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This document contains the records of Land Disputes and Resolution in Ekiti State.

Kindly use this document for verification purposes ONLY.

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  1. 1. RECORDS OF LAND DISPUTES (PETITIONS) AND RESOLUTIONS. 2019 S/N COMPLAIN TITLE ADDRESS OF PETITIONER RESOLUTION RESOLVED NOT RESOLVED 1. Illegal construction of house on the road Ayinafe avenue, behind WAEC Office, Ado Ekiti.   2. Illegal erection of building on road setback. No 66 Odo Oro Street, Ikole Ekiti  3. Trespass: Request for immediate intervention of determines the exact boundary.- Okesa road, Ado Ekiti.  4. Encroachment on my landed property. Odo-Ona, along Egbewa, G.R.A road, Ado Ekiti.  5. Building on existing access road. No 1 Oke-Oluwatedo Street, Otun Ekiti  6. Erection of an illegal structure on the service road to my house. Imoleayo community, Ilero farm, Behind Aba Iya Medi, off Ilawe road, Ado Ekiti.  7. Blockage of access road Behind Trade Fair Complex, Ado Ekiti.  8. Encroachment on my landed property. Odo-Ona, Along Egbewa road, Ado Ekiti  9 Illegal and obstructive construction. Orubuloye family land, off Ilawe Road, Ado Ekiti.  10. Erection an illegal; permanent fence on the water channel. Idofin Aquarters, Odo-Ado, Ado Ekiti.  11. Resolution of dispute on landed property. Odo-Ona, along Egbewa G.R.A, Ado Ekiti  12. Road Encroachment Ajebamidele Area, off Ayetoro road, Otun Ekiti  13. Re-Arbitral/ Illgal removed order Along Ilawe road, Ado Ekiti  14. Blockage of access road to TCU/Irekanmi community Off Ilawe road, Ado Ekiti.  15. Encroachment on my landed property Federal law cost housing unit, Oye Ekiti  16. Re:Encroachment on my landed property Temidire Street, off Ifaki/Oye Ekiti  17. Blockage of access road Beside satellite campus, off N.T.A road, Ado Ekiti  18. Land encroachment Oye-Egbo High School, Oye Ekiti  19. Blockage of major access road Olorunsogo Zone 10 (unity Zone)  20. Complaint over 132/33KVA Bad/Flooded road CDA, 132/133KVA, off New NEpa, Omisanjana, Ado Ekiti  21. Save our soul No 6 Safejo Avenue, Opposite C.A.C Olorunsogo, Basiri, Ado Ekiti  22. Report against diversion of run- off water to my compound Behind total filling station, Deeper Life High School junction, Afao road, Ado Ekiti  23. Request to intervene to create an easement/road Behind Ariyo bakery, off Irewumi street, Bawa, Ado Ekiti 
  2. 2. 24. Allocation of access road Paradise Estate Landlord Association  25. Letter of assistance Funder Ajayi Polytechnic, Fagboun Estate, Ikere Ekiti.  26. Blockage of road and malicious damage. Kilometer 10, Ado/Ikere road, opp. Obasanjo Estate, Ikere Ekiti.  27. Blockage of access road Ifesowapo Quarters, Oppo. Nova Group of School, off Opopogbooro-Basiri road, Ado Ekiti.  28. Dangerious infringement on my property 18, Obisesan Street, Basiri, Ado Ekiti  29. Application for removal of illegal structure on my land Along Ikare road, Emirin Junction, Ado Ekiti.  30. Complaint against illegal construction and blockage of proposal road. Road L12 Surulere Street, Basiri Area, Ado Ekiti  31. Letter of complaint Sasere Family land, Ureje Abekoko area, Ikere road, Ado Ekiti  32. Unlawful attachment of building Along prayer assembly Basiri, Ado Ekiti  33. Letter of intent to purchase landed property No 3&4, Ajilosun Street, Ado Ekiti  34. Dangerous infringement on my property No 18, Obisesan Street, Ilamoji, Basiri, Ado Ekiti  35. Blockage of water Basiri passage. Off Irewumi by assembly of Grace Church, Peace Avenue, Ado Ekiti.  36. Underdeveloped plot of land posing danger to lives & properties. Falana High School road, Red rose Area, Ado Ekiti  37. Request for the opening of road and update on willful damage of property and encroachment. No5, Iloro Quarters, Aaye Street, Ilawe Ekiti  38. Request for the diversion and shifting of Ikere 33KV powerline Olujoda family, Oke-Ewi, Irona, Ado Ekiti  39. Construction of illeal structure in the front set back of property. No31, Bade Gboyega Street, Adebayo Area, Ado Ekiti  40. Save our soul. Odo Ona lane, along Egbewa G.R.A road, Ado Ekiti.  41. Request for urgent intervention to the problem we are facing in our Street. Oloyi Compound, Iloro Street, Iworoko Ekiti  42. Notification of compliance concerns regarding flood prone area in Ado Ekiti. Tinuola cand/Bridge, Federa Poly road, Ado Ekiti  43. Complaint of an Ilegal construction under high tension wire. Km/5 Opposite NNPC, Poly road, Ado Ekiti. 
