and was having a great time, never realized it was too late , at home his parents were very worried , especially her mom always imagined the worst, her husband at her concern peaceful told " if she does not call you can call " , do not worry should be fine, so his mother calmed and Paula frame but was on the way . When he got home his parents scolded her saying that some had worried about her , Paula knew they were right so I apologized and promised not to be late , then as I was very tired and just to his room to rest. .. THE END
  25. 25. INSTRUCTION: reading according to answer the following 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) What is the name of the main character? How old is she? How did Paula? What Paula liked to do? What the father had told Paula mother that morning? How do Paula let her go to the party? What did the Paula mom do when it was at the door? What did the mother Paula when it was late and she did not come home? 9) Why was her dad angry? 10)What did Paula do after scolded her peers?
  26. 26. Ejercicios Interactivos de First Conditional