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Leveraging Business Travel Press for TripIt

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This was a project for my PR internship at TripIt, which was presented at an all-hands meeting. Through this deck, we examine trending topics, findings, and recommendations to boost TripIt's press coverage in the travel industry.

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Leveraging Business Travel Press for TripIt

  2. 2. Project Scope 1 What I Looked At Findings Trending Terms Brands receive strong coverage for innovation, thought leadership, staying up-to-date, and maintaining strong relations ● Business travel and lifestyle consumer publications dated from December 2015 to present ● Sources from Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News On-demand options reshape travel experiences ● Creates a cohesive experience at all phases ● Personalizing trips according to preference ● Apps create on-demand options on other platforms Terms frequently used by the press ● Bleisure, traveler burnout, bizcations, jetsetter, roadwarrior, suitcase entrepreneur, travel leaders, travel productivity Research the environment, and brands that have received strong business traveler press to gain insights around how TripIt can attract more business travel focused media coverage.
  3. 3. Trending Coverage Topics 2 Traveler Safety Platform Integrations Best Apps for Travelers Mainstream outlets cover apps that ease stress while traveling -Apps that are on-demand and convenient -Being time efficient as a business traveler is important -Helps customize and simplify travel plans Traveler safety is being discussed in multiple channels -Safety notifications, GPS tracking, sharing whereabouts -Certain tech companies implemented safety features into apps Ex. Facebook, Companion, Sabre Travel apps are integrating into social messaging platforms -Targeting users in the environment that they frequent -Users receive quicker information -Hyatt, Booking.com, Lola, Uber, Lyft, and Kayak integrated with Facebook Messenger Lists of recommended apps are frequently published -Peaks during seasonal cycle -Written by credible journalists, influencers, travel experts Easing Travel Stress
  4. 4. Apps Receiving Strong Business Traveler Coverage 3 ● New Facebook and Slack bot ○ SkyScanner, HipMunk, Expedia also created Facebook bot ● Thought leaders from Kayak contributed to conversation Key Coverage Driver: Bots ● Constantly coming out with dashboards, functions, partnerships, and programs ○ Uber for Business ○ UberCentral Key Coverage Driver: Expansion ● Rolled out new mobile duty of care solution for travel risk management ● Monitors itinerary, check-ins, real-time events, provides GPS location Key Coverage Driver: traveler safety HOPPERKAYAK UBER SAFEPOINT ● Gained popularity through recognition ● Claims hockey stick growth ● Sold tickets in 130 countries this year ● Revolutionized way people book tickets Key Coverage Driver: won best travel app
  5. 5. Recommendations 4 Focus on Millennials ● Educate fastest-growing generations of business travelers about TripIt ● Create strong relations with millennial influencers ● Target websites they find content on Continue to Foster Relationships ● Expand the media list for potential coverage opportunities ● Continue to create and strengthen relations with travel influencers, journalists, and writers Rapidly Innovate to Stay on the Radar ● Media loves innovation and forward-thinking ● Example: Uber made 8 announcements all within past 2 months ○ New partnerships and programs Develop Commentary ● Staying safe while traveling ● Managing stress and time while traveling for business ● How TripIt is contributing to innovation Continue to Position TripIt as a Must-Use App ● Appeal to business travelers by continuing to push meaningful and relatable content to readers
  6. 6. THANK YOU !