  3. 3. RECORDS OF LAND DISPUT (PETITION) AND RESOLUTION. 2017 S/N COMPLAIN TITLE ADDRESS OF PETITIONER RESOLUTION RESOLVED NOT RESOLVE D 1. Appeal against incursion through illegal channelization and destroying of property. Owodunni Street, Dallimore, Ado Ekiti  2. Re: save our soul from flood disaster Ibunkunola & Araromi landlords, Olora layout off housing road, Ado Ekiti.  3. Threat to my life by Mr. Kayode ojo over land. Off Bamgboye Street, Ado Ekiti  4. Save our soul Ijoka Community within the health centre of Ado Ekiti  5. Unlawful blockage of allotted portion for road use. Itamo, Ona Owuro along Odo- Ado, Ado Ekiti.  6. Re: suit no HAD/43/2017 Mr. Sola Dada & Anor V. The Governor of Ekiti State. Along Iworoko road, Ado Ekiti  7. Re:Illegal dealing in Isamo family communal land Isamo Community, Ado Ekiti  8. Re: outright denial of Easement of way and right of passage. Along Ado/Ilawe axis of Ado Ekiti  9. Save our soul Housing road, Oke-Ila, off Damlek Event Centre, Ado Ekiti  10. Re-opening of access Moses Falaye Community via Afao road, Oke-Ila Ado Ekiti  11. Blockage of access road at Irewumi Olorunsogo quarters, Ado Ekiti.. Irewumi Olorunsogo Quarters, off Iworoko road, Ado Ekiti  12. Encroachment on my landed property Off Polytechnic road, Ureje behind Eureka Secondary School, Aramojo family land, Ado Ekiti.  13. Blockage of access road Ilupeju Avenue, off Poly road, Ado Ekiti  14. Appropriately location of Street road, Along Afao road, Ado Ekiti  15. Re:Illega dealing in Isamo family land Isamo community, Ado Ekiti  16. Letter of complaint Opposite Bawa Estate, Iworoko road, Ado Ekiti.  17. Caveat on parcel of land Ijelu Ado-Ijan road, Ado Ekiti  18. Illegal infringement on my personal property Egbedi Osho family land, Mologede, Ado Ekiti  19. Application for certified true copy Olowokogboyi and Chief Olowodagbe Olosunde family land, Ijamuro, Ado Ekiti  20. Caution/Restriction on the landed property Alagbamesan Efon Alaaye  21. Community Intervention Iloro-OkeIla community, Oke-Ila, Ado Ekiti  22. Trespass on the community market Oluwasefunmi quarters, Oke Ureje 
  4. 4. land off Federal road, Ado Ekiti 23. Complaint over illegal diversion of water into my residential building No 24, Ile Abiye lane, off Elewe road, Ado Ekiti  24. Complaint of trespass on society land in Iluomoba Ekiti Opoto family land, Iluomoba Ekiti  25. Blockage of access road. Temitayo Quarters, zone 1 opposite corem church, Oke Ila, Ado Ekiti  26. Devasting effects of erosion diverted to river Ofin and Elemi Ore-Ofe quarters, Ado Ekiti  27. Save our soul appeal Off Ogunkorede Crescent, off Olusola Akintayo road, G.R.A. Ado Ekiti  28. Blockage of access road No 10 Olora layout, off Iworoko road, Ado Ekiti.  29. Letter of posttest. Salami Adewumi, 54 Ikere road, Ado Ekiti.  30. Blockage of access road, Behind Shephered road, Sije Omisanjana, Ado Ekiti  31. Save our soul Odofin family land, off Agric road, Mathew street, Ado Ekiti  32. Trespass on the road of the community Oluwasefunmi Quarters, Oke- Ureje, off poly road, Ado Ekiti  33. Legal advice on selling and blockage of part of the land reserved for road. Moses Falayi community via Afao road, Ado Ekiti  34. Blockage of Estate/Access road Ogunleye family Estate, along Ado road, Iworoko Ekiti  35. Alleged erected of illegal structure Paradise Estate, Bank road, Ado Ekiti  36. Petition of why the ministry should issue a survey plan and C of O to two separate individual for the save potion of land. Ilupeju avenue, Ijan road, Ado Ekiti  37. Application for temporary use of Government road set back. Along Ado Government School, Odo Ado, Ado-Ekiti.  28. Blockage of our existing road. No 18 Imayo Street, Ado Ekiti  7 31
