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The Synopsis to Our Film Trailer

This is the transcript for my VideoScribe video in which I give a visual description of the synopsis to the film that we will be basing our film trailer, magazine poster and film poster off of.

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The Synopsis to Our Film Trailer

  1. 1. The Synopsis to Our Film Trailer This video will be a visual synopsis of the psychological thriller film that Chloe and I will be creating a film trailer, film poster and magazine front cover for. The film follows the protagonist Beatrix Lily a 19-year-old student from England. She lives in a suburban neighbourhood at home with her parents and has done her entire life. She has a perfect family lifestyle with loving parents and a large wealth. The only downside is that Bea suffers from mild hallucinations and schizophrenia as she sees and hears things that aren’t there. She copes by taking her medication twice a day. She also finds ways to cope in the comfort of her boyfriend Justin Rivers who is always supportive, loving and caring. Bea attends a birthday party of one of her friends without Justin. Her friend asks if she wants to go swimming in the pool with some other guests but Bea refuses as she has always had a fear of swimming and drowning. She ends up partying too hard and drinking too much and ends up cheating on Justin with another guy. The next morning, Bea awakes to find that she is in a stranger’s bed and hurries to back home before anyone finds out what she has done. Luckily for her she returns with Justin oblivious to her actions the night before. Bea tries to return to everyday life but becomes paranoid that her boyfriend knows what she has done. Her hallucinations grow stronger and stronger and she begins to see a figure similar to Justin but he is aggressive and angry. Bea is confused whether the figure was real or a hallucination. Later, she awakes from a nightmare. She had dreamt that Justin was trying to drown her. Bea’s paranoia grows stronger and stronger as she worries that her secret has already been found out. Bea visits a psychiatrist called Dr. Edwards and tells him about the hallucinations. The doctor tries to calm Bea so she can focus on the root of her problems but it is no use. Overtime, Bea cannot eat or sleep as whenever she does so all she sees is Justin trying to drown her. Justin has been trying everything in his power to find out what is wrong with Bea but she keeps pushing him away. This continues for weeks on end with their relationship getting weaker as Bea’s insecurities grow stronger. They end up in a huge argument with Justin breaking up with Bea leaving her even more distraught and emotionally unstable than ever before. That night, Bea has one final hallucination that leaves her distraught. It is again of Justin being aggressive, angry and violent towards Bea and it ends with her drowning but this time felt more real than ever. She leaves her house at the dead of night and drives round to Justin’s house with the voices in her head growing stronger and stronger. The only way she thinks she can stop Justin from killing her is to kill him first. Justin awakes and sees Bea standing in his room with a knife in hand. He to tell her he is not angry or trying to kill her but it is no use. Bea can only see the “aggressive”
  2. 2. Justin who hates her for what she has done. For a second, Bea breaks down. The two embrace with Bea hugging him tightly but in the last second she stabs him in the stomach bringing him to his death. Bea stays crying over his body screaming and shouting at what she has done. Bea eventually leaves and drives out into the distance crying and distraught. She is happy that she has been alleviated of Justin, but remains completely unaware that she has killed an innocent man. That is until she is brought to a halt when she sees hallucination Justin on the road. So even after killing her ex boyfriend she is still left with the figure of him in her mind to haunt her for the rest of her life.