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Alibaba Cloud AI Solutions - ET Brain

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Xuan Jin
Head of Cloud Architects – Alibaba Cloud UK
Xuan Jin is an experienced solutions architect and technology evangelist. He then started his career in software engineering in Oracle UK and progressed to tech lead in software engineering and SRE in companies including Cisco.

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Alibaba Cloud AI Solutions - ET Brain

  1. 1. Alibaba Cloud AI Solutions – ET Brain Xuan Jin Lead Solutions Architect
  2. 2. The Birth of ET Brains 2017.122017.062017.032016.102016.082016.04 Small Ai ET Debut ET City Brain ET Industry Brain ET Environment Brain ET Aviation Brain 2018.6 ET Agriculture Brain
  3. 3. ET City Brain Kuala Lumpur HangZhou ChongQing SuZhou Macau
  4. 4. The Structure of ET City Brain Big Screen Dashboard Data Resource Monitoring Crowd Distribution Data Interface Service 3. Intelligent Algorithm Platform Public Transport Capacity Estimation Traffic Video Analysis Road Network Modeling Bus Stop Analysis Route Assessment Route Optimization Vehicle Behavior Modeling Traffic condition Forecasting Traffic Strategy Optimization Buses Taxis Trucks Shuttle Buses Surveilance System Traffic Lights Traffic Light Control System 视 频 数 据 Images Traffic Data Computing Cluster Police Video Network Traffic Light Control Systm Traffic Management Taxi Management System Management Network Internet Companies Map Data Traffic Data Public Bus Companies Bus Scheduling System Telecom Companies Traffic Light Optimization Private Wire Intersection Data Network Gateway Real-Time GPS Data Historical GPS Data AP Historical Data Bus GPS Historical Data Bus GPS Real-Time Data Map Data Videos Command Center Real-Time Road Conditions Analysis 4. Intelligent Application Platform 2. Data Fusion Platform Data Standard Physical Modeling Index Calculation Data Directory Data Integration Data Cleaning Data Exchange Data Security Bus GPS Data Map Data AP Data Bus Route Data Shuttle Bus GPS Data Traffic Light Historical Data Video / Image Data Taxi GPS Data Special Vehicle GPS Data Traffic Data AP 1. Data Collection Platform Amap China Mobile China Unicom Electronic Police System Traffic Police Department 1 2 3 4 5 Traffic Signal Optimization
  5. 5. ET City Brain On-demand Green Wave for Ambulance Downtown Hangzhou 500+ incident reports daily with 92% accuracy from video analysis Average passing time dropped by 15.3% Xiaoshan District Average driving speed increased by 15% Response time of emergency vehicles shortened by 50% Su Zhou Passenger volume increased by 17% on trial bus routes Event Perception: Illegal Driving and Accidents
  6. 6. Suzhou City Brain
  7. 7. Public transportation passengers increase 17%+ Travel time reduce 6% Cars are reduced / Day 50,000 Suzhou City Brain Suzhou City Brain Public Transportation System
  8. 8. Machine Data QC Data Environment Data Expertise Equipment Parameters Machine Neural Network Industrial AIRules Features Experience ET Industrial Brain
  9. 9. Machine Data QC Data Environment Data Expertise Equipment Parameters x0 x1 x2 x3 x4 y1 y2 y3 y4 Yield rate of silicon wafer slicing +1% Fossil fuel consumption -3% Yield rate of rubber compounding +5% Proportion of Grade A cell products +7% Machine Neural Network Industrial AIRules Features Experience ET Industrial Brain
  10. 10. ET Aviation Brain
  11. 11. Beijing Capital International Airport Flights / Day 1700+ Gate Planning 50seconds Time Saved / Day 5000+ hours Beijing Capital International Airport
  12. 12. Ele.me – How to make 9 Million Delivery a Day ET Aviation Brain
  13. 13. Orders / Day 9+ million Order Response 0.5seconds Avg. Delivery Time 29minutes Ele.me O2O Platform Ele.me O2O platform
  14. 14. A real demonstration from 3:47 to 4:12 3:47 Purchase 3:49 Accept 3:50 Delivery Plan 4:00 Deliver 4:12 Finish Ele.me O2O platform
  15. 15. Make sure the dispatch system is extensible with business growth Reduce the waiting duration of consumers Reduce the delivery cost Apply prediction model by taking into account food preparation duration / waiting duration at consumers location Ele.me O2O platform Dispatch tasks according to delivery network status x mins later Apply parallel computing and cloud computing technologies in the system
  16. 16. Hema Dispatch System
  17. 17. Orders / Day / Store 4,000+ Travel distance reduce 15% Hema online and offline experiential shopping center Hema Dispatch System Delivery Time 30minutes
  18. 18. Mission Beyond Cloud