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Kristof de Buysere (Eucaps)

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2016 SME Assembly: Accessing Alternative Finance
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Kristof de Buysere (Eucaps)

  1. 1. Eucaps tackles 2 problems: 1. An exit venue, because SMEs (and other companies) have trouble finding investors to sell shares to as long as investors cannot easily recoup their investment through an exit 1. An online broker dedicated to SME venues, becuase the existing SME listing venues (where SMEs can become publicly traded) are fragmented and not served by many brokers shares to as long as investors cannot easily recoup An online broker dedicated to SME venues, becuase
  2. 2. Eucaps TradePost™ can be seen as an aggregator that offers investors free and easy access to all national SME markets in Europe (via existing participants on the different underlying markets). This online broker solution is solving the fragmentation that the existence of many different markets brings.
  3. 3. Eucaps SMEX™ is Eucaps’ own exchange. A pan- European exchange dedicated to the listing and trading of European SME stocks and bonds. SMEX™ caters to securities-issuing SMEs from all over Europe, and will equally be available to buyers and sellers that use Eucaps’ online broker as well as buyers and sellers that use a traditional broker or bank. Eucaps SMEX™ will offer a number of advantages to SMEs compared to other venues.
  4. 4. Dr. Kristof De. Kristof De