  5. 5. RECORDS OF LAND DISPUT (PETITION) AND RESOLUTION. 2018 S/N COMPLAIN TITLE ADDRESS OF PETITIONER RESOLUTI ON RESOLVED NOT RESOLVED 1. Blockage of access road Peace avenue, love arena, Ado Ekiti  2. Request for approval copy of E.I.A Opposite Nigeria Immigration Office. Federal Polytechnic road, Ado Ekiti.  3. Obstruction of road leading to my house Baradegba family land, behind N.T.A, Ado Ekiti.  4. Re:encroachment of land at Agric Olope and alleged adding of parts of the land Agric Olope, Ado Ekiti  5. Complaint on illegal trespass to a piece of parcel of land Asamo family land, Ado Ekiti  6. Illegal blockage of my property Along Oye-Ekiti/Ilupeju road, Oye Ekiti.  7. Blockage of access road and erosion problems Opopogbooro, off Iworoko road, Ado Ekiti  8. Request for the settlement of the boundary dispute. Basiri Quarters, off Iyin road, Ado Ekitio  9. Brewing crisis between Hausa Community and Land Owners. Shasha Market behind Fagbohun Estate, along Ikere road, Ado Ekiti  10. Blockage of access road to my house L 15, Ilamoji Street, Ado Ekiti  11. For your attention Ijelu farm land, off Ikare road, Ado Ekiti  12. Blockage of access road to my house L.15 Ilamoji Street, Ado Ekiti  13. Extension of renovation period No 28, Okesha Street, Ado Ekiti  14. A case of undue and unnecessary delay in the approval of the building plan for my property. Gidado family estate, secretariat road, Ado Ekiti  15. Blockage of access road. Mercyland avenue, Abekoko, Ilawe road, Ado Ekiti  16. Re:perpetual obstruction of access road Orire branch Adebayo Estate, Ado Ekiti  17. Letter of complaints Bankole Jegede’s road, Olokun family layout at Ilokun, Ado Ekiti  18. Requesting EKSG to return the land housing our family house. Okesha street, Ado Ekiti.  19. Letter of appeal Along barack’s road, Okesha, Ado Ekiti 
  6. 6. 20. Need to rebuild old/dilapidated building within the core area of Ado Oke-Ese Street, Ojumose square, Ado Ekiti  21. Appeal for the approval of bellarich industrial limited. Along Ikere-Akure road, Ikere Ekiti  22. Re:need to rebuild old/dilapidated building within core area of Ado. Oke-Ese Street, Ojumose square, Ado Ekiti  23. Demolition of houses Ajibade lane, Orere-Owu street, Ado Ekiti.  24. Application to demolish and rebuild house. Orere-Owu Street, Opposite First Bank, Ado Ekiti  25. Re:need to rebuild old/dilapidated building within the core area of Ado Ajibade houise, Orere-Owu Street, Ado Ekiti  26. Blockage of access road Esan family layout at Tungba Village, Opposite Police HQ, Iyin Ekiti  27. Encroachment on layout access road Ajowa Quarters, off Iworoko road, Ado Ekiti  28. Need to rebuild old/dilapidated building within the core area of Ado Ekiti No 42, Ijigbo street, Ado Ekiti.  29. Re:concillation of provisional allocation of State land plot 1 commercial block, State Secretariat Complex, Ado Ekiti NTA/New Secretariat road, off Ilawe road, Ado Ekiti  30. Re:Encroachment on the land of veterinary Hospital, Ikere Ekiti Close to Ogoga palace, Ikere Ekiti  31. Incursion on my structure by Mr. Adeniyi Adekayemo Akun family land, Erinjiyan road, Ilawe Ekiti  32. Letter of protest Oke-Oja, Aramoko Ekiti  33. Save our soul from erosion hazard. Oke-Ila Street, Ado Ekiti  34. Encroachment and diversion of erosion into my landed property. Doctor’s quarters, off Iworoko road, Similoluwa, Ado Ekiti  35. Urgent request for quick intervention Water works and Bamgboye area, Ado Ekiti  36. Protest of encroachment on my land Itamo area, Iremo family land, Odo-Ado, Ado Ekiti.  37. Trespass to lamd, need to valuate same to avoid legal issue Along Ilawe road, opposite Olaoluwa Gramma School, beside Adkaitan Petrol Station, Ado Ekiti  38. Trespass to land and illegal erecting a store on the front axis of the two plots Along Ilawe road, Opposite Olaoluwa Gramma School, Beside ADekaitan Fuel Station, Ado Ekiti.  39. Illegal tarmac on church land Iloro Street, Efon Alaaye, St Michael Catholic church, Efon 
