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EVSI Speaks! - March 2012

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EVSI Speaks! - March 2012

  1. 1. EVSI Speaks!Editor-in-Chief: Diandra Lamas Creative Director: Jaclyn Casal From the Corner Office Dear Friends, gauging how our employees feel • Interviewing high level business about their work and work environ- owners to determine their viewpoint Surveys are everywhere in our ment, just to name a few. on upcoming improvements to an lives. Whether through the mail, Survey questions are designed area email, phone calls with several goals in mind. The first or someone knock- is asking how best to get the public One of the most important things ing on the front to answer the survey; second is how to keep in mind when reviewing door, it seems like to get them to answer honestly; and survey results, is it’s a picture at one every one wants to finally, asking, how the answer will moment in time. The more informa- know our opinion. impact the survey’s ultimate goal. tion the public receives the more apt Why are surveys At EVSI, we have designed and the data is to change. So asking so important? Typi- implemented surveys for a number questions, and reaching out to as- cally used for mar- of our clients. Several of our surveys sess opinions is an ongoing process. keting, in politics or have included: public relations, surveys are impor- tant in all aspects of the workplace • Designing and analyzing surveys Sincerely, and our every day lives. to gauge interest in an a particular The spectrum of survey research program is broad but the beauty lies in the Amanda Gorski ability to take qualitative information • One-on-one interviews to determine the public’s perception of an upcom- Director of Research and data and numbers and then trans- ing municipal project Analytical Studies form the data into simple messages, AGorski@EVServicesInc.com the basis for policy formulation,Julia Tuttle’s Research Put Miami on the Map! March is Women’s History Month for the City would never be com- As a women-owned business,and in honor of the celebration we plete without railroad access, so we admire the accomplishments ofhighlight a woman who helped shape she reached out to Henry M. Flagler, women such as Tuttle, who paved thethe Miami we know and love today: who was extending his railroad along way for women to be business leadersMiami’s First Lady, Julia Tuttle. Florida’s east coast to build resorts. and innovators. Many do not know Julia Tuttle’s After an agreement, Tuttle and herstory and why she was considered neighbors William and Mary Brickell – Julia Tuttle.Miami’s First Lady. She played a major who also held the other majority of the Photo from Floridarole in pioneering the city. land – exchanged hundreds of acres Photographic She was an entrepreneur and a with Flagler to build the railroad. Fla- Collectionbusinesswoman, and had a great deal gler also agreed to lay the foundationsof influence on Miami’s development. of a city on either side of the river. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Tuttle did Upon Tuttle’s arrival in Miami, shenot officially move to Miami until after saw great potential in the area as aher husband’s death in 1886. center of trade between the United Tuttle moved to Miami and pur- States and South America and as achased several hundred acres of major city. Her vision and researchland near the Miami River. Her vision proved to be correct.Issue 3 1 March, 2012
  2. 2. Tweet, Check-In, Tag, Like, Pin It - Need a Translator?Search: Social Media methods and New Media elements to dis- them is staying informed – you never wantResult: seminate their message and create a dialogue to miss a new trend, but you also need to with their audience. know enough to determine if that trend is How should you be using New Media? right for you. We’ve put together a short list that has Case-in-Point: Pinterest. Seemingly helped us grow EVSI and now we’re sharing overnight, the visitors to this site grew it with you: 400% from September to December 2011. Today, the site drives more visitors to third- • Create a strategy: Determine who your party websites than Google+, YouTube and target audience is, find out how they get LinkedIn Combined (CNN.com). their information and create consistent mes- There are so many possibilities for indi- saging that speaks to them. Remember, it’s viduals, municipalities, businesses and elect-You may be familiar with the industry’s not about quantity, but quality – your new ed officials to use New Media applications“Holy Triniity:” that would be FaceBook media usage should engage your audience. to engage their audiences. We can’t wait to(845+ Million Active Users), LinkedIn see how these new trends are incorporated(150+ Million Active Users) and Twitter • Provide information of value: Don’t just into the 2012 election year. If you have had(100+ Million Active Users), but do you re- post about how great your firm is, give your success with New Media tactics we’d like toally understand how to make them work for audience information that matters to them. hear from you and share with the readersyou? At EVSI, we like to use social media When you provide valuable information, of EVSI Speaks -- email your New Mediaapplications in combination with traditional you become a trusted source. stories and/or questions to:outreach methods and call it New Media.Why - because you can’t just throw away the • Track your progress: In order to know if Diandra Lamas, Director of Newold tactics that worked because something what you’re doing is working, you should set Media and Special Projectsnew came along. measurable goals. Every month, sit down DLamas@EVServicesInc.com As a firm specializing in public involve- with your team and analyze what is workingment and community outreach, we believe and what is not.that meaningful public participation is keyto a successful project. Organizations must It is evident that New Media applicationsfind a balance between traditional outreach are here to stay and the key to managing EV Services, Inc. (305) 728-7049 New this Month: www.EVServicesInc.com • Staff: We’re proud to welcome Javier Hernandez (pictured right) to the EVSI Team. Javier comes to us Twitter: @EVServices from the Honors College at FIU, and will be assisting in our Research & Analytical Studies efforts. www.facebook.com/EVServicesInc We’re always looking for talented people to work with our team. If you, or someone you know is interest- http://www.linkedin.com/company/ ed in becoming an intern at EVSI, e-mail info@EVSer- ev-services-inc vicesInc.com for more information. • Website: We’ve redesigned our website, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Visit www.EVServicesInc.com to learn more about our services, ongo- ing projects and links to our social media pages! • Timeline: Coming March 30th, Facebook Timeline is going to revolutionize pages for brands and we’re excited to embrace it! Visit our timeline to learn more about our team and company history. www.facebook.com/EVServicesIncIssue 3 2 March, 2012