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Bucky Inspired Bottle Labeling Design

An idea for sustainable bottle labeling for my Kombucha beverage product.

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Bucky Inspired Bottle Labeling Design

  1. 1. Bucky Inspired DesignKelly KokaiselThe study of cubes and tetrahedrons has gotten me thinking about packaging. I have a product I am working on that needs packaging. It is a kombucha beverage that comes in a 34ozgrog bottle. The beverage is sold for $10 per bottle, and if you return the bottle you get $3 back ortowards your next bottle. I have been looking for a way to have removable labeling so that when thebottles are returned it is easier to prepare them for the next bottling.The idea of triangulating cubes reminds me of origami, and how at the beginning of many folds, youusually start with triangulating a perfect square of paper.
  2. 2. And this got me wondering how I might apply this to bottle packaging. I am partnering with a gym onthis kombucha project, and the pyramid is a strong image in their branding. I found a pattern for apyramid that makes a nice bottle topper. I could use this for all the wordy info and keep the front labelon the bottle simple and clean.It could be a bit smaller perhaps, but I think this is an interesting and unique prototype to build on.