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Esri Community Maps Program

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What is the Esri Community Maps Program and why should you participate in it?

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Esri Community Maps Program

  1. 1. Esri Community Maps Program ®Share Your Data with the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) CommunityWhat Is the Esri® Community Why Participate?Maps Program? • Your users will be able to use the maps with ArcGIS® Desktop, ArcGIS Explorer, and ArcGIS Server WebThrough the Community Maps Program, your organization mapping applications or a standard Internet Web browser.can publish its geographic data as part of a communitymap. Your content will be integrated with content from • Data content is hosted and maintained by Esri to ensureother data providers, then published through ArcGIS SM high performance.Online as a map service that anybody can use freely. • Access your map data 24 hours a day, seven days a week. • Esri will deliver your data back to you in ready-to-use ArcGIS Server map cache format, allowing you to publish it in your own services.Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited provided detailed street map data for Hong Kong.
  2. 2. The City of Pasadena, California, contributed detailed data of the cityfor use in the World Topographic Map. What Can I Contribute? Esri is looking for detailed data to enhance its imagery, street map, and topographic map offerings. The focus of the Community Maps Program is on expanding coverage and adding more details, such as parcels, digital elevation models, and building footprints, to existing basemaps. What Tools Are Available? To help you prepare your data for online publishing and to ensure uniform, high-quality cartography, we offer several map templates. These templates include map documents,Image Courtesy of Instituto Geográfico Português (IGP) sample data, and symbol style files that you can download and use to create your map. How Do I Participate? If you would like to participate in the Community Maps Program, visit esri.com/communitymaps for more detailsesri.com/communitymaps and to fill out the participation form.Copyright © 2012 Esri. All rights reserved. Esri, the Esri globe logo, ArcGIS, and esri.com are trademarks, service marks, or registered marks of Esri in the United States, the European Community, or certain other jurisdictions. Other companies and products or services mentionedherein may be trademarks, service marks, or registered marks of their respective mark owners.130304  Esri3C4/12ek