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How To Convert I Pod To Dvd On Mac

Do you have downloaded some videos in iPod format,or just have shot some videos with your iPod Nano,when you want to burn them to dvd but don't how to? If you do have so, this article can is of great help for you.

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How To Convert I Pod To Dvd On Mac

  1. 1. How to Convert iPod Nano Videos to DVD Part1 How to Backup your iPod nano Videos on Mac? As we know that Apple has just released the new iPod nano with a video camera, allowing you to shoot video whenever and wherever as you like. However, how to copying the videos that shot by iPod nano to Mac are concerned by many iPod users.By following these instructions, you are able to copy videos from your iPod nano to your Mac. What you need: 1.An iPod with your content intact. 2.A Mac in fully operational condition.
  2. 2. One thing to mention is that you must make sure to have clicked the “enable disk use” item in your iTunes devices to allow your iPod nano to be recognized on your Mac. Then you can easily find your iPod nano videos in the DCIM folder showed as the following picture does. Now you can backup your iPod nano videos by dragging and dropping to the selected directory. Part2 How to Edit and Burn iPod nano Videos to DVD on Mac(Snow Leopard included) Now you have copied your iPod videos to your Mac, have you ever thought about any way to enjoy or share them besides uploading them to YouTube or Facebook? Yes, there is. After you have copied the videos on Mac, you can convert iPod videos to DVD for watching in your DVD Player. More information from:http://www.mediasoftmac.com/dvd- creator-articles/how-to-convert-ipod-nano-videos-to-dvd-on- mac.html#177