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Vikram Aditya: Biggest Opportunity Areas in the DAOverse

  2. VIKRAM ADITYA Co-Founder & CEO, DaoLens | @viks_rum DaoLens work with DAOs to find solution to their problems. Over the months, we have landed ourselves with a suite of tools.
  3. Semi-defined Decentralization Autonomy & Organization What is going to be the structure of a DAO? ”
  4. Tweet to Win​ Tag @viks_rum & #DAOsatDenver and win a free conference ticket
  5. Delegation & Incentivizing Participation 1
  6. Integration of tools - Village Model 2
  7. Creative Parking of Capital for Sustainance 3
  8. Era of Clubs — Swap rewards and perks 4
  9. More of Let's go to the moon 🚀 5
  10. Legality & Taxation Frameworks 6
  11. Chat GPT. Help with community engagement 7
  12. A sample proposal by Chat GPT.. Background: Staking programs have become increasingly popular in the DeFi space as a way to incentivize users to hold and use a particular asset. With the increasing popularity and adoption of DAI, it is important to explore ways to further incentivize its use and promote its stability. Implement a DAI staking program that allows users to earn a percentage of the total DAI supply as a reward for holding and using DAI. This program would be designed to promote the use of DAI and increase its overall circulating supply…… Proposal Implementing a DAI Staking Program
  13. Stringent reputation measures 8
  14. DAO to DAO Collaboration & Collectives 9
  15. Member Activation & Measurement 10
  16. More of Media First Products 11
  17. Grant Management 12
  18. In the last 72 hours…. 2 3 WEF & EU With participation form mainstream folks, there is light at the end of the tunnel Compensation Decentraland is playing with fixed compensation models to increase dependability Survival Plays Sushi is playing with how it's fee should go back to treasury 1
  19. Thank you! Check out I'm available @viks_rum for questions and answers :)