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Coding Kids PyCon Talk on Python

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Introducing Python into primary schools in Brisbane. Emily De La Peña - founder of Coding Kids - takes a look at how far they have come and looks towards the future: integrating Python in schools.

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Coding Kids PyCon Talk on Python

  1. 1. to primary schools Introducing Emily de la Peña Founder, Coding Kids (QLD) @EmilyFdelaPena
  2. 2. Our Journey March - Nov 2015: CoderDojo
  3. 3. Our Journey January 2016: 2 schools & 50 students
  4. 4. Our Journey Aug 2017: 20+ schools, 400+ students and Regional QLD tour
  5. 5. Changing Educational Landscape Two New Subjects (Prep - Year 6)
  6. 6. Queensland Journey 2016 17 trial primary schools 2017 All schools involved Assess and report 2020 Full implementation in all schools
  7. 7. Experimenting with Python in Primary Schools Extra Curricular Integrating into the curriculum Digital Technologies and English (Year 6) Digital Technologies and Science (Year 5)
  8. 8. Digital Technologies Tracking Tool
  9. 9. Experimenting with Python in Primary Schools Solar System Quiz: Digital Technologies and Science Outcomes (Year 5) •The Earth is part of a system of planets orbiting around a star (the sun) (ACSSU078) •Design a user interface for a digital system (ACTDIP018) •Plan, create and communicate ideas and information, including collaboratively online, applying agreed 
 ethical, social and technical protocols (ACTDIP022) PLAY QUIZ
 IDLE or trinket.io
  10. 10. Experimenting with Python in Primary Schools Text adventure game: Digital Technologies and English Outcomes (Year 6) •Define problems in terms of data and functional requirements drawing on previously solved problems (ACTDIP017) •Explain how student solutions and existing information systems are sustainable and meet current and future local community needs (ACTDIP021) •Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations, selecting
 and sequencing appropriate content and 
 multimodal elements for defined audiences and
 purposes, making appropriate choices for 
 modality and emphasis (ACELY1710) PLAY QUIZ 
 IDLE or trinket.io
  11. 11. Limits to IDLE and trinket.io Great for beginners Limited turtle functionality Small subset of Tkinter library Pygame not available Lack of extensibility
  12. 12. Regional Queensland Training
  13. 13. What’s next? Experimenting with: • Python and Pepper robots • Python and MicroBits • WinPython using USB • Depth vs Breadth
  14. 14. What do you think?
  15. 15. Emily De La Peña Founder of Coding Kids, Advance Queensland’s Community Digital Champion codingkids.com.au facebook.com/codingkidstutoring @EmilyFdelaPena & @coding_kids linkedin.com/in/emilydelapena/ @emily.f.delapena