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Waste Segregation

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Waste Segregation - Sorting & Collection

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Waste Segregation

  1. 1. Waste segregation sorting and collection
  2. 2. Mumbai population INCREASING Waste generation 10,000 MT/Day Only three existing landfill sites are nearing the end of their operational life 1,27,486 metric tones of waste generated daily in India in 2011-12 Waste Generation
  3. 3. Spending Pattern Collection Transportation Disposal/Treatment
  4. 4. Huge Transportation Burden
  5. 5. Major challenge to MCGM Shortage of Landfills
  6. 6. Though we are facing problem of waste
  7. 7. Problem Statement •People not segregating the garbage in spite of awareness campaigns. •Lack of participation in dry waste service of MCGM •Irregular participation in H TO H system •Less imitative in waste composting adoption •Unauthorised garbage throwing habits •Less participation in Awareness Programme of SWM •Throwing garbage in open nallah and gutters •Avoid to use two separate bins for dry and wet waste
  8. 8. Waste collection process Primary Collection Secondary Collection Transportation
  9. 9. This is what many clean homes do?
  10. 10. What is need of the hour Reduce the waste ,Reuse ,Recycle Segregation of garbage at source into dry and wet waste Compost wet waste
  12. 12. Take a Little efforts segregate waste at source
  13. 13. Segregation of Waste keeping wet and dry wastes separately, so that dry can be recycled and wet waste can be composted. WET DRY • Biodegradable • Coconut shells • Vegetable wastes ,Fruit wastes Wood,Egg shells ,Nails,Hair Leaves ,Tea leaves ,Soiled cotton / tissue ,Cooked food waste • Dust,Bones Recyclable Paper, plastics, metal, glass, rubber, thermocol, Styrofoam, fabric, leather, rexine, wood – anything that can be kept for an extended period without decomposing RECYCLE REUSE COMPOST /PROCESS
  14. 14. Waste Segregation plastics Paper metal leather Thermocol Pet bottels Tetrapacks TinsWrappers Sanitary itemsWood Glass
  15. 15. Best practice in Waste Prevention and Minimization • Segregation of garbage at source into dry and wet waste. • Compost organic waste
  16. 16. Recycle Treatment or reprocessing Suitable for subsequent re-use Recycling
  17. 17. Benefits of Recycling: • Conserves resources for our children’s future. • Prevents emissions of many greenhouses gases and water pollutants. • Saves energy. • Supplies valuable raw materials to industry. • Creates jobs. • Stimulates the development of greener technologies. • Reduces the need for new landfills and incinerators.
  18. 18. Initiative of HW ward in Reduction of waste
  19. 19. Segments ModelIndividual Society ALM Slum Hotels Market Malls Educatio nal inst. Religious place Gardens Gymkha na
  20. 20. HW ward Zero Garbage Role Model Segment Role Model Inspired Govt office Ward office , Police station,Post office,Railway st Hospitals Bbabha hospital LiLAVATI ,Surya,Holy family Institution Khar Gymkhana Ottersclub,Bandra gymkhana,Taj,weligton BMC properties Schools,Gardens Pvt schools Religious places St joseph convent church St andrew Educational inst. St.Andrews college, St Pius inst Rizvi college initiative by citizens Pali hill,Mount mary rd Salasten catholic,
  21. 21. Modification in waste collection • Goal: Segregation at source Multi Waste Collection Van Strategic implementation segregation of waste Individuals,society level,commercials,hotels,malls,etc Multi Waste Collection Van through this facilities citizens will not excuse non segregation. Separate compartment at van will collect Wet,Dry and E-waste regulary Output:Improvement in segregation
  22. 22. Multi waste collection vehicles
  23. 23. Waste collection at Slum Level Tricycle Model Tricycle model for slum waste collection Ensuring 100% Collection of segregated waste
  24. 24. Process of increase segregation at ward level Orientation Distribution of segregation notice Awareness Dry waste collection inspection Monitoring and Evaluation
  25. 25. “Zero Garbage Area” Pali hill Orientation Distribution of segregation notice Awareness Dry waste collection inspection Monitoring and Evaluation Exposure Visit To ALM Pali hill Follow up with residence Due to segregation Dry waste increased Wet waste Decreased Citizens started segregation/composting Pali hill will be Zero Garbage Approx 1.5MT waste will be process
  26. 26. Dedicated vehicles for collection of Dry waste बृहन्मुंबई ्हानगरपालिका घकव्य एच / पश्चचम विभाग समका कचरा िाहन Mass Awareness of segregation Collection of dry waste till jan 2016 08MT Increased in collection of dry waste 18MT Target upto August 2016 30MT 2,Dry waste collection centers proposed 1)Below fly over milan subway 2)Kadeshwari MCGM Plot
  27. 27. Dry waste Collection Centre Receiving Sorting Storage Sending to Recycle industry
  28. 28. Participation in Waste Management FORMAL SECTOR INFORMAL SECTOR
  29. 29. Elimination of collection points/Open dumps Unattended waste will be collect by appointed rag pickers at collection points /open dumps they will segregate waste at source Organized Network of Rag pickers of “ASARA” Organization utilizing to manage waste
  30. 30. Sources zone-I zone-II zone-III Total No of roads 32 23 24 79 No of bldg 595 332 475 1402 No of houses 6791 3975 4630 15396 No of commercial 351 344 377 1072 No of Gymkhana 1 1 3 5 No of Garden 5 1 9 15 No of Hotels 25 27 32 59 No of malls 2 1 0 3 No of Edu Inst. 7 2 7 16 No of hosp. 2 1 22 25 No of Religious places 10 6 4 20 No of Comm. bins 2 0 0 2 No of Sweeping beats 28 15 24 67 SLUMS 3 1 2 6 Reduction of waste in Electrol Ward NO 96
  31. 31. Zero Garbage Segregate of waste into dry and wet Segregated wet waste can compost Garbage in the compost converted into manure. Reducing the quantity of waste ,reuse ,and recycle of waste
  32. 32. Ownership of the City • Time to change our behavior regarding waste management • Every generators has their own responsibility to manage waste • Every Citizen has their accountability towards city • We all need to become ambassadors of Cleanliness, Hygiene and Healthy environment and surroundings
  33. 33. THANK YOU!