  7. 7. Alaaye. 40. Deliberate blockage of access road by Mr. Julius Akomolafe. Molete Street, Erinjiyan road, Ilawe Ekiti.  41. Petition against Mr. Dayo for erecting an illegal permanent fence on the water channel Idolofin Quarters, Odo Ado, Ado Ekiti  42. Encroachment on our landed property. 74, Okesa Street, Ado Ekiti  43. Trespass to land: Request for immediate intervention to determine the exact boundaries. Baisaya family of Okesa, Ado Ekiti.  44. Request for the settlement of boundary dispute in respect of Mr. Adeola Michael OKe’s landed property. Odogun layout, Ita-nla, along Ilawe road, Ado Ekiti.  45 Re-investigation of forceful encroachment of land at Okesa Okesa-Ad-Ekiti, Ekiti State  46 Re. school encroachment. A report of it settlement Amoye Grammar School, Ikere Ekiti  47 Obstruction of access road in TCU CMS Estate Tree crops cooperative society Housing Estate, Along Ilawe Road, Ado Ekiti.  48 Save our soul from erosion hazard Off Housing road, Opopogbooro, Ado Ekiti.  49 Petition against the unlawful blockage of the access road and erecting of structures on the set back. Off Ikere-Akure road, Oke Osun Area, Ikere Ekiti.  50 Urgent attention of illegal construction. Along AUD/Aasin road, opposite RCCG lafter house, Ikole Ekiti.  51 Regularization of our road and report of our Police Officer. Olorunsogo Extension, off Ijadu, Otun land, Ado Ekiti  52 Complaint against illegal construction Surulere Street, Basiri area, Ado Ekiti  53 Blockage of access road Ifesowapo quarters, opp. Nova Group of School, off Opopogbooro-Basiri road, Ado Ekiti.  54 Blockage of access road Ile-Aanu Quarters behind, New CBN, Ado Ekiti  55 Petition of Mr. Abayomi Osanyinlusi against the land grabbing activities of Chief Adebisi Ajebamidele area, off Ikere road, Ado Ekiti  56 Letter of complaint Behind former Deputy Governor Tai Lawal, Opp. Oke- Ila Police Station 
  8. 8. 57 Petition for remover and clearing of layout Graceland avenue, Federal Housing Estate, Oke-Ila, Ado Ekiti.  58 Illegal demolition and acquisition of Mr and Mrs. Jumoke Sandoka property Ofin, Ado Ekiti  59 Encroachment on the land of Ekiti Anglican Diocese at Ile Abiye Hospital, Omisanjana end. Ile-Abiye Hospital from Omisanjana end.  60 Illegal erection of a wall on the access to Late. Pa. John Kehinde Arogunyo Family land. Opp. Old Garage, Orere-owu Street, Ado Ekiti  61 Request for plan approval for lock up shops to replace shanties of front corners of Ola Oluwa Muslim Grammar School, Ado Ekiti Ola Oluwa Muslim Grammar School, Ado Ekiti  62 Complaint on blockage of access road Behind Olokose Complex, Adehun Quarters, Iworoko Rd, Ado Ekiti.  63 Blockage of access road to Yemi Afolayan Avenue Off Unity Estate, Ulero, behind N.T.A, Ado Ekiti.  64 Save our soul Agbede close, off Ogbanado Street, Along Ereguru, Ado Ekiti.  65 Notification of a collapse building that affected our building. 20, Okeyinmi/Okutagbokuta lori, Opp. C&s, Ado Ekiti  66 Invitation to site investigation concerning the dispute between the Palace & Mr Aluko plot Ode Ekiti  67 Blocking of access road between Marina Avenue and Glorious land avenue off Ilupeju Avenue, Ado Ekiti Citorious land avenue off Ilupeju Avenue, Ado Ekiti  68 Blockage of access road to Yemi Folayan Avenue. Behind. N.T.A, Ado Ekiti. 