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Nordic Innovation Supercluster Initiative - Rangen - Nordic Cluster Meet Up

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Keynote held by Christian Rangen at the Annual Nordic Cluster Meet-Up, in Malmø, Sweden.

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  • Christian Rangen is a true thought leader in the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems. His analysis of what has happened in Europe is spot-on. But he goes beyond to recommend changes and has developed implementation methodologies that are game changers. I recommend a close read to this presentation.
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Nordic Innovation Supercluster Initiative - Rangen - Nordic Cluster Meet Up

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  2. 2. In an age of a growing digital economy, Europe’s prosperity is created, not inherited. The future of Europe depends on a competitive mindset and a willingness to gain advantage against the world’s best competitors in the U.S. and China
  3. 3. Scaling the heights For all the talk about Europe’s innovation struggles, the continent has no lack of great ideas or, indeed, start-ups. It is during the process of scaling up that companies generally struggle. “SMEs and growing companies struggle to find the capital they need to scale up due to smaller-risk capital markets. Later-stage venture capital investments were 20 times higher in the US than the EU in 2015.”
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