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Some Tips for Opera Attendance

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Some Tips for Opera Attendance

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Some Tips for Opera Attendance

  1. 1. Some Tips for Opera Attendance Edward Reicin
  2. 2. Some Tips for Opera Attendance  Edward Reicin is co-owner, president, and director of MPC Containment International, Ltd. Since 1975, the company, as well as its affiliate, M. Putterman & Co., has achieved nearly 50 million dollars in revenue. Edward Reicin balances professional life with his work as a professional opera singer. He charitably supports numerous opera performance organizations, and has served on the board of the Metropolitan Opera Council.
  3. 3. Some Tips for Opera Attendance  Opera is enjoyed best by those who understand and appreciate centuries of tradition and etiquette. First and foremost, it is essential to arrive on time. Many companies do not allow late arrivals to be seated after a performance has started; this is done as a courtesy to those listening intently, and latecomers are allowed to sit during an appropriate interval—generally intermission. Opera is performed without any amplification; therefore, no noise disruptions are tolerated. Surtitles, projected above the stage, provide English translations of opera text. Expressions of adulation, such as “Bravo,” “Brava,” and “Bravi” are given by the audience during certain peak moments; those new to opera are encouraged to follow the crowd.