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Focus on Post-Grad Fellowships

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This presentation is from the Focus on Post-Grad Fellowships workshop hosted by the Career Center. View it to give you advice on how to find and apply for fellowships.

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Focus on Post-Grad Fellowships

  1. 1. Focus on Post-Grad Fellowships Cindy Broderius, M.Ed., NCC October 2, 2013
  2. 2. Tonight’s Agenda • Introduction • Assess & Reflect • Resources • Application Process • Categories & Examples • “What have other Duke students done?” • Action Steps • Questions & Discussion
  3. 3. Imagine the possibilities…
  4. 4. Echoing Green: A Bold New World http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=pI4M11D-_Wc
  5. 5. Imagine these options… • Teaching in China • Health research studying infectious and chronic diseases and community health in Australia • Revolutionize ways community organizations utilize and engage volunteers via technology • Conduct after-school dance lessons for immigrant students to help them adjust to the US and to an interrupted education
  6. 6. What are “working fellowships?” • Short-term post-graduation professional experience • No commitment to graduate study • Competitive in nature • Location: anywhere in the world • Launching pad for next steps • Prestige, professional development, responsibility
  7. 7. Researching Suitable Opportunities • How do I determine which fellowships are right for me? • What personal resources could I consult? • Where can I find lists of fellowships to research?
  8. 8. Assess and Reflect… 9 Domains When Considering Fellowships Knowledge Skills Goals Values Environment Relationships Compensation Location Challenges & Barriers
  9. 9. Resources for your search • OUSF Scholarships & Fellowships database • Info sessions on campus • Handouts • Career Center • Your “Board of Advisors”
  10. 10. Telling Your Story: Why Me? • Getting to the application • Application essay, e.g. personal statement, project proposal, etc. • Draft…edit…review…repeat…
  11. 11. Gathering Important Supporting Materials • Resumes and transcripts • Letters of recommendation; references • Writing samples
  12. 12. Examples: Teaching/Education • Blue Engine Fellowship • French Embassy Cultural Services Teaching Assistantship in France • Indianapolis Teaching Fellows
  13. 13. Examples: Politics, Government, Law, & Policy • Humanity in Action • Herbert Scoville Jr. Peace Fellowship • Center for California Studies Capital Fellows Program
  14. 14. Examples: Leadership & Business • Greenlining Fellowship • Duke Endowment Fellowship • The Financial Clinic Fellowship Program
  15. 15. Examples: Arts, Communication, Entertainment , & Media • NBC Universal News Associates Program • McCarter Theatre Center Internship Program • Metropolitan Museum of Art Internships
  16. 16. Examples: Science, Health, Research, & Engineering • UCSF Alliance Health Project Post-bac Internship • CDC Public Health Associate Program • Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) Programs for Recent Graduates
  17. 17. Examples: Social Responsibility & Social Justice • Acumen Fund Global Fellows • Black Male Achievement Fellowship • Congressional Hunger Center—Bill Emerson (domestic) and Mickey Leland (international) Fellowships
  18. 18. Examples of Duke-affiliated Fellowships • Duke Hart Leadership Program: The Hart Fellows Program (Sanford School of Public Policy) • PathWays Fellows (Duke Chapel) • Duke Endowment Fellowship Program • Stephen & Janet Bear Postgraduate Fellowship in Ethics
  19. 19. “What fellowships have other Duke students done?” • 2011 Hart Fellow, Edwin Coleman: “Get Involved in Education” — worked with Extra Mural Education Project in Khayelitsha (township in Cape Town, South Africa) • 2010-2012 Duke Endowment Fellow, Heather Collins: focused on access and retention of first-gen, low-income, and minority students in higher education
  20. 20. “What fellowships have other Duke students done?” (con’t.) • 2011-2013 Global Health Corps Fellow, Alexa Monroy: through position at Inter-American Bank, traveled to Central American countries assisting with projects focused on priority child and maternal health issues •2008 Humanity in Action Fellow, Sharon Obialo: as Senior HIA Fellow, studied sex- trafficking among African women in Berlin
  21. 21. Action Steps • What are three next steps for your search? For example: – Assess – Resources – Networking – Nonprofit & Government Career Fair @ Oct. 17 – Career Center appointment or drop-in advising
  22. 22. Questions?
  23. 23. Connect with Us! Facebook.com/DukeCareers Twitter.com/DukeCareers (919) 660-1050 http://studentaffairs.duke.edu/career