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The wearables of tomorrow, today

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The wearables of tomorrow, today - presentation by Toju Raine, KYMIRA at the IoT Thames Valley Meetup on 8th May.

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The wearables of tomorrow, today

  2. 2. WHY CLOTHING? • Enables large data canvas • Seamless - Applicable to all users • Non-inhibiting so no data skew • Durable for long- term use
  3. 3. KYMIRA - WHO WE ARE • Reading based SME operating in fitness and healthcare • Vision – Life-saving wearables accessible to all • Infrared sportswear range with customers worldwide • Company growth has facilitated R&D into electronic(e)-textiles
  4. 4. INFRARED SPORT AND HEALTHCARE RANGE • Enhances athletic performance, aids in rehabilitation • Applicable to fibromyalgia, Reynaud’s, chronic joint pains • Fabric material is stretchy and breathable, perfect base for e-textile development
  5. 5. ECG MONITORING GARMENT • First prototype developed in January • Adhesive-free electrodes allow for put-on-and-go freedom • Single lead ECG with real-time monitoring via cloud and mobile application • Potential to replace Holter and ILR within healthcare
  6. 6. E-TEXTILE TECHNIQUES AND INNOVATIONS • Printable layers of conductive & encapsulated inks, heat press onto a garment • Production ease enables mass manufacture • Improvement on other garment wearables – washable, modular, comfort, medical & sporting application, multi-lead ECG, machine learning software • Robust, noise resilient textile-based ECG electrodes enable adhesive-free clean signals
  7. 7. COLLABORATION WITH EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY • Six-month project developing machine learning mechanisms • Utilising space technology • Anomaly detection and pattern matching • Demonstrator project beginning in October
  8. 8. ULTIMATE GOAL: A wearer powered smart garment that can detect the precursors to a heart attack, diagnose and action an emergency response
  9. 9. FURTHER KYMIRA R&D • Foetal monitoring garment • Energy harvesting mechanisms • Versatile wearables for various applications – empowering individuals • Other sensor applications – accelerometers, blood pressure, gyroscopic, magnetic orientation etc. for various sectors • Complete IoT system
  10. 10. THANK YOU – Q&A Toju Raine – Special Projects Lead toju@kymira.co.uk www.kymira.co.uk www.kymiramedical.com