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Best Blogging Practices

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Online readers are busy, and they read differently. They scan, they don’t read entire articles and they judge by headlines. We've compiled some blogging best practices to help you situate your blog and write better copy for your busy audience.

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Best Blogging Practices

  2. 2. w A/ wuld a§‘5u%”o“wc People are busy, and they only take a few seconds to decide if they want to read on. They read differently online. They might be multitasking, and you need to make your blog worth their while.
  3. 3. How do we get their attention, __ keep their attention or get them to do something? ‘fir-" ‘
  4. 4. VMWWV « w 1 mam, T
  5. 5. 5‘ Join I Sign In HOME DECOR BE THE BUYER VINTAGE OUTFIT PHOTOS SALE BLOG irate the season with are R: rlrnarnu rnnciuhzavnc ‘ll . ‘L’. v ' _ ' ’/ 7. flnteqnata q. owL blog. Your blog should be easy to find on your website.
  6. 6. 2. Jfiww q.0LUL pu/ zpau. Understand what your purpose is (branding, education, inspiration) and want the reader to do before you start writing (click a link, book your hotel, call for more info, remember you).
  7. 7. Understand what you want to say. Strike a balance between giving too much information (reader gets bored) and too little (reader misses the point or is unsatisfied).
  8. 8. 4. ‘}77almitA}za2mable Include social sharing buttons on every page.
  9. 9. I , .-Q , . ; ‘ a 1 ‘f ‘ ii ¢ 4 ‘ X j. ” I ‘ ‘L’ I ‘J, ’ /11 I ‘ ';4_». K . 4/ . X I ’ . ' 9 '. ‘ . ¢,. - 1' '. V I2" / , —< I ‘ ‘»* ,7 7 ‘ — V f: “l V l i S 5'L2._‘ gl ll 4 . ‘i 3''‘ ll. ./ V '. ’;, ’l‘ i‘l F114,, . .:'li‘L. ‘L, Keep your blog up to date and never let it go stale. A publishing calendar will help with this. Aim to blog at least once or twice a week, even if it is only a picture or short snippet of news.
  10. 10. 6 Responses 1. Reply Monica Nizich says. 2. Clark Kent says: October 21(2O1_. _ M9 03 pm [Edm Octob<: r10,201-€. it6 17 pm (Edit) Love this article. Businesses that under: that last. Too often] see time and mane‘ public instead of taking the time to mal-< confection RL'pl‘, ' Your article made my day. Searching for information within the subject and must say that your article gave my both insight and I am amazed how easily you captured the importance in content marketing. Thanks! Reply Susan Taylor says: Susan Taylor says: October 22. 2013. 311139 pm (Edit) October 10, 20111 at 7:28 pm (Edit) Hi Monica, Hi Clark. What a great commentl Thank you! I think it's important to make content marketing not only easy to understand but also easy to access. We should all feel as ifwe can take part in it-or take a bite of it. if you will—and show off our expertise. Reply Thank you for reading this post I 1 perfectly with the cupcake rnetap 1. Monica Nizich savs: —. T . . - . vi. 2; 2; Blogs are conversations between writers and readers, so let everyone take part. Regulate to prevent spam, but allow negative as well as positive opinions.
  11. 11. 7. Jallt, alonftmll Marketing language is inappropriate. Use blogs to help build reader trust and your reputation. A conversational tone works well.
