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  2. THE GLOBAL ECONOMY •refer to the interconnectedness worldwide of the economy as well as the activities that took place or take place rather between multiple countries. Add a footer 2
  3. THE GLOBAL ECONOMY • It is about the economy of humans of the world referring to global economic system which includes economic activity within nations as well as between nation so including (production, consumption, economic management, exchange financial values and trade of goods and services) Add a footer 3
  4. Economic Globalization
  5. ECONOMIC GLOBALIZATION •refers to increasing interdependence of world economies as associated with economic globalization -- protectionism and trade liberalization as well as a fair trade. Add a footer 5
  6. FR Add a footer 6 •Is the economic policy of restricting imports from other countries through methods such as tariffs on imported goods, import quotas and variety of other government regulation. 1.PROTECTIONISM
  7. FR Add a footer 7 •refers to the transaction wherein the government will be legislating specific policy to reduce or block one international trade or product 1.PROTECTIONISM
  8. FR Add a footer 8 •Is the removal or reduction of restriction or barriers on the free exchange of goods between nations. 2. TRADE LIBERATIONS OR FREE TRADE
  9. FR Add a footer 9 Purpose Of Some Countries Will Choose Free Trade. •It eliminates possibility for foreign competition so the competition will be lesser in the market •it is beneficial especially to producer and consumer. •There will be no limitation in terms of how many they will produce and in shipment.
  10. FR Add a footer 10 3.FAIRTRADE • is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seek greater equity in international trade. • It is technically designed and use specially by producers in developing countries
  11. MARKET INTEGRATION - occurs when prices among different locations or related goods follow a similar pattern over a long period of time.
  13. FR Add a footer 13 1. Horizontal Integration • This occurs when a firm or agency gains control of the other firms or agency performing similar marketing function at the same level in a marketing sequence.
  14. FR Add a footer 14 2. Vertical Integration • This is when the company either owns or control wherein to joint ventures multiple stages in supply chain
  15. FR Add a footer 15 3. Conglomeration Integration • Involves a merger between two businesses that are not related to each other completely different industries.

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  1. How does protectionism happen as part of the economic globalization?
  2. These are policies under which the government impose there is no taxes absolutely no taxes or tariff as well as duties on imports or quotas to export