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Ph.D./Masters Employment Career Fair - Friday Center, Chapel Hill, NC - Thurs., November 17, 2011 - 1:00-4:00 P.M.      Or...
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Organization                                   Overview                                         Website                   ...
Organization                                     Overview                                            Website              ...
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2011phdfair orgs9 08_11

  1. 1. Ph.D./Masters Employment Career Fair - Friday Center, Chapel Hill, NC - Thurs., November 17, 2011 - 1:00-4:00 P.M. Organization Overview Website Areas of Study Sought Masters PhD PhD Inter- Candidate Degree national Candi- datesAmerican Association The AAAS manages and administers S & T Policy Fellowships in 5 http://fellowships.aaas.org Engineering/Computer Science, X Xfor the Advancement program areas. These fellowships in congressional offices and Mathematics/Statistics, Sciences, Socialof Science Science & executive branch agencies allow accomplished scientists and SciencesTechnology Policy engineers to participate in and contribute to the federalFellowships policymaking process while learning firsthand about the intersection of science and policy.American Journal American Journal Experts specializes in premium English editing https://careers.journalexpert Engineering/Computer Science, X X X YesExperts and proofreading for authors wishing to publish their manuscripts s.com/ Humanities, Mathematics/Statistics, in English language journals. Editors perform quality copyediting Sciences, Social Sciences; Editor, and proofreading in all areas of science and medicine as well as Translator, Content Reviewer many additional academic fields.Apptio Inc. http://www.apptio.com/about- Consulting, Consumer Products, X Yes Apptio enables IT leaders to manage the cost, quality and value of us/careers/index.php Engineering/Computer Science, Financial IT services by providing deep visibility into the total cost of IT Services, Mathematics/ Statistics, services, communicating the value of IT to the business through Research & Development, Technology; an interactive “Bill of IT,” and strategically aligning the planning, Java Developer, Product Manager, budgeting and forecasting processes. Program Manager, Finance or Business AdministrationBD (Becton, Dickinson BD is a medical technology company that serves healthcare http://www.bd.com Engineering/Computer Science, X X X Yesand Company) institutions, life science researchers, clinical laboratories, industry Healthcare, Sciences and the general public. BD manufactures and sells a broad range of medical supplies, devices, laboratory equipment and diagnostic products.Central Intelligence The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent US http://www.cia.gov Engineering/Computer Science, X X XAgency (CIA) Government agency responsible for providing national security Mathematics/Statistics, Sciences, Social intelligence to senior US policymakers. (See Sciences; Intelligence Analyst, Computer http://www.youtube.com/user/ciagov#p/u/16/6k_pZ5lBg14 ) Forensics, Engineer, Electrical EngineerCentral Virginia CVCS has been a solid contributor to the behavioral health needs http://www.cvcsb.org Healthcare, Social Sciences X X XCommunity Services of the central region by addressing the needs of people with(CVCS) mental illness, mental retardation, and substance abuse. CVCS is dedicated to providing community education, early intervention, treatment, and aftercare services.CGI http://www.cgi.com Consulting, Engineering/Computer X X X CGI is a full-service IT services provider committed to helping Science clients win and grow. Their 31,000 professionals in 125 offices worldwide provide end-to-end IT and business process services that facilitate the ongoing evolution of clients’ businesses.CNA Corporation, The CNAs objective, empirical research and analysis helps decision http://www.cna.org Engineering/Computer Science, X X X makers develop sound policies, make better-informed decisions, Mathematics/Statistics, Research and and manage programs more effectively. They provide public-sector Development, Sciences, Social Sciences organizations with the tools they need to tackle the complex challenges of making government more efficient and keeping our country safe and strong.
