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How Many Ways Can I Manage Oracle GoldenGate?

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How Many Ways Can I Manage Oracle GoldenGate?

  1. 1. Bobby  Cur)s   Sr.  Technical  Consultant   Enkitec  
  2. 2. Home:  www.enkitec.com/e4   Registra)on:  h@p://www.enkitec.com/e4/register   Loca)on:  h@p://www.enkitec.com/e4/loca)on   Training  Days  Following  E4:   h@p://www.enkitec.com/e4/training-­‐days  
  3. 3. Parameter   Process   Descrip.on   REPORT   EXTRACT/REPLICAT   Specify  the  interval  at  which  EXTRACT  or  REPLICAT   generates  interim  run)me  sta)s)cs  in  a  process  report   REPORTCOUNT   EXTRACT/REPLICAT   Report  a  count  of  transac)on  records  that  EXTRACT  or   REPLICAT  processed  since  startup   REPORTROLLOVER   EXTRACT/REPLICAT   Force  report  files  to  age  on  a  regular  schedule,  instead  of   when  a  process  starts   UPREPORTMINUTES   UPREPORTHOURS   Manager   Specify  the  frequency  with  which  Manager  reports,   EXTRACT,  and  REPLICAT  processes  run   LAGREPORTMINUTES   LAGREPORTHOURS   Manager   Specify  the  interval  at  which  Manager  checks  for  EXTRACT   and  REPLICAT  lag   LAGCRITICALSECONDS   LAGCRITICALMINUTES   LAGCRITICALHOURS   Manager   Specify  a  lag  threshold  that  is  considered  cri)cal,  and  to   force  a  warning  message  to  the  error  log  when  the   threshold  is  reached   LAGINFOSECONDS   LAGINFOMINUTES   LAGINFOHOURS   Manager   Specify  a  basic  lag  threshold;  if  lag  exceeds  the  specified   value,  Oracle  GoldenGate  reports  lag  informa)on  to  the   error  log.  If  the  lag  exceeds  the  value  specified  with   the  LAGCRITICAL  parameter,  Manager  reports  the  lag  as   cri)cal;  otherwise,  it  reports  the  lag  as  an  informa)onal   message  
  4. 4. Command   Process   Descrip.on   INFO  MANAGER       STATUS  MANAGER   Manager   Determine  whether  or  not  the  Manager  process  is  running.  If  Manager  is  running,  the  port   number  is  displayed.  This  command  is  an  alias  for  STATUS  MANAGER   SEND  MANAGER   Manager   Retrieve  the  status  of  the  ac)ve  Manager  process  or  to  retrieve  dynamic  port  informa)on  as   configured  in  the  Manager  parameter  file   INFO  EXTRACT   EXTRACT   The  status  of  EXTRACT  (STARTING,  RUNNING,  STOPPED  or  ABENDED).     LAG  EXTRACT   EXTRACT   Determine  a  true  lag  )me  between  EXTRACT  and  the  data  source.  LAG  EXTRACT  calculates   the  lag  )me  more  precisely  than  INFO  EXTRACTbecause  it  communicates  with  EXTRACT   directly,  rather  than  reading  a  checkpoint  posi)on  in  the  trail   SEND  EXTRACT   EXTRACT   Communicate  with  a  running  EXTRACT  process.  The  request  is  processed  as  soon  as   EXTRACT  is  ready  to  accept  commands  from  users.   STATUS  EXTRACT   EXTRACT   Determine  whether  or  not  EXTRACT  is  running   INFO  REPLICAT   REPLICAT   Retrieve  the  processing  history  of  a  REPLICAT  group.  The  output  of  this  command  includes:   •  The  status  of  REPLICAT   (STARTING,  RUNNING,  STOPPED  or  ABENDED).  STARTING  means  that  the  process  has   started  but  has  not  yet  locked  the  checkpoint  file  for  processing.   •  (Oracle  database)  The  REPLICAT  mode:  non-­‐integrated  or  integrated.   •  Whether  or  not  REPLICAT  is  in  coordinated  mode  and,  if  so,  how  many  threads  it   currently  uses.   •  Approximate  REPLICAT  lag.   •  The  trail  from  which  REPLICAT  is  reading.   •  Etc  …   The  basic  command  displays  informa)on  only  for  online  (con)nuous)  REPLICAT  groups.  Tasks   are  excluded.   LAG  REPLICAT   REPLICAT   Determine  a  true  lag  )me  between  REPLICAT  and  the  trail.  LAG  REPLICAT  es)mates  the  lag   )me  more  precisely  than  INFO  REPLICAT  because  it  communicates  with  REPLICAT  directly   rather  than  reading  a  checkpoint  posi)on   SEND  REPLICAT   REPLICAT   Communicate  with  a  star)ng  or  running  REPLICAT  process.  The  request  is  processed  as  soon   as  REPLICAT  is  ready  to  accept  commands  from  users   STATUS  REPLICAT   REPLICAT   Determine  whether  or  not  REPLICAT  is  running  
  5. 5. Monitoring (SQL)
  6. 6. Image provided by Maaz Anjum
  7. 7. Topic   Bug   Resolu.on   Manual   Bugs  are  associated  with  applica)on  so[ware   MOS  Note  ID:  1298817.1   Scripts   O[en  occur  due  to  user  errors  within  the  scripts   Normal  code  reviews  would  minimize   error  in  scripts   Oracle  GoldenGate  Director   A  few  bugs!    Bugs  have  been  documented  in  MOS   MOS  Note  ID:  1298817.1   Oracle  Enterprise  Manager  12c   Few  bugs  have  been  iden)fied.    Oracle  recommends  using   the  plug-­‐in  to  monitoring  Oracle  GoldenGate  or   later   MOS  Note  ID:  1495998.1  (Berkley   Database  Data  Store  Bug)  
  8. 8. Evaluation Please remember to fill out evaluations! Bobby Curtis bcurtis@enkitec.com Monitor you data wisely!!!!
  9. 9. Script  Repo  Loca)on:  h@p://)nyurl.com/kscsdnw   Script Repo