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5 Great Spring Cookbooks | Edita Kaye

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Edita Kaye shares her picks of some great cookbooks to start using this spring. Edita Kaye a published author who loves to grocery shop, cook, and discover recipes. She is a long time advocate of healthy living and eating and encourages those around her to practice healthier cooking habits for long-term happiness.

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5 Great Spring Cookbooks | Edita Kaye

  2. 2. Get your copy of the best and most unique Spring recipes from Chef Maggie Chow! When the weather starts to warm its time to break out the spring recipes. Enjoy things like fresh roasted vegetables, delicious rustic style chicken, artisan salads, couscous, fresh paninis and much much more. Remember these are special recipes to enjoy those warm spring afternoons. THE SPRINGTIME COOKBOOK SPRING-TIME COOKING. ALL THE TIME. DELICIOUS RECIPES FOR THE WARM SPRING MONTHS.
  3. 3. Tex Mex Shrimp Oven Roasted Squash A Southern Style Potato Salad Chicken, Monterey, Basil Pesto Panini Romano, Basil, Chicken, Caesar Panini Sourdough, Provolone, Pesto Panini THE SPRINGTIME COOKBOOK Here is a Preview of the Recipes You Will Learn: Black Bean and Rice Burgers Brown Rice (Vegetarian Approved) Walnuts, Broccoli, and Cheddar Brown Rice Mandarin Chicken Ranch Pasta Salad Strawberry Sesame Salad Mediterranean Salad Cranberry Salad Much, much more!
  4. 4. It's all about the joyous season of the earth's awakening! The warm, welcome days bring friends outdoors for tea parties, herbal luncheons, country weddings, garden gatherings, Easter celebrations, April showers and bright spring flowers. Filled with springtime recipes and clever decorating ideas for the season. Hardcover, 128 pages. (9-1/4" x 6-1/2") CELEBRATE SPRING BY: GOOSEBERRY PATCH
  5. 5. Published to celebrate Skye Gyngell's new restaurant in London, Spring presents a collection of delectable recipes from the menu—beautiful new bread and pasta dishes, exquisite seafood and meat dishes, colorful salads and vegetables, enticing ice creams and desserts, original preserves, and drinks newly fashioned for the restaurant. Spring also provides a fascinating insight into the creation of the restaurant itself, from Skye's first visit to the space at Somerset House, through to the design and development of the site, to the opening of the restaurant, decor, and even staff uniform. SPRING – THE COOKBOOK
  6. 6. More than a cookbook, this title includes a tour of Colorado Springs, with beautiful photography, visitor information, and a unique recipe collection from Junior League friends, family, and local area chefs. This beautiful cookbook is printed on FSC certified recycled paper using agri-based ink. A PEAK AT THE SPRINGS BY: JUNIOR LEAGUE OF COLORADO SPRINGS
  7. 7. Easter, St Patricks Day, Beef, Corned Beef, Ham, Lamb, Potato, Brunch, Dinner Meals Book 97. Great Recipes for Spring Including Tasty Meals for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day. Spring is a wonderful season that brings in a sense of renewal along with sprouting greenery and flowers. People have always enjoyed and celebrated spring in some form or fashion. Springtime cooking gives you a chance to make some crowd-pleasing meals that celebrate the season, as well as, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day. BEST SPRING RECIPES COOKBOOK