  2. 2. Organization Overview Website Areas of Study Sought Masters PhD PhD Inter- Candidate Degree national Candi- datesDelegation of the The EU Delegation is one of the European Union’s largest and http://www.eurunion.org Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical, Clinical X X XEuropean Union to the most active diplomatic missions. Functioning much like an Research, Education, Energy,USA embassy, the EU Delegation presents and explains EU policy to Engineering, Environment, Research and the U.S. Administration and to Congress, and analyzes and Development, Technology reports on the political, social, and economic situation in the U.S. to its headquarters in Brussels.Duke Clinical DCRI is the largest academic research organization in the world. http://www.hr.duke.edu/jobs/ Clinical Research; Project Manager, X XResearch Institute It conducts groundbreaking multinational clinical trials, manages index.php Clinical Research Associate, Statistician major national patient registries, and performs landmark outcomes research. It is home to the Duke Databank for Cardiovascular https://www.dtmi.duke.e Diseases. du/about- us/organization/duke-Duke TIP Each year Duke TIP hires more than 500 employees to lead its http://www.tip.duke.edu/nod Education, Engineering/Computer X X X Yes educational programs in both online and campus-based formats at e/15 Science, Mathematics/Statistics, Sciences locations across the country and around the world. These individuals teach innovative courses, design dynamic social activities, and encourage lifelong friendships for academically- gifted students.FREEDM Center - The new M. S. in Electric Power Systems Engineering (MS-EPSE) http://www.freedm.ncsu.edu/ Energy, Engineering/Computer Science X YesElectrical and degree program provides a thorough understanding of tools, index.php?s=5&p=359Computer Engineering methods, and practice of electric power engineering. It is practical in orientation and directly applicable to a career in industry - suitable for recent grads or experienced professionals seeking retraining to change careers.Georgia Tech The Georgia Tech Research Institute hires, equips and supports http://gtri.gatech.edu/careers Engineering/Computer Science, X X XResearch Institute the best research faculty and support personnel in the business. /opportunities Mathematics/Statistics, Research & We employ researchers in most recognized fields of science and Development, Sciences; Research technology. Engineer, Research Scientist, Research TechnologistHenry M. Jackson The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military http://www.hjf.org/careers Clinical Research, X X X YesFoundation, The Medicine (HJF) is committed to meeting the diverse needs of the Mathematics/Statistics,Research and military medical community. HJF’s research support and Development, Sciences, Social Sciences; administration capabilities allow military medical researchers and Research Associate, Postdoctoral Fellow clinicians to maintain their scientific focus and accomplish their ScientistInstitute for Defense Thel Institute for d i kl t ff ti l Defense Analyses is a non-profit corporation that https://www.ida.org Engineering/Computer Science, X XAnalyses operates three federally funded research and development centers Mathematics/Statistics, Sciences, Social to provide objective analyses of national security issues, Sciences; Research Staff Member particularly those requiring scientific and technical expertise, and conduct related research on other national challenges.Institute for Family http://www.ifcsinc.com Healthcare, Social Sciences; Family XCentered Services Throughout its more than 20 years of providing services, IFCS has Centered Specialist, Regional Director earned the reputation for successfully serving families with the most challenging and difficult circumstances, utilizing powerful and rigorous interventions via intensive in home services. IFCS has adhered to family preservation best practices since inception.
  3. 3. Organization Overview Website Areas of Study Sought Masters PhD PhD Inter- Candidate Degree national Candi- datesInternational Atomic The International Safeguards Project Office (ISPO) is responsible http:www.bnl.gov/ispo Engineering/Computer Science; Junior X XEnergy Agency/BNL for the day-to-day technical and administrative management of the Professional Officer U.S. Support Program to IAEA Safeguards (USSP). ISPO performs this service at the behest of the Subgroup on Safeguards Technical Support (SSTS).Jackson Laboratory, The Jackson Laboratory is an independent, nonprofit organization http://www.jax.org Engineering/Computer Science, X X YesThe focusing on mammalian genetics research to advance human Mathematics/Statistics, Research & health. Our mission is to discover the genetic basis for preventing, Development, Sciences; Bioinformatics treating and curing human disease, and to enable research for the Analyst global biomedical community.Manhattan Associates For 20 years, Manhattan Associates has concentrated exclusively http://www.manh.com/about- Engineering/Computer Science, Research X X X Yes on helping companies streamline their supply chains to achieve us/careers-manhattan- and Development, Technology; Software lower costs, higher profits and happier customers. We focus on associates Engineer, Business Analyst supply chain optimization to bring value through research and development, training, implementation and ongoing support.MedThink MedThink SciCom adds value to client organizations’ scientific http://www.medthinkscicom. Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical, Clinical X X Yes communications. They focus on clients’ businesses critically and com/careers/ Research, Sciences; Medical Writer, strategically with the medical expertise required of a scientific Medical Editor partner.NASA The NASA Postdoctoral Program offers 1-3 year Fellowship http://nasa.orau.org/postdoc/ Education, Engineering/Computer X X X Yes appointments to engage in ongoing NASA research programs. The Science, Mathematics/Statistics, NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program is a Research and Development, Sciences, master’s/doctoral fellowship in science, mathematics, and Technology; Education and Education engineering related to NASA research & development. GSRP now https://fellowships.nasa Administrators, Space Science, Earth includes students interested in becoming teachers or education prs.com/gsrp/nav/ Science, Aeronautics, Space Operations, administrators. This 12-month award requires a 10-week NASA Explorations Systems, and Astrobiology Center or HQ-based research experience.North Carolina North Carolina Biotechnology Center is a business of partnerships. http://www.ncbiotech.org Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical, Research X XBiotechnology Center Wise leaders of this state set up the North Carolina Biotechnology http://ncbcjobs.ncbiotech.org & Development, Sciences; post-doctoral