  12. 12. The main point should stand out. Say what you mean and only what you mean. , uf“‘l
  13. 13. Consider: *3 local events it current trending topics is industry-specific topics ii interviews 6 stories 6 how-tos
  14. 14. ‘fiocwtaer 8. 2014 1 Eric lngrand Q 2 Comments . 3'1 I Joey Mali 1. zcommenu - Ding’ Dong’ The Author‘: Dead‘ Everybody saw it coming. 50“. it bothered me how unceiernoruoui the death knell for Coogle Authorship was I listened to the Kool-Aid pusher: at SMX and SE5 extoll the benenu of authorship I bought in l encouraged others at my company to do the same —a! ter all, Google was telling usi 1 Insights from Brand2Global in London. October 1-2. 20:4 ‘(out something‘: happening when leading brands like Coogle. LEC Nike. Microsoft Coca-Cola. Danone_ Western Union and Acco suatcg in about global content marketing That's when you kn content marketing has tinally come of age And that‘: exactlyva london at 2 l Read More The Content Marketing Cupcake: One Pink Tutti at a Time 4 307 13970410333 - Iiuunfay‘-=1 L‘. -rwr-a- ‘loctober 7. 2014 I Kathleencossman Q No Comments ~ The cupcake That sweet. iced good]: that continues to evolve In the baked treat Industry and that spans our ‘sun Breast cancer There‘: nothing run or funny about ll It‘: not a 5: . l cravings trom classic vanilla to goumiet chocolate I 5' rnairu you think about content rnanu. -ting Breast cancer and :4 content rnarlteting might appear to be an unlikely combo. but I mm, “ Wm, came ,0!‘ ‘ye, ’ am, In "my mpcu“ and The Tutu Project not only aicceed. they excel Bob‘: wise. 1 mm you m, ,d, ‘, whlmm you u, ,,_. _ , h,_. ,,_. N, nun, 3'95‘ “"5" 3-“'VlV°1 Dun”! I 1 ingredients that go into making that perfect cupcake This is the I I . e.-i ». .u-. 70. a: conciu. The headline should sum up the main message and entice readers to click. Keep it short.
  15. 15. 1. Buyers & Buyer Influencer Mapping Understanding who your customers are as well as those who influence them is a function of Discovery, Consumption and Action. Understanding how customers discover content, consume content and what motivates them to take action in a social media context can go a long ways towards planning more effective social media marketing efforts. Essential questions to answer: - To what degree are your customers asking questions and engaging on topics within social networks relevant to your products and services? c who and what are the influencers on social networks for your customers? Take those insights and leverage them in your social media content planning so that you are providing intormatlon that's more relevant and useful to buyers as well as content that influencers can use to advance their own objectives. When influencers are motivated to share your content on social networks it helps them, it helps your buyers that follow the inlluencers and of course, it benefits the brand. 2. Community Building vs. Distribution of Content 77. um hcadma. bullet points Concise, relevant headers and bullets make your article easily scannable.
  16. 16. . 4' , ‘ y g . . . , ’ F ":1 . ‘ll ‘:14 —s‘ "’ fil l —~. 'l ‘ N‘ ‘Val 7/" — . —s —<; ' ‘*4’ —I Start with the most important information and the main message. Few users read past the first paragraph.
  17. 17. N . ll * A. ’ ‘l ‘ ll. ¢. 7 9436;‘ ml —f"' is l *’‘‘s. *» 4-‘ has as ~_= J Use a striking first word and first sentence. Most readers decide within a
  18. 18. 74¢. ’I»lA22i/ Lo/ Ltwa/ wla, Mwmu& Keep it short and simple—busy reader don't want to look up words. Two or three sentences is plenty for a paragraph, as big chunks of text are off-putting. 1. [nor your purpose The aim of writing is to get the reader to do something-click a link. book your hotel. call you for more information or just remember your name. Understand what you want the reader to do before you start writing. 2. [now your content Understand what you want to say. Strike a balance between giving too much information (reader gets bored or sidetracked) and too little (reader misses the point or is unsatisfied). 3. lo clan The main point should stand out Say what you mean and only what you mean. 4. Craft a concise headline The headline should sum up the main message and entice readers to click on it Keep it short, as only the first few words are usually displayed on a feed Check out tips on crafting an effective headline here. 3. the header: Concise. relevant headers and subvheaders make your article easily scannable. important since most users simply scan rather than read This is where our potato salad lrlend falls a little short. so I won‘! sing his praises for amazing content Instead. check out this Kiclrslartr. -r for a coiici. -house that recently opened Right away. the video. which is obviously a far cry from a home movie. gives viewers an introduction to the idea behind the business, the owners and the reason for the Kickstancr. Under the video. they've included more content through copy and images that further explains what it is they are doing and why they are doing it. So, yes. you need some basic information of the what where. when why and how, but it‘: a great idea to include some hlgh—quality visuals like videos and images that give your business a face. Sotructublngoale When Zack Danger Brown started his Klclrstarter. his goal was $60—just a tad under that grand total of $55,000. I've read that it's always best to set a goal you are fairly certain you can reach. and then. if you end up reaching it quickly. increase the amount Unless it's a truly worthy cause (I'm trunking non-profit protects), your supporters may grow weary in helping you raise tens of thousands of dollars if the pledges are only coming in at S5 donations three times a day. So pick a goal that's attainable to keep the excitement growing! Another reason to set attainable goaLs is to show that you've also bought into your idea. You‘ve contributed time. effort and resources (or you're willing to). and you just need a little help to reach that finish line. Setting your total goal as
  19. 19. ,‘~ 5. I. .. 1 ' «>. —_ V ' v/ "R . " L . . , ‘ , v‘_ 5:1» . ‘ . ‘-, -3”. ‘ ¢' 4 9’ _ . . L . ‘ 4). V. ‘ 4 ¢». .—, .'. *.‘M""’. / J4», ~; e-I. ve. ‘U¢; ».Jx"’4 Passive writing is floppy and long-winded.
