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Kcy kworkshop#1-google-tools-crossdevice-marketing-may2013

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Cross device Marketing is a vast and complex subject constantly evolving in which companies and brands are facing numerous challenges and opportunities. If Google Tools presented are no absolute weapon alone, however, they are important elements to be integrated into your global (digital) marketing strategy.
Although we can already enjoy the new performance of Enhanced Campaign, it will take a couple of months to fully operate the new features promised by Universal Analytics. That being said, it is important to prepare the ground now in order to be ready to jump tomorrow. Analysis of the cross-device and cross-channel data is definitely a powerfull way to improve the ROI of every kind of business.

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Kcy kworkshop#1-google-tools-crossdevice-marketing-may2013

  1. 1. Cross-device marketing & Google tools23 May 2013Brussels.May 23. 2013A K-Workshophosted by
  2. 2. K CompanyCustomer engagementBusiness IntelligenceBusiness ConsultingTechnical solutions• Customer journey roadmap• MVT approach• Content strategy• Information architecture• Clickable prototype• User Testing• Transmedia and cross canal strategy• …• Web analytics• KPI definition• Multi source dashboard creation• CRM Consolidation• SEM• Sitecore• Adobe CQ• Drupal - Acquia• Sharepoint• Alfresco• Liferay• Jive / Podio / …• Change management• KM 2.0 deployment• Multi source dashboard creation• Organic innovation implementation• Stakeholders management
  3. 3. K Workshop #1First workshop• Insight on new trends• Discuss with our clientsCross device marketing & Google tools• Cross-channel business needs: Cross deviceis a powerful way to attract business• Google Universal Analytics & GoogleEnhanced campaign: 2 new relevant Googletools• Questions, closing & lunch (Presentation willbe available on our Slideshare account)
  4. 4. Practical information# of the day#KWorkshopConnect with Kcontact@k-cy.com+32 2 880 71 09@k__companyk-cy.comFacebook.com/we.are.kcompanypinterest.com/kcompany
  5. 5. Google tools for cross-device marketingCross-channel business needs
  6. 6. More info?geoffrey@k-cy.combe.linkedin.com/in/geoffreylaloux/Geoffrey LalouxLead Business ConsultantK Company - CronosKCOMPANY#Kworkshop
  7. 7. At home / office, how many interfaces doyou use to access the internet ?
  8. 8. 1, 2, 3, 4…. More ?
  9. 9. And tomorow ?
  10. 10. • Consumption: additional AND / ORConcurrently• Multiple touchpoints and cross canalcustomer journey• We communicate without even knowing itTouchpoints
  11. 11. We use numerous devices, to accessmultiples platforms who give us unlimitedcontents...Device 2Device 3Device 4Device 1 PlatformPlatformPlatformPlatformPlatformPlatformPlatformPlatform ContentContentContentContentContentContentContentContentContentContentContentContentContentContentContentContent
  12. 12. massively cross-channel
  13. 13. 2003 – 2012: 5x moretouchpoints17%29%47%1%4% 2%Offline EarnedOffline OwnedOffline PaidOnline EarnedOnline OwnedOnline Paid15%29%35%6%8%7%20032012
  14. 14. A complex analysisMore touchpoints, more interfaces andmore platforms, but also a behaviorwhich is function of the timing, theplace, the context etc….Usage by device vs time of theday (USA)
  15. 15. Liste des tâchesMore touchpoints, more interfaces andmore platforms, but also a behaviorwhich is function of the timing, theplace, the context etc….Usage by device vs time of the day (France)
  16. 16. A complex analysisWe use different devices all around the day… and we dodifferents things on each device.
  17. 17. Use is also dependent on theUSERS age
  18. 18. And by country…
  19. 19. We prefer some interfaces dependingon the context & purpose.EverywhereSpeedofaccessNumber 1 to searchinformationNumber One for onlinepurchase(75% of cases)
