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Cover Letter Writing- Graduate Students

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This presentation will help graduate students learn to effectively write cover letters.

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Cover Letter Writing- Graduate Students

  1. 1. Cover  Le(er  Wri+ng  -­‐  Graduate  Students   Career Center
  2. 2. Cover  Le4er   •  Concise,  professional  document  tailored  to  a   specific  posi<on,  organiza<on,  and  industry   •  Purpose:   – Express  your  interest   – Highlight  the  skills,  knowledge,  and  quali<es  that   show  your  fit   – Demonstrate  how  you  will  contribute    
  3. 3. Agenda   •  Analysis  &  Research   •  Structure   •  Demonstrate  Fit   •  Examples  
  4. 4. Analysis  &  Research     •  Analyze  the  role  descrip<on   •  Research  the  organiza<on  
  5. 5. Analysis  &  Research:   Industry  Expecta<ons   •  Nonprofits,  Educa+on:  Speak  to  your  match   with  their  mission.   •  Finance,  Business,  Consul+ng:  Results-­‐ oriented,  conserva<ve,  brief.   •  Engineering:  Some<mes  op<onal.  Keep  it   concise  and  focus  on  the  technical.   •  Journalism,  Crea+ve,  Arts:  Make  sure  your   wri<ng  style  shines.  Show  passion  here.    
  6. 6. Structure   •  Introduc+on:  Make  your  strongest  argument   •  Body:  Connect  experience  to  qualifica<ons/ requirements  (acquired  through  analysis  &   research)   •  Next  Steps:  What’s  YOUR  next  ac<on  
  7. 7. Demonstrate  Fit:   Skills   •  Focus  on  relevant  qualifica<ons/requirements   •  Gallup’s  21st  Century  Skills:   –  real-­‐world  problem-­‐solving,  knowledge  construc<on,  collabora<on,   self-­‐regula<on,  skilled  communica<on,  technology,  and  global   awareness   •  Gallup  defines  real-­‐world  problem-­‐solving  as  (Actual  Survey   Ques<ons):   –  “Worked  on  a  long-­‐term  project  that  took  several  classes  to   complete”   –  “Used  what  you  were  learning  about  to  develop  solu<ons  to  real-­‐ world  problems  in  your  community  or  in  the  world”  
  8. 8. Demonstrate  Fit:   Elaborate  on  Experience   •  Iden<fy  specific  experience  that  exemplify   qualifica<ons/requirements   •  Connect  directly  to                           role/organiza<on  
  9. 9. Examples
  10. 10. Contact  Us   (919)  660-­‐1050   h4p://studentaffairs.duke.edu/career   Facebook.com/DukeCareers   Career Center Twi4er.com/DukeCareers