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Internet Marketing Handout 8 2009

  1. Internet Marketing: Building a Business via Online Activities By Electra Ford
  2. Internet Marketing Presentation Define Internet Marketing Options to get an Online Presence High search engine ranking Increase web traffic to website or blog Marketing your products or services online Making Money Online Evaluate Online Activities to reach goals
  3. Definition of Term Internet marketing is Internet marketing, also referred to as i-marketing, web marketing, online marketing, or eMarketing, is the marketing of products or services over the Internet. Internet marketing benefits are: Free or low cost marketing to a global audience. Interaction with potential customers Ties creative and technical aspects together Helps to focus your efforts on your target audience More about this term can be found on the wikipedia website
  4. Online Presence Options A website: There are over 70 million active websites on the internet. Custom website can be expensive but they will help you stand out. A blog is a less expensive option. You can create a business blog for free. Your blog can be used as your social media hub. If you don’t want to learn technical aspects to create a blog you can outsource this project, which is still cheaper than a custom website.
  5. Online Presence Options continued Social Network Profiles Create profiles on the above most popular social networks or on others that best fit your business needs. Forums and Online Communities Include your contact information in your signature (i.e. website, blog address, general email
  6. SEO - How else will people find me? Blog content: Write for two audiences on your blog - search engines and target audience. You can link or post other’s content on your blog as long as you have their permission and cite them for credit. This will help build quality online relationships as well as keep new content on your blog. Social Networks: When creating a profile consider your purpose on the site. If you are building your brand you might list yourself as your company name. For Twitter: Use programs to automate some of your interactions For LinkedIn join groups, ask and answer questions sharing your knowledge. Create a group. Use the apps like (i.e. Slide Share) to give others an idea of your work For Facebook join groups, participate, create a business page to keep your connections updated.
  7. Recognized Experts Mari Smith is recognized as a Relationship Media Expert. You can get great tips and ideas from her on how to use Facebook and Twitter Caroline Middlebrook is another expert regarding blogging to make money, Twitter and StumbleUpon Co-Author of LinkedWorking, Lewis is a thought leader on using LinkedIn to build your business network
  8. Marketing Online Submissions - Increase Traffic Using: Article Marketing Ezine Article, Get listed as an expert or platinum expert Articles Factory Directory Submissions Dmoz: General Listing Email Marketing Aweber Constant Contact iContact
  9. Making Money Online Affiliate Marketing: A method of promoting web businesses in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer and/or sale recorded through their efforts Affiliate Partnerships: Ad Publishing Networks is another affiliate system with pay per click ads
  10. Evaluate Your Progress Web Analytics enables businesses to chart the right course for the web business endeavors through clearly evaluating the behavior & actions of website visitors. (vaclassroom) Some free analytic programs that are very useful are: These programs help you identify: Which link building activities are bringing visitors to your site (i.e.... social networks, forums and directories) How long people are on your site How many people are converting into subscribers and sales
  11. Things to Remember Content is King on the Internet. To build a good relationship it is imperative that you give back and add value to your online communities. Automate as much of social media marketing as possible using programs like Hard sells are frowned on in social networking. It is better to raise awareness about your work naturally
  12. Review Defined Internet Marketing Showed various Online Presence Options How to receive a high search engine ranking How to get traffic to your website or blog How to market your products and services on the Internet Shared some options to make money online Web programs to monitor your Internet business’ progress
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