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New North Carolina in the Global Economy Features

Research Scientist Stacey Frederick gave this presentation in April 2014 at the offices of the Duke University Center of Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness. The presentation provides an overview of the new features on the 2014 version of the NC in the Global Economy website (http://www.ncglobaleconomy.com).

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New North Carolina in the Global Economy Features

  1. 1. New NC in the Global Economy (NCGE) Features Forum on North Carolina in the Global Economy April 21, 2014 Stacey Frederick Center on Globalization, Governance & Competitiveness (CGGC)
  2. 2. NC in the Global Economy (NCGE) • NCGE is a website that provides a web-based value chain analysis of seven key industries in North Carolina – Tobacco, hog farming, textiles & apparel, furniture, information technology, biotechnology & banks and finance • Sections of the website for each industry include: – Industry overview – Introduction to the value chain – Important NC companies/employers – Labor market, trade & policy analysis – Tables, charts and maps – Key resources
  3. 3. Main NCGE Data Updates Focus Area Current New Geographic Levels of Analysis NC NC, U.S. & Top U.S. States Data Visual Formats Tables & Maps Tables, Charts & Maps User Experience (Data Format) Static Interactive* Years of Data Available 1996 & 2006 1992-2012; 2002-‘12; 2008-‘12 Geographic Maps NC Counties NC Counties, U.S. & World International Trade Export Export & Import Marketing – new URL www.soc.duke.edu/ NC_GlobalEconomy www.NCGlobalEconomy.com • Note (*): Interactive means the user can select which variables are viewed on the map. Users can choose which year, value chain segment, product category or NAICS codes.
  4. 4. Current NCGE Website Examples of Data Visuals (2007 Version) • Current data is available in static formats for a few years for a select number of segments of the value chain
  5. 5. Geographic Analysis at Three Levels NC, U.S. & Top States • Data can all be viewed at three levels: – NC, U.S. & U.S. (Top) States – Graphics & Text Analysis • Applies to data on establishments, employment, wages, exports & imports Chart 6a: NC Exports Chart 6b: U.S. Exports Chart 6c: Top State Exports
  6. 6. Data Formats: Three Types Tables, Charts & Maps Table 6a: NC Exports Chart 6a: NC Exports Map 6c: NC Exports • Data can be viewed in three formats: table, chart or map • Similar numbering convention makes it easy to find comparable information across formats – North Carolina tables/charts/maps all end in “a” – U.S. tables/charts/maps all end in “b” – Top U.S. states/all states tables/charts/maps all end in “c”
  7. 7. Interactive Visuals Example: NC County Maps • County-level maps allow you to view data for each county for all years (1992-2012) across multiple variables Current: NC Textile Establishments by County New: NC Textile, Textile Product & Apparel Establishments by County • Previous maps only showed two years of data, for one variable without showing data for each county
  8. 8. U.S. Level Data • Data is now available for the United States and other U.S. states using the same industry definitions for North Carolina • Data is designed to easily show trends in default visual, but is also interactive • Applies to labor market and trade data sections New Maps: U.S. Employment by StateNew Charts: U.S. Employment Over Time
  9. 9. NC in the U.S. Economy Chart 3c: Top U.S. States (Employment) Table 3c: Top U.S. States (Employment) Section: Workers & Wages Users can easily see NC’s contribution to the U.S. economy and how the NC industry compares to other U.S. states
  10. 10. Other Updates • Corporations section updated for all industries – Overview – Brands & Market Segments – Strategy & Competitiveness – Geographic Footprint • Value Chain – 2012 data & updated employer footprints • Policy – Key issues at state, national & international levels • Resources – Industry Associations, Education & Training, Government Resources, Web- Based Resources and Books, Reports & Articles • Overview – Links to key sections – History & updated trends • Inter-Industry Trends – Updated employment analysis across industries (1992, 2002, 2012)
  11. 11. Questions? Comments? Stacey Frederick sf54@duke.edu www.NCGlobalEconomy.com www.cggc.duke.edu