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Automation Anywhere Control Room | Control Room Administration Tutorial | Edureka

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YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/m7r2TRT2ESc

** RPA Training: https://www.edureka.co/automation-anywhere-certification-training **
This session on Automation Anywhere Control Room will cover the following topics:
Introduction To Control Room
Control Room Components
Upload A Bot

RPA Playlist: https://bit.ly/2B53HLe
RPA Blog Series: https://bit.ly/2Ay1bzG

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Automation Anywhere Control Room | Control Room Administration Tutorial | Edureka

  2. 2. www.edureka.co
  3. 3. www.edureka.co Automation Anywhere is an RPA Tool which aims to provide the users with a digital workforce composed of software bots. These bots are responsible to complete an end-to-end process by simultaneously providing scalability and security. This tool has recently launched a community edition which will help you to first explore the tool and automate tasks.
  4. 4. www.edureka.co
  5. 5. AA ARCHITECTURE Bot Creators Bot Runners ONSISTS F OMPONENTS www.edureka.co Control Room
  6. 6. AA ARCHITECTURE Bot Creatorswww.edureka.co Bot Creators are simply used to create bots. These are desktop-based applications whose sole role is to upload or download bots and connect them to the control room. Also, multiple users can create bots which are created and configured for the Control Room.
  7. 7. AA ARCHITECTURE Bot Creators Bot Runnerswww.edureka.co Bot Runners are responsible to run or execute the scheduled bots. Multiple bots can be executed in parallel, but the Bot Runners cannot update or create automation. This component of the Automation Anywhere is also connected to the Control Room and has the ability to report back the execution log status to the control room.
  8. 8. AA ARCHITECTURE Bot Creators Bot Runnerswww.edureka.co Control Room Control Room is the most important component of the architecture. It is a web server that basically controls the bots created by the Bot Creators. Centralized User Management Automation Deployment Source Control Provides Dashboard
  9. 9. www.edureka.co
  10. 10. www.edureka.co