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Infiltrating Academia with BuddyPress?

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BuddyPress, the social network based on WordPress, is becoming more and more common in academic environments where it is used for organization, communication and learning. In this discussion we will go beyond the practical and into the human side of things to consider what effects social software might be having in the world of academia. Can we use our tools to get people to think differently? Does the use of open tools help bring openness to the context where they are used? Are BuddyPress and WordPress the best tools for the job? This talk will take the form of a guided discussion including the entire audience.

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Infiltrating Academia with BuddyPress?

  1. 1. Infiltrating Academia with BuddyPress?Alexandre Enkerli@Enkerlihttp://gravatar.com/Enkerlihttp://bit.ly/buddypressacademia
  2. 2. Learning/Course Management Systems (LMS/CMS)
  3. 3. Learning 2.0
  4. 4. http://bit.ly/buddypressacademia