  20. 20. The secret of delivering theright content at the right timeshould be something like:Content =User PersonaUserexpectationsTime x Context(Interface +Platform)
  21. 21. The answer is not easy and certainly notuniversal… but tools like Google EnhancedCampaign & Universal analytics may helpmarketers to find their way.You are here…
  22. 22. QUESTIONS Which content to deliver ? When ? How this content will beconsidered ? Which other channel will interact ? Which channel will convert ? How each channel will perform ?
  23. 23. Google tools & cross device marketingEnhanced campaigns & universal analytics23 May 2013
  24. 24. Ingrid Rennoire Business Intelligence consultantAt K Company - CronosMore info?ingrid@k-cy.combe.linkedin.com/in/ingridrennoir
  25. 25. Google revolution
  26. 26. How many of you use Google Adwordsand/or Google Analytics?
  27. 27. Time of day Location DeviceGoogle Enhanced campaign
  28. 28. Google Adwords: Search & DisplaySource: Google Engage document
  29. 29. Less campaigns, more relevanceSource: Google Adwords, Upgrading to Enhanced Campaigns
  30. 30. 3 improvement areasSmarter adsPerformance toolsAdvanced reports
  31. 31. Powerful tools for multi-deviceTime of day Location DeviceSource: Google Engage document
  32. 32. Bid for display campaignTime of day Location DeviceSex Interest Age Placements+
  33. 33. Smarter ads for varying user contextsPersonnalised message on mobile | Planifiedextensions | Sitelinks extensionsSource: Google Engage document
  34. 34. Advanced reports for newconversion typesCallDownloadBuying in shopMulti device tracking
  35. 35. A search exampleSource: Google Engage document
  36. 36. A display exampleSituation• Hours: 6:00 – 9:00• Geo: option for United States• Interest: decoration, gardening, literature• Placement: less conversions on decoration sites• Age: 30/40Campaign• +30% between 6:00 and9:00Ad group• Default bid: 1€• Bi for gardening andliterature sites: 1,50€• +40% for 30/40• -50% for decoration sites
  37. 37. Goals• Increase conversions• Grow visibility by boosting page views and site traffic• Generate email and phone replies to adsApproach• Embraced AdWords enhanced campaigns• Targeted mobile users for the first time• Adjusted CPC bid for mobile devices first to +25%, then to +40%• Migrated 100% of campaigns in French market within one weekResults• Total conversions increased 34%• CPA remained stable, even decreasing in some categoriesCase: 34% more conversionsthanks to Enhanced CampaignsSource: Google Engage document
  38. 38. Universal Analytics: cross device trackingmade easy
  39. 39. Importance of Customer Journey
  40. 40. Google Analytics: Classic vs Universal
  41. 41. New measurement protocolBye bye ga.js, welcome analytics.js_utma_utmb_utmc_utmz_ga
  42. 42. Simplify feature configuration
  43. 43. Session based vs User centric viewPhone Laptop Laptop TabDiscover First purchase Second purchase LoyaltyUnique visitor 1 Unique visitor 2 Unique visitor 3Classic Analytics
  44. 44. Session based vs User centric viewPhone Laptop Laptop TabDiscover First purchase Second purchase LoyaltyUnique visitorCustomer journeyUniversal Analytics
  45. 45. Off line: Measurement ProtocolUserWebsitePC Tab SmartphoneShop CallUniversal Analytics
  46. 46. Custom dimensions & custom metricsSource: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C27yMQOS8n0Hacking Universal Analytics - Tying Caffeine to Productivityby LovesData
  47. 47. No Adwords without AnalyticsNo marketing without tracking toolNo performance without analysis
  48. 48. Fundamental changesEnhanced Campaign Diffusion on all devices Bid adjustement for mobile Same bid strategy for tab and laptop Total control of mobile announceUniversal Analytics New tracking Cross device & cross channel Custom dimensions & metrics
  49. 49. Time for change is now…Ready to jump?