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Emergence mobile enterprise forum 2014 - Kevin Spain keynote

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Keynote presentation by Kevin Spain at the 2nd Annual Emergence Capital Enterprise Mobile Forum. Shares vision for how mobile will transform the use of technology for non-desk workers around the globe. Also covers three keys for success for enterprise mobile entrepreneurs.

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Emergence mobile enterprise forum 2014 - Kevin Spain keynote

  1. 1. EMERGENCE CAPITALENTERPRISEMOBILEFORUMKevin Spain, General Partner, Emergence CapitalNovember 2014
  2. 2. Emergence Capital
  3. 3. $240 billion spent on enterprise applications worldwide each year
  4. 4. 600 million desk workers
  5. 5. Deskworkers 3.1 billion people work worldwide $250billion
  6. 6. 3.1 billion people work worldwide 80% are underserved by technology on the job
  7. 7. Mobile Democratizing access to technology
  8. 8. Who are these non- desk workers?
  9. 9. Construction
  10. 10. Manufacturing
  11. 11. Healthcare
  12. 12. 30% Developed+All Europe 10% LatinAmerica 10% Middle East+ Africa 50% Asia Pacific
  13. 13. How big could this be?
  14. 14. 2.5 billion non-desk workers X $40+ per worker per year $100+ billion annual revenue from non-desk workers Enterprise Mobile Revenue today: <$100 million Cloud revenue in 2004: <$100 million
  15. 15. What will it take to build a leading mobile enterprise company?
  16. 16. Mobile go-to- market expertise Mobile platformleverage Globalorientation 1 2 3
  17. 17. •Capitalize on the unique capabilities of mobile devices •Use interface limitations to your advantage •Consider how leading mobile platform providers might help you scale Mobile platformleverage 1
  18. 18. •Learn how to successfully manage app store optimization •Build a customer acquisition engine that fits youroffering •In vertical markets, heavily leverage word-of-mouth Mobile go-to- market expertise 2
  19. 19. •Think like a global company from the start •Develop product so that it can be localized easily •Consider a range of international go-to-market strategies before committing to one Globalorientation 3