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MH8007 Love my office poster_A2 poster

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MH8007 Love my office poster_A2 poster

  1. 1. Specialist Recruitment hays.com MH8007 Does your desk feel loved and cared for? Is your kitchen radiant with affection? Does your reception give a great welcome? We’re committed to improving your offices in 2008, but in the meantime we want you to give YOUR office some TLC. A trophy and prizes will be awarded to the office that, in the view of the UK Board, has made the very best of what it’s got NOW. The judging will take place over (Month) with finalists being visited by Andy McRae in (Month). So get cracking now and you could win a big night out and a trophy to be proud of! For further information on the competition, please visit the home page of the intranet or talk to your office manager. Love my office Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada China Czech Republic France Germany Hungary Ireland Italy Japan Luxembourg Netherlands New Zealand Poland Portugal Singapore Slovakia Spain Sweden Switzerland UAE UK