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PDE 1st year session 2 Dec 2019

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PDE 1st year session 2 Dec 2019

  1. 1. Finding information and Inspiration https://unihub.mdx.ac.uk/study/library BA/BSc Product Design Dec 2019
  2. 2. Today we will look at.. • Finding information and inspiration • Evaluating information
  3. 3. More to life than Google • Explore the resources you have been given • Choose your favourite • Complete the worksheet • Prepare a short demonstration
  4. 4. Accessing library resources MyUniHub > MyStudy > My Library
  5. 5. Sign-in to Library Search for full functionality Click on ‘Sign-in’, choose ‘Middlesex University’ and use your university email address. Signing-in enables you to check your library record, request items, create lists, save searches and create alerts and export references to RefWorks.
  6. 6. Library Search MyUniHub > MyStudy > MyLibrary > Library Search http://libguides.mdx.ac.uk/pdde/LibrarySearch
  7. 7. Library Search help http://libguides.mdx.ac.uk/pdde/LibrarySearch
  8. 8. Google Scholar http://scholar.google.co.uk/ You may be able to access the full-text here. Refine your search results here. Create an alert for your search, so you can keep up-to-date with new publications. Link to MDX resources: > Settings > Library Links > Search for MDX and save.
  9. 9. Evaluating information Imagine you are writing an essay on Robots Have a look at the 4 items that you have been given and consider the following: • Which item is the most relevant to your essay? • Which item would be no use? • Which item has the most academic authority? • Are any of the items biased? • Which item is the most current?
  10. 10. • Authority • Relevance • Intent • Objectivity • Currency Evaluating information
  11. 11. • Source • Author • Date • Bias • Headlines • Evidence • Joke • Expert Fake News https://fullfact.org/
  12. 12. Need further help? Your Librarian is: Vanessa Hill v.hill@mdx.ac.uk http://libguides.mdx.ac.uk/pdde/Help

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • Welcome
    Lots of group work etc
  • Finding information: different resources
    Evaluating information
  • There are loads of really good sources of information out there.
  • Accessing resources

    Click on MyStudy.

    You can now access library resources from the MyLibrary box……detail on next page.
  • Help available here on using Library search.
  • Find journal articles, theses, books, and more, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

    Search across many disciplines

    Locate the full-text document through your library or on the web: Change settings etc to link to MDX resources. You only need to do this once on your own laptop/device, but need to be logged on to MyUniHub.

    Keep up with recent developments in any area of research

    Save items in a personal library
  • We’ve looked at the fun resources, now we’re going to look at more traditional resources……
    Divide class into group and hand out worksheet and 4x items.
    Discuss. No right or wrong answers. All items found by doing a search on Robots.

    Which item is most relevant:
    Journal Article: specialist journal of robots and robotics
    Book: broad overview of robots and robotology
    Which item would be no use:
    Newspaper Article from the Sun
    Which item has the most academic authority:
    Journal Article: peer-reviewed, citations and ref list, biography of authors, etc
    Book: author has some academic authority (back cover blurb)
    Are any of the items bias:
    Newspaper article could be depending on the subject
    Websites can also show bias if created for specific purpose
    Also be aware of trade journals that have adverts
    Which item is the most current:
    Journal article: Dec 2009
    Book: 1984
    Newspaper article: Nov 2004
    Website: Jan 2016

    Would need to continue search.

  • Authority : Who is the author? What is their knowledge base/qualifications? How have they carried out their research?
    Relevance : Is this what I need? Will it answer my question? Is it at the right level?
    Intent : What is the purpose of information e.g. financial gain, propaganda, academic etc?
    Objectivity : Balanced view? Opposing views represented? Links to supporting information?
    Currency: How old is this information? When was it last updated and by whom?
  • Source Find out more about the site, what is their mission, can you contact them.

    Author Is the author credible, what can you find out about them, do they actually exist.

    Date Check the date. Is this an old post that has been reposted? Is it relevant.

    Bias What prejudices are you bringing to the post? Is it pandering to your beliefs and fuelling them?

    Headlines Don’t believe the headlines as often they are being sensationalised to draw you in.

    Evidence Is the information based on sound evidence? Can you see where the ‘author’ gets their info from.

    Joke Consider if the news is satire?

    Expert If in doubt ask an expert or consult a fact-checking website or do some further research.
  • More help available at the link.