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How to: Viral Marketing + Brand Storytelling

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How to: Viral Marketing + Brand Storytelling

  1. Will It Spread?
  2. 1 A little about me I’m Elle. I founded Pinball. {@ElleShelley | #LunchAndLearn | #WillItSpread}
  3. 2 What’s with the name? Old School: Bowling New School: Pinball
  4. 3 We build brand stories.
  5. 4 Your brand is not logo, colors, fonts
  6. 5 Your brand is the stories people tell about it. These stories can be carefully crafted to change how people talk, feel, act and think.
  7. 6 Why use stories to build your brand? “76% of consumers believe companies are untruthful in their advertising.” source | Bold Mouth’s “Perceptions, Practices, and Ethics” report
  8. 7 The most brilliant brand stories go viral. And speaking of viral, let’s debunk a myth: Viral Marketing is useless.
  9. 8 You CAN to build your brand. harness the power of viral
  10. 9 Introducing the Viral Algorithm B1x(PM)x(OM)x (EM)=VIRALMAGIC
  11. 10 Introducing the Viral Algorithm B1x(PM)x(OM)x (EM)=VIRALMAGIC Paid Media Owned Media Earned Media Viral Coefficient
  12. 11 Let’s define Paid, Owned, Earned Media Paid OwnedEarned Media Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, Sponsored stories, Sponsored Tweets, Sponsored Trends, YouTube Ads Websites, landing pages, blogs, Branded Facebook/Twitter, white papers. Traditional Media coverage, guest blogs, testimonials, Re-tweets, shares, comments.
  13. 12 You can control Paid, Earned + Owned! Good news!
  14. 13 You can’t control the x, which is called the Viral Coefficient. Bad news:
  15. 14 What the F?#K is a Viral Coefficient? (Let’s do a little experiment) Viral coefficients appear as coefficients in the viral expansion of the pressure of a many-particle system in powers of the density, providing systematic corrections to the ideal gas law. They are characteristic of the interaction potential between the particles and in general depend on the temperature.
  16. 15 You're not just telling a story for the sake of telling a story —you're using it to achieve your brand’s objectives. Viral Principle #1 | Know Your Objectives
  17. 16 Example: BlendTech – Will it Blend? Tactic to Try #1 | Increase Market Share Every brand has Social Currency – something interesting that people will talk about, both online and offline. The job of a Brand Storyteller is to identify Social Currency and use it to help move the business forward.
  18. 17 Example: Corning | A Day of Glass Tactic to Try #2 | Generate Leads A brand’s Social Currency doesn’t have to be whatever good or service is available today. In fact, some of the best Brand Stories provide a peek into the future, creating demand for products before they’re available.
  19. 18 Example: Dollar Shave Club Tactic to Try #3 | Objection Handling Overcome resistance by crafting brand stories to handle sales objections. These can be fun, tongue-in-cheek ways to get new customers.
  20. 19 Viral Principle #2 | Know you Audience
  21. 20 Ever tried to spread cold butter on bread?
  22. 21 Build the RIGHT community Scientific Community Building Fans 0 1M Energy (Time & Money)
  23. 22 Example: Oreo: Dunk in the Dark Tactic to Try #4 | Capitalize on Real-world Events Timing is everything. Keep your eyes and ears open for organic opportunities to hijack trending topics and news stories.
  24. 23 Every brand has a story – what’s yours? Viral Principle #3 | Know your story
  25. 24 How You Craft Your Story Tell your story through the words of others. Highlight the conflict and struggle. Stories are about mistakes and struggle, because that's how we learn.
  26. 25 Example: Domino’s | Pizza Sucks Tactic to Try #5 | Good Guys + Bad Guys Every story has to have some kind of bad guy, or there's no story.
  27. 26 Example: Holstee | Manifesto Tactic to try #6 | Motivate and Inspire Engage the senses – visuals and music. People remember stories better than facts, and they remember stories that engage the senses more than ones that don't.
  28. 27 Example: Kmart | Ship my pants Tactic to Try #7 | Introduce New Products + Services Stories get people involved at a deeper level because they engage the senses and emotions and activate the brain. We learn more and remember better.
  29. 28 Strong Brands Produce Higher Returns The ROI of Brand Storytelling
  30. 29 Strong Brands are Valuable Aassets
  31. 30 Strong Brands have inherent valuehave inherent value
  32. 31 And because every brand deserves a happy ending! –AGATHA CHRISTIE, British Novelist & Playwright “With method and logic one can accomplish anything.”
  33. 31 THANK YOU!