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2012 07 ijl2012_eddie-prentice_seminar_social

  1. 1. Social Media Marketing Tools of the trade - DOs & DON’Ts IJL Seminar – 3 September, 2012 Eddie Prentice – Digital Marketer
  2. 2. Social Media Agenda • Social Media – What’s the point? • Social Media Facts • Facebook • Twitter • Pinterest • Instagram • Conclusions Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  3. 3. Social Media What’s the Point? Grow customer engagement and build brand loyalty • Personalise your brand • Enable customers to identify with your brand Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  4. 4. • Product reviews • Price comparison sites • Social networking sites Social media: Shoppers no longer act independently We live in a connected world
  5. 5. Social Media Facts Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  6. 6. Social Media UK Statistics • 31.5 million Facebook users in UK (over 50% of UK population) • 97% students use Facebook • Facebook accounts for 16% of all time spent online in the UK • 45% students use Twitter • 25% of consumers have a Twitter account Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  7. 7. Social Media Brand Engagement By Age Source: Fishburn Hedges, via Econsultancy, May 2012 Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  8. 8. Social Media Marketers Increase Commitment Marketers are dedicating more time to managing social media Source: EML Wildfire, via Econsultancy, May 2012 Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  9. 9. Social Media Greater Customer Engagement Marketers are reporting increased benefits from the use of social media % improvement: Source: EML Wildfire, via Econsultancy, May 2012 Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  10. 10. Facebook Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  11. 11. Facebook The Business Case • It’s not expensive. Setting up a page is cheap. A lot of the apps are free. • It’s viral. You can connect to a huge user base. • It’s “sticky”. The number one site for time spent online (bigger than Google) • You need to keep up with your competitors. Retain your share of voice. • Instant feedback. • Communication. Keep fans informed about the latest promotions and events. • Build brand loyalty. Regular incentives and promotions. • Increase sales. Shopping is a very social experience. Drive people to your site • Increase engagement. Connect with some of the most highly-engaged consumers on the web. • Increase brand awareness. Facebook is the ideal platform to share content. • Insight. The Facebook Insights option - who is engaging with your content? • It’s a window into mobile world. Mobile access has exploded. • Fast customer support. No need for telephone calls or time-consuming complaint forms. • An evolving stream of revenue. Many businesses are exploring f-commerce. Source: Econsultancy Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  12. 12. Facebook Fans Top 20 Source: eDigitalResearch Aug 2012 Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  13. 13. Facebook Timeline • On 30th March 2012, Facebook switched all existing brand pages to its new ‘Timeline’ format • Replaced the Wall with a more visually appealing format. • The timeline update represents a significant change for brands and marketers using Facebook as part of their social media strategy. • In the past, the emphasis for Facebook marketers was on custom apps and landing pages, which could easily be set as the default landing page for any or all visitors. • The new Timeline format means that pages are now limited to a maximum of 12 apps. • You can still direct visitors to these, but only via a dedicated URL. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  14. 14. Facebook Two Main Images 2. Profile Picture 1. Cover Photo 1. Cover Photo Chose a unique, custom image which represents your brand 2. Profile Picture Clear identifiable image that is recognisably your brand such as your logo. It will be used across Facebook as a thumbnail image.
  15. 15. Facebook Apps Apps - Up to 12 apps allowed. - The first four are always visible, so place your most important content here. - Other apps can be accessed using the drop-down button at the right of the page (3 further Apps for Links Facebook page). Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  16. 16. Facebook Timeline - You can extend your timeline to cover your entire history - Page managers can add ‘Milestones’, depicting significant events - Assign any date to pieces of content you upload, and adding pictures, video and text from the past - The purpose is to present your brand identity clearly to new visitors
  17. 17. Facebook Best Practice • Try and post every day – don’t forget weekends. This is an active time for many Facebook users • Focus on engagement, not sales – ask questions, offer tips, share interesting content links, respond to questions • You can sell but get the balance right e.g. 5 posts, one sales message and 4 helpful content posts (80/20 rule) • Have calls to action – tell them to like, comment, watch (and why). • Make it entertaining or fun Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  18. 18. Attract Customers on Facebook 1. Get More Fans • The more people who ‘like’ your page, the bigger your reach across their network of friends. All your fans have hundreds of friends who can see who they interact with. 2. Turn Fans In To Leads • Having fans doesn’t get you sales. Turn these fans in to email addresses. 3. Turn Leads In To Sales • Email is generally has the highest sales conversion rate of all sources of website traffic. Likes Email addresses Customers
  19. 19. Like Our Page Hint Hint Click on Red Bull App
  20. 20. Like Our Page Hint Hint Arrows in graphic point towards Like button. No need to be subtle.
