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Geiger Galleria Facebook for Business 2012

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Facebook for Business presented to Geiger Sales Partners at the 2012 Geiger Galleria.
Dana's Top 10 Must Do's if your going to use the powerful platform to build long term customer relationships.

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Geiger Galleria Facebook for Business 2012

  1. 1. Facebook for BusinessPresenter: Dana R Zezzo CAS Jetline Cell 440-344-5933dana@jetlinepromo.com
  2. 2. Facebook for Business Danas Top 10 Must Dos•This course is designed to help the beginner and intermediate Facebook user maximize thepowerful social media platform to build long-term relationships with current clients andprospects. These relationships help the distributor sales professional comfortably reach thenecessary touch points with their clients required for sales success. IE 9 touches equals 80% ofyour business.•Understanding of three keys theories: – Ultimate 21st Century Rolodex – Physical Socializing can not be replaced – Critical Content Balance Take a ways:•Danas Top 10 must DOs to make your Facebook a potential profit machine.•Understand how Facebook can humanize your brand.•Realize that you are your best PR firm.•Jumpstart ideas for social touches with your clients and prospects.
  3. 3. SOURCE: http://mashable.com/2011/11/18/facebook-stats/
  4. 4. Social Media Explained
  5. 5. Event Hashtag Examples #gg2012 #ggphoenix12 #geigergalleria
  6. 6. Do you know where your customers are today?The Ultimate Rolodex?
  7. 7. Social Media only brings the relationship to a DEEPER level. TIP – TAG!
  8. 8. Exercise: Describe these pictures
  9. 9. Make It Your Own – Hotel View
  10. 10. Social Media Top Ten Do’s1) Complete Profile – helps connection conversion2) Profile Picture – this is your Billboard3) Manage your Real Estate4) Match Voice5) Try plug in Apps IE Slideshare, Hobby Apps IE MapMyRun6) Try Messaging. Helps with large files7) Birthdays or Special Events – sales 1018) Use Tags and Links – Drive Traffic!9) Content Balance IE Vertical Markets10) Connections – ALWAYS use Personal Message FYI – Changed with Timeline – use messageBonus – Try Events http://www.facebook.com/geigergalleria1
  11. 11. Click Here for Full Article
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  17. 17. Turing Social in Revenue• 15 – 30 million Businesses in the US• All building social sites.• Promotion Products would be a top 5 way to promote.• Ave industry PO $300.00• Total New Revenue Potential $4.5 Billion
  18. 18. THANK YOU! Presenter: Dana R. ZezzoChief Marketing Officer Jetlinedana@jetlinepromo.com