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Resume Edgar Emmanuel Gonzalez

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Resume Edgar Emmanuel Gonzalez

  1. 1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Professional Experience  KIA Motors México, Monterrey Nuevo Leon March 2015 – Current  Work together with engineering to ensure that the proposed design can be fabricated in processes Standards from early stages.  Develop process sheets and specifications to initiate a clearly defined process  Calculate or capture the times and capacities of machines as well as coordinate with those responsible Optimization and smooth operation  Analyze design failure modes (AMEF) and ensure product quality.  Production department support.  Work station analysis (ergonomics, safety, material distribution, diagram, delimiting areas Of work, efficiency, quality)  Process engineering training in Hyundai & KIA Group R&D, South Korea, Asia.  Responsible for instructions and technical performance on assigned lines  Resolution of technical problems and implementation of improvements in the process  Lead and verify all problems during production tests in T1, T2 and LP2 events, fulfilling with all specifications and reviewing key points related to quality in allocation lines.  Complete all purchases of consumables and tools before to the LP2 event, recording these shopping in Vatz and Sap.  Knowledge in Welding (Spot, Mig)  Hemming and BPR sealer application.  Assuring the precision in our manufacturing processes of bodies, adjusting JIGs, carriers & daecha Pallets with the use of laser tracker and poly works to reach the nominal values.  Management of technical staff and operators -Culminated projects:  -Kia Forte 4 (4 doors),  -Kia Rio (5 Doors),  -Kia Forte (5 Doors),  -Kia Rio (4 Doors).  -Developing a Hyundai New Model. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Professional Experience  CIIPDETEC, Navojoa Sonora June 2014 – September 2014  Engineering Desing.  Develop a coveyor since desing of Solidworks until PLC code.  Develop a box stacker robot in Solidworks Software. -Technical Skills: -PLC SIEMENS -SOLIDWORKS -METROLOGY -MIG -ROBOT KAWASAKI -POLYWORKS -LEAN MANUFACTURING -SAP -C++ -MICROCONTROLER -BPR SEALER -VATZ -ELECTRONICS -VATZ -HEMMING SEALER -AC/DC -LASER TRACKER -SPOT WELDING EXTRA: 8D´s, Poka Yokes, 5’s, Smed, Lean Manufacturing, Analysis, problema solving, team work, decision making. Academic Formation Mechatronics Engineer. …………………….(90/100) Obregón city, Son. Universidad La Salle Noroeste Ing. Edgar Emmanuel González Domínguez VISA: YES Mechatronics Engineer PASSPORT: YES Navojoa, Sonora ENGLISH: 90% Cel: (642)-137-3190 E-mail: Emmanuel.Gonzalez.D@hotmail.com