  21. 21. Liked Now Watch This
  22. 22. Liked? Now Share
  23. 23. Welcome to Topshop Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  24. 24. Sign Up To Style Notes “Sign Up” takes you to Topshop website
  25. 25. Sign Up To Style Notes
  26. 26. Facebook Engagement Tips • Shorter posts (less than 80 characters) get higher engagement rates than posts longer posts. • Brands that posted (or scheduled posts) outside of business hours showed engagement rates. • Engagement rates tend to be higher on Thursdays and Fridays compared with other days of the week. • Engagement rates 18 percent below average on Saturdays. • Fans are more likely to engage with “events” and “winning” than with “contests” and “promotions.” • Posts that end with a question result in higher engagement rates than those that don’t. • Avoid the question “Why?” - “Where?”, “When?”, “Would?” and “Should?”, result in higher engagement. Source: Facebook Blog Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  27. 27. Facebook Summary Engage Your Audience 1. Use a striking cover photo. Your cover photo should be a clear high quality image that represents your brand. 2. Use a clear, easily identifiable profile picture. This is the image that will appear across Facebook as a thumbnail image, so brands generally use the company logo. 3. Prioritise your most important content. The first four are always visible at the top of the page, so make sure you place your most important and engaging content here. 4. Post interesting and engaging content in the timeline. It’s a chance to show off your brand’s history, so dig out some interesting photos and shout about your achievements. 5. Customise the layout to feature your most engaging content. This is a great way to prominently display images and video content on your site. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  28. 28. Twitter Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  29. 29. Twitter Why People Use It Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Source: Toluna Quick Surveys / Econsultancy
  30. 30. 52% Follow Brands on Twitter Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Source: Toluna Quick Surveys / Econsultancy
  31. 31. Brands Followed For Offers, Discounts & Updates Why do you follow brands on Twitter? Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Source: Toluna Quick Surveys / Econsultancy
  32. 32. 66% Say Twitter is Useful Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Source: Toluna Quick Surveys / Econsultancy
  33. 33. Twitter Followers Top 20 Source: eDigitalResearch Aug 2012 Harrods & Selfridges in top 5 yet not in top 20 on Facebook. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  34. 34. 7 Twitter Commandments 1. Do not use DM autoresponders (automatically send a message to new followers). They come across as robotic and spammy. 2. Do not beg for retweets - asking "pls RT" makes you look desperate. 3. Do not tweet in bunches – it’s annoying. 4. Do not oversell. This is 'social' media. Providing value with your tweets will do more than a hard sell. 5. Do not overfollow. Only follow people who you find interesting. 6. Do not sell out. Tweeting marketing messages for compensation sends the message that you're easily bought and sold. 7. Think before you Tweet. No off-the-cuff comments you may regret. No retweets of stories you aren’t sure are true. Ref: www.econsultancy.com Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  35. 35. Twitter How Can You Benefit? • Greater engagement with your existing customers. • Build brand awareness among your potential customers. • Drive traffic to your site. • Gain customer insight and intelligence. • Improve customer service levels • Increase in loyalty and customer lifetime value. • Higher search engine rankings for brand terms. • Customer recommendations, positive ratings and reviews. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  36. 36. Twitter How to attract Followers • Start Following. Follow brands/people who are interesting and relevant for your business. • Be interesting. Give people a reason to follow you. • Be useful. Add links and resources that your followers will value. • Engage. Listen. Read tweets. Reply. Make conversation. • Don’t rant. If you have an issue with another Twitter user, take it offline. • Posting pictures. Use photo-sharing tools such as Instagram. • Connect with non followers. Retweet. Reply with @twittername. • Add users to Lists. They’ll see you’re following their tweets, enabling you to engage with people who are not following you yet. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  37. 37. Twitter Best Practice • Avoid spammers. Don’t follow everyone who follows you. Just follow if it’s right for your business. • Don’t follow too many people. It’s not a numbers game and makes you look desperate. • Don’t over-tweet. Give followers time to breathe and you won’t be seen as a spammer bur don’t allow to much time between tweets either. • Don’t be too commercial. Get the balance right. 80/20 rule. • Be personal. You can go off message occasionally for comments on matters of general or topical interest (Usain Bolt OK but David Cameron not OK). Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  38. 38. Negative Tweets It’s how you respond that matters Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com UK tweets about brands are more likely to be negative as they are positive
  39. 39. Twitter Responding to Negative Comments How do deal with the negatives? • Respond quickly • Apologize / empathize • Make it easy to communicate (move it public to private - DM, Email, Phone) • Be human – no corporate speak • Put things right – whatever it takes • Offer an incentive to buy again Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  40. 40. Instagram Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  41. 41. Instagram Brand Uptake Luxury brands are leading the charge on Instagram. Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Hermès, Gucci, and Armani use Instagram's visual format to drive product engagement Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Source: Simply Measured
  42. 42. ASOS on Instagram - Posts images of latest ranges and behind the scenes views - Asks followers to post images of themselves sporting a particular look Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  43. 43. Selfridges on Instagram - Posts images of products and displays from its stores - Asks questions about its followers fashion preferences Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  44. 44. Tiffany on Instagram Attracted 118,000 followers by posting images of its products and New York stores