  20. 20. 7" C l l *¢¢. a/ . .‘“. .;—r. , um: i ~a. .;a-I«; »/w. ‘—¢. . J ». a Vocabulary should be easy to understand by an international audience. HEY VAD. KNOW B1 GNING WORDS NEH WHAT I HGURED MEANNGS. ORDINARY OUT ? THE ERG. Sl CAN BECOME AN MEANING OF EXC. US0NAiZ1 CODE. ’ ‘MO NORDS l$N'l' ' V %{ERlTlONS CAN BE A MED nuns: A DNIDED 81 me SAME AM was cm LANGMGE! Tb THAT END. I'LL BE DON'T ‘(co THNK MARW. mxlemme new Dmumous “ms TOTALU wok common mans. so SPAM? ITS NELL BE VNABLE ‘ID LUBRICATEDI CokMUtCATE. own ultu-uh: -$1-Ian
  21. 21. E 77. £40942 , Include images which reinforce your message, not distract readers.
  22. 22. ; tn . ».« , --. -vi “ 0 -gm-_«, - ~ P — . ._ . ‘, vv" . ,L, .. A __ -‘3_- ‘ _; . | ‘.3- {N *. «ya. _ 2‘-1. "‘ j. _ - ——_ r —- . _.. .¢. ._. . . _.. _ - " “ 3 ; «-1 . _ '*‘ . ;__. _7j . The Budweiser Clydesdales commercials make us teary, the Dove "Real Beauty Sketches" make us joyful and the GEICO Hump Day Camel makes us laugh. Research shows that viral content appeals to our emotions, particularly positive emotions like amusement, joy, hope, surprise, nostalgia, affection and excitement. Con; l»; :x, iat / i;y}; ‘;i; ;larlyp_s}. i<fi; c_e’s ‘e specially among millennials who” ‘, .li1{’; ‘A_I'! q:1stan 4- r_. a/ are harder toimpress"‘l. , 5.21.. . , , ii‘ . . . . , _ . l v; . l , ., . S: Tv! _AF‘. _[’§3!£: !l? fl?, 'tF{? *ll‘: 'i_r”? ’{§5 °; _|_ijl€= ’.l ls»-). Vl__lVI; f. Kg.
  23. 23. & EEK it ugly ‘ Home . CUSl()f'lllZ8l! Ol". Admin 1 Audience Overview Email Exponv Addtobashboard Shortcut Dashboards All Sessions :01 -30%: 4---1 Shortcuts Add T": I 9 Intelligence Events l 3 Wm _ Overview 0 ReaI—T: me Sessions V vs. Sclcctamc-'. nc C 7 9 . ‘MM. yooqle final: /.tLcA. Use Google Analytics to track the number of visits, amount of time spent on page, number of comments, and number of likes/ follows to learn what your readers like and how to adjust your posts accordingly.
  24. 24. iemmymm , lenveritasg roup. com p ritasgroup. com 241 -0779 @000