Center more than 25 years ago to make the connections, build / fellowship cooperation and provide the support needed for our thriving biotechnology industry.Northrop Grumman Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) is a leading global http://careers.northropgrum Engineering/Computer Science, Sciences, X X X security company providing innovative systems, products and man.com/ Technology solutions in aerospace, electronics, information systems, and technical services to government and commercial customers worldwide.Oak Ridge National Oak Ridge National Laboratory has spent the last decade investing http://jobs.ornl.gov Energy, Engineering/Computer Science, X X X YesLaboratory billions in scientific infrastructure mapped to the most exciting and Environment, Mathematics/Statistics, urgent science in the world. The unmatched caliber of the Lab’s Research and Development, Sciences, facilities gives researchers the opportunity to conduct the most Technology important science of their careers.Oak Ridge Associated ORAU administers research participation programs where senior http://www.orau.org/marylan Education, Engineering/Computer X X XUniversities (ORAU) scientists, faculty, grad students, and recent grads join projects at d Science, Mathematics/Statistics, our customers laboratories and research facilities worldwide. They Research and Development, Sciences, participate in current research and development activities related Social Sciences; Computer Networks/Data to our customers critical missions. Security Postdoctoral Research
  4. 4. Organization Overview Website Areas of Study Sought Masters PhD PhD Inter- Candidate Degree national Candi- datesOpera Solutions Opera Solutions is a consulting firm which helps organizations http://www.operasolutions.co Consulting, Engineering/Computer X X X Yes profit from Big Data flow. They have built a premier center of m Science, Mathematics/Statistics, predictive analytics and machine learning science, with over 160 Technology scientists and extensive libraries of proprietary signals and models.Proctor and Gamble http://www.pg.com Consumer Products, Mathematics/ X XCompany (P&G) Statistics, Research & Development, P&G provides branded products and services of superior quality Sciences; Scientist-Product Safety & and value to improve the lives of the worlds consumers. P&G Regulatory Affairs; Scientist- grows by fulfilling its Purpose with innovative products that improve Biomedical/Biochemical Technology; people’s lives in small but meaningful ways. Scientist-Environmental Sciences; Scientist-Chemistry/Physical & Organic; Scientist-Nutrition/Food ScienceRegeneron Regeneron is a biopharmaceutical company that discovers, http://www.regeneron.jobs/ Biotechnology/Pharmaceuticals, X X X YesPharmaceuticals, Inc. develops, and commercializes medicines for the treatment of Engineering/Computer Science, Science serious medical conditions.Rho, Inc. Rho is a full-service, professionally managed contract research http://www.rhoworld.com/rho Clinical Research, Engineering/Computer X X X organization optimally sized to deliver results from clinical research /career-center/opportunities Science, Mathematics/Statistics; with agility and adaptability. They provide services to Biostatistician, Statistical Programmer, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies as Statistical Research Associate well as a number of federal agencies.RKF Engineering RKF Engineering Solutions, LLC, is a veteran-owned small http://www.rkf- Consulting, Engineering/Computer X X X business devoted to finding innovative engineering solutions for engineering.com Science, Mathematics/Statistics; communication networks and satellite systems starting with Communications/System Engineers, regulatory expertise, system engineering designs and custom Software Developers/Programmers, software development. Computer EngineersRTI International RTI provides research, development, and technical services to http://www.rti.org Education, Healthcare, Mathematics/ X X X Yes, for government and commercial clients worldwide. RTI areas of Statistics, Research & Development, Ph.D.s achievement include health & pharmaceuticals, education & Social Sciences; Public Health, Eco- only training, surveys & statistics, advanced technology, international nomics, Psychology, Sociology, Public development, economic & social policy, energy & the environment, Health Analyst, Research Economist 2, and laboratory testing and chemical analysis. Research Public Health Analyst 2Sandia National Since 1949, Sandia National Laboratories has developed science- http://www.sandia.gov/caree Energy, Computer Science, Engineering X X XLaboratories based technologies to support our national security. Today, 300+ rs/index.html (all types), Mathematics/Statistics, million Americans depend on Sandias technology solutions to Research and Development, Sciences, solve national and global threats to peace and freedom. Technology; ChemistsSignal Innovations SIG is pioneering new data modeling methods and cutting-edge http://www.siginnovations.co Engineering/Computer Science, X X XGroup, Inc. (SIG) algorithm design for pattern recognition and decision systems. Our m Mathematics/Statistics, Research & R&D team is skilled in Computer Vision, Computational Development Mathematics, Detecting and Estimation Theory and Stochastic Systems.SMART (Science, The SMART Scholarship Program has been established by the www.asee.org/smart Clinical Research, Engineering/Computer X XMathematics And Department of Defense (DoD) to support undergraduate and Science, Mathematics/Statistics,Research for graduate students pursuing degrees in Science, Technology, Research and Development, Sciences,Transformation) Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The program TechnologyScholarship Program aims to increase the number of civilian scientists and engineers working at DoD laboratories.
  5. 5. Organization Overview Website Areas of Study Sought Masters PhD PhD Inter- Candidate Degree national Candi- datesTransTech Pharma TransTech Pharma is a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company http://www.ttpharma.com Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical, Sciences; X X Yes focused on the discovery and development of human thera- Pharmacologist Research Assistant peutics to fill unmet medical needs. Its mission is to utilize our innovative technology to rapidly translate the functional modu- lation of human proteins into safe and effective medicines.Youth Villages Youth Villages’ counselors provide intensive family restoration for http://www.youthvillages.org Social Sciences; Family Intervention X kids and parents alike. Their goal is to ensure that each child has a Specialist functioning family and a safe, permanent home. Youth Villages offers a better approach, Evidentiary Family Restoration, and their long-term success rate of 80% is nearly twice the national average, compared to traditional services.