  45. 45. Burberry on Instagram - Originally showcased products but now photos around London - Using Instagram to positioning Burberry as a cosmopolitan, British brand - Also, featured behind the scenes look at launch of new range, presented as an invitation i.e. building network with exclusive content - Now over 500,000 followers Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  46. 46. Pinterest – The Virtual Pinboard Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  47. 47. Pinterest Kate Spade Kate Spade re-pins and likes others content. 79,364 followers – has become a reference point for trends and styles, doing things “colourfully” Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  48. 48. Pinterest John Lewis • Features a wealth of John Lewis products – why not just visit website? • Misses the point of Pinterest – identification with the brand, not product promotion • Result: just 486 followers Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  49. 49. Pinterest Fears & Khan Antiques/design gallery – not a big brand like John Lewis yet more followers and many more “Likes” Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  50. 50. Pinterest Ikea If you are going to show your own products, make sure you provide links back to your website. Ikea’s “True Blue” Pinboard is very eye catching, showcases their products with great images but then no link to website! This space can be used for a website link Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  51. 51. Pinterest Links of London “Regularly liking and pinning other users’ images gains extra exposure for your brand account and is invaluable for building a bigger following.” – Econsultancy, July 2012 Links of London: “0 Likes” Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  52. 52. Pinterest 9 Tips for Marketers 1. Don’t just blow your own trumpet - completely misses the point of social media. 2. Let others contribute - allow other users to pin content to some of your boards. They will share the board with others. Be selective to avoid spammers. 3. Update your boards on a regular basis – to keep customers engaged you have to give them new content on a regular basis. 4. Use eye-catching images (or don’t bother) – large, hi-res, colourful. You want to inspire others. 5. Add links to your images - when you do pin your own product make sure to link back to your e-commerce site. 6. Be wary of copyright infringement - If in doubt don’t pin it. Credit images – you are unlikely to get sued if you send traffic to the copyright owner 7. Don’t include prices or logos – these images won’t get repinned. Just link back to your website. 8. Make pins and pinboards searchable - use keywords in the descriptions so users can find them when searching the site. 9. Add a Pinterest share tab to your website Ref: www.econsultancy.com Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  53. 53. Google+ Followers Top 20 Source: eDigitalResearch Aug 2012 Below the top four, followers drop off considerably. Suggests brands not convinced by Google+ and not putting much effort in. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  54. 54. Virgin Atlantic Consistent Customer Experience
  55. 55. Ratings & Reviews No Longer an Option The views of your peers carry greater weight than the message of the brand
  56. 56. User Generated Content • User reviews drive sales – builds trust & provides reassurance • If you don’t provide them on your site, your customer will look elsewhere for them and may not come back.
  57. 57. TripAdvisor Reviews
  58. 58. Negative reviews don’t necessarily have more weight than positive reviews. They are important however – they give authenticity to positives.
  59. 59. Blogging Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  60. 60. What is a Blog? • A highly personalised, publicly accessible, web presence • Used to express opinions, feelings and passions • Bloggers share links and integrate media (videos, photos, podcasts) into their content • They are updated frequently (daily or weekly) • Intrinsically conversational and often solicit comments or call out to their readers for input
  61. 61. Why Blog? Blogs are attractive to search engines & consumers: • Frequent updates. Search engines are known to give preference to sites which have frequently updated content. • Quality content. Good content attracts readers, incoming links and provides text for search engines to index. • Link building. Due to the highly interlinked nature of the blogging community, blogs can quickly attract quality incoming links, another important search engine ranking factor. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  62. 62. What to write about • Don’t focus only on your products • Address your industry customers’ needs / interests • Write about general trends in jewellery • Write about who’s wearing your jewellery • Find ways to make your jewellery newsworthy • Don’t just blindly promote your products Ask the question: “will people find this interesting and want to share with their friends and colleagues?” Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  63. 63. How to blog for eCommerce Set up your blog on your own domain Ensure that your blog is located at: http://blog.yourshop.com or http://www.yourshop.com/blog Not http://yourshop.wordpress.com or http://yourshop.blogspot.com Hosting your blog on your own domain will improve your site’s ability to get found by search engines. Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  64. 64. Conclusions Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  65. 65. Social Media Barriers to Success Source: Econsultancy Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  66. 66. Internet “Splinternet” • Explosion of devices and networks has turned the internet in to the “splinternet” • New fragmented reality • More complex to deliver a consistent customer experience Make a plan: How? What? Who? Where? Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com Ref: Forrester Research, Inc.
  67. 67. How? What? Who? Where? Forrester’s “Digital Customer Experience Strategy” Eddie.Prentice@btconnect.com
  68. 68. IJL Seminar – 3 September, 2012 Eddie Prentice – Digital Marketer Email: eddie.prentice@btconnect.com Social Media Marketing Tools of the trade - DOs & DON’Ts Thank You