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How to create your own HQ live show

Fast and easy steps for building your own HQ live show.
Starts with case study on HQ Trivia, then gives informative tips on creating trivia on ExciteM audience engagement tool.

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How to create your own HQ live show

  2. 2. CASE STUDY: HQ TRIVIA A game in which users play trivia for real money Available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play
  3. 3. FIXED HOURS  Goes live at 3 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST on weekdays  9 p.m. EST on weekends HOSTS  Generally hosted by Scott Rogowsky  Might be substituted by Sarah Pribis, Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, Sharon Carpenter or Casey Jost
  4. 4. PARTICIPANTS  The target audience is from United Kingdom and North America  The average number of participants range from 600,000 to 1.6 million per broadcast  Over 2 million concurrent players on occasion
  5. 5. RULES  12 to 17 increasingly difficult multiple choice questions with three possible answers  Players who answer correctly within the 10-second limit move on: the rest of participants are eliminated.  Questions that eliminate more players than move on are considered “savage questions”  Participants who answer all 12 questions correctly split the prize money
  6. 6. MONEY  The prize is $2,500 on Monday through Saturday.  For Sundays, special events or holidays there are different prizes up to $50,000  Winners split the jackpot  If no one wins, the money carries over the next game
  7. 7. NOW YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN HQ LIVE SHOW  One of the most productive tools for voting is ExciteM’s real-time polling tool  It helps you captivate your audience across multiple platforms, in real time  It is a powerful real-time omni-channel polling solution for media, broadcast, TV and web  ExciteM integrates with your Chyron, VizRT, Ross, Grass Valley systems (no hardware required)  It takes less than a minute to setup
  8. 8. STEPS FOR CREATING A LIVE SHOW 1. Sign in to your account on www.swift.excitem.com 2. Create a poll: Ask a question and set the options you prefer 3. Distribute: Choose all the platforms that you want to publish to. Current platforms supported: web, Facebook, Twitter, app integration, SMS, IVR, and API integration. 4. Get Insight and Graphics: Get real-time results and analysis of your audience’s engagement and present the results on-air or social in real-time
  9. 9. EXCITEM  Easy to operate: no hardware is required  It just takes several seconds for an idea to become an on-air or social poll  It will work perfectly for your next live show by providing real-time graphic generation and real-time results.
  11. 11. Contact us and get your Swift here: www.excitem.com info@excitem.tv +1 888-777-7566