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2541 Covington Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18017
Professional Profile: A current...
Resume Beth (2)
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Resume Beth (2)

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Resume Beth (2)

  1. 1. ELIZABETH N. PRICE 2541 Covington Avenue Bethlehem, PA 18017 (610)-694-0120 Professional Profile: A current Northampton Community College student, with the ability to program in C++ and Assembly language. Self-motivated to complete work at high quality standards, proven ability to work under pressure and prioritize in order to make deadlines. Key Strengths • Strongplanningand organizationalskills • Ability to meet deadlines • Effective communicator/interpersonalskills • Ability to work independently • team oriented • Self- motivated, determined • Ensuresall work meets highquality standards Technical Skills Software/Hardware:  MicrosoftOffice 2013 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)  MicrosoftVisual Studio2013/2015  Adobe Dreamweaver  Windows8 Languages: • C++ • Assembly language • Basic HTML Professional Experience/ Community Service NorthamptonCommunity College, Learning Center - Bethlehem, PA Peer Tutor Spring2014 – fall 2015  TutoredStudentscurrently enrolled in Metrology courses • Assisted with lab work • Prepared studentsforexams • Helped with the understandingofcourse material Holy Family Manor- Bethlehem, PA JuniorVolunteer 2009 –2012 • Assisted with transporting residents • Recorded activities in office logs • Helped with the distribution of food at meals Education NorthamptonCommunity College, BethlehemPA  Associate in Science degree , ComputerScience (Graduate Date: May of 2016) Honors and Scholarships • Bethlehem KiwanisScholarshiprecipient LinkedIn Profile