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Dylan Craig Resume

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Dylan Craig Resume

  1. 1. DYLAN CRAIG 615-663-2082 DYLANCRAIGNASHVILLE@GMAIL.COM PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE WE ARE MESSENGERS, WORLD LABEL GROUP, NASHVILLE,TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES Lead Electric Guitar; January 2014 – February 2016  Specialize in playing electric guitar and acoustic guitar.  Perform before live audiences.  Practice musical instrument performances, individually or in rehearsal with other musicians, to master individual pieces of music and to maintain and improve skills.  Set up, tear down, store, pack, and maintain musical equipment, stage props, and merchandise materials.  Improvise music during performances.  Promote the group's music by participating in social media and other activities.  Perform on the world's largest winter music tour, Winterjam, at shows all over the US.  Meet and talk with fans after performances to build relationships and band image. JOZOARA COFFEE SHOP,MURFREESBORO,TENNESSEE,UNITED STATES Barista; January 2014 - January 2016  Prepare or serve hot or cold beverages, such as coffee, espresso drinks, blended coffees, or teas.  Clean or sanitize work areas, utensils, or equipment.  Describe menu items to customers or suggest products that might appeal to them.  Describe menu items to customers or suggest products that might appeal to them. EDUCATION MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVERSITY,TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES B.S. Electronic Media Production (Filmand Video), Dec 2014  Knowledge of Adobe Products such as Adobe Premiere to develop finished videos and projects.  Leadership role in CRU, a campus ministry branch of the interdenominational religious organization, Crusaders for Christ.  Involved with the student organization, Best Buddies, which pairs students with young people with special needs. ADDITIONAL SKILLS  Experienced musician.  Eight plus years playing guitar in various styles and musical genres for both small and large crowds.  Experience playing guitar for various people, events, and bands.  Possess great people skills and is able to work well in group settings. Has a great learned talent for team work ethics.  Able to perform and be responsible for individual work tasks.  Great communication skills both in person and electronic, social, and physical media.  Able to communicate and work well with individuals with disabilities and special needs.  Eagle Scout  Work experience through various positions at companies like Books-A-Million, Sunglass Hut, American Eagle, GAP, and more during my high school and college career.