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  1. 1. Isenberg School of Management UniversityofMassachusetts,Amherst www.isenberg.umass.edu ISENBERG PITCH CONFERENCE A P R I L 2 1 , 2 0 1 6
  2. 2. University of Massachusetts Amherst isenberg.umass.edu Isenberg Pitch Conference April 21, 2016 1 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Thank You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Itinerary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Keynote Speaker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Panelists . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Conference Team . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Dear Sponsors and Attendees, On behalf of the Investment Club at the Isenberg School of Management, we would like to thank you for supporting the first annual Isenberg Pitch Conference. Your generosity has allowed us to transform this conference from an idea in the heads of a couple of students to the event that you see here today. With your support, we have exceeded our expectations -- bringing together a prestigious set of schools, distinguished speakers, and some of the country’s top financial firms. Because of your generosity, we have over 150 UMass Amherst students, professors, alumni, and industry professionals here today to build relationships, network and expand their business acumen. Today, top students from the Isenberg finance community come together alongside teams from the best schools in the region to enable and accelerate each other’s careers, and to demonstrate the caliber and strength of the future business leaders of America to attending industry professionals and company representatives. The incredible array of sponsors, alumni, campus organizations, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst itself, inspire us through their commitment to the students and investment in our future. We would like to individually thank Dean Mark Fuller, Finance Department Chair Sanjay Nawalkha, Professor Ginnie Gardiner, Professor Mila Sherman, Nina Lion, Sophia Love, Victoria DellaSperanza, Allison Furkey, Don Smith, and Tracy Holhut. Your assistance and guidance was greatly appreciated in making today successful, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future! Lastly, and most importantly, we want to thank the talented students in attendance. We are pleased to welcome you here today! A special thank you to the following sponsors: Sincerely, The Conference Team WILLIAM BANNICK DAVID B. BREED, CLASS OF 1969 FOUNDER, CADENCE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT PAUL J. CARNEY, CLASS OF 1982 DAVID J. DER HAGOPIAN THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT, ISENBERG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT ISENBERG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT PATRICIA A. KILGALLON AND CHARLES G. MARADIAN, PKM MANAGEMENT GROUP, LLC ROBERT MAHONEY CHARLES N. AND SANDRA J. ROBINSON SIDHU FAMILY FACULTY LEADERSHIP FELLOWSHIP UMASS FOUNDATION
  3. 3. University of Massachusetts Amherst isenberg.umass.edu Isenberg Pitch Conference April 21, 2016 3 4 7:30AM – 9:00AM Registration and Breakfast 9:00AM – 9:10AM Opening Remarks by Mark A. Fuller, Dean of the Isenberg School of Management 9:10AM – 10:00AM Keynote Speaker Chris Rapcewicz 10:00AM – 10:15AM 15 minute break 10:15AM – 11:35AM Pitch Competition 11:35AM – 11:50AM 15 minute break 11:50AM – 1:00PM Pitch Competition 1:00PM – 2:00PM Lunch 2:00PM – 3:00PM Investment Professional Discussion Panel 3:00PM – 3:15PM 15 minute break 3:15PM – 4:15PM Award Ceremony 4:00PM – 5:00PM Networking Reception KEYNOTE SPEAKER ITINERARY
  4. 4. University of Massachusetts Amherst isenberg.umass.edu Isenberg Pitch Conference April 21, 2016 5 6 OPENING KEYNOTE Christopher Rapcewicz Christopher Rapcewicz is Director of Risk and Operations at the Helmsley Charitable Trust. He is part of the development and implementation of the overall investment strategy and is principally responsible for the risk management of the Trust’s investments across all asset classes and for ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of the investment operations. Prior to joining the Trust, Christopher was Chief Risk Officer and global head of quantitative solutions at UBP Asset Management, a multi- billion dollar fund of funds. Prior to that he was Vice President of Risk at Blackstone Alternative Asset Management, where he was involved in all aspects of hedge fund risk management. He was also responsible for the selection of quantitative and systematic hedge funds. Christopher joined Blackstone after four years at Measurisk, a risk measurement vendor that was acquired by MSCI in 2010. At Measurisk, he was managing director responsible for the development and operation of the core risk factory. Christopher received a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Cornell University and his B.Sc. (summa cum laude) from McMaster University in Canada. He has worked as a risk professional for 14 years. PANELISTS
  5. 5. University of Massachusetts Amherst isenberg.umass.edu Isenberg Pitch Conference April 21, 2016 7 8 Gary Cameron Michael Temple Peter Lupoff Jonathan Kasen Until 2015, when he retired from the industry, Gary spent the previous 26 years in investment banking, building and managing various trading groups globally. His strengths and proven experience in managing geographically diverse businesses serve his new ventures—both as CFO of Oktane Media LLC and his private investment practice, Lochiel Properties LLC. His focus is on helping to grow and amplify underleveraged businesses and assets and convert them into market leadership and profitability. Previously, Gary was a Managing Director at JPMorgan, where he was the Global Head of USD Swaps. Gary joined JPMorgan in 1997 and was there until 2015. Gary is an Isenberg graduate and has maintained a strong relationship with the school, being a visiting lecturer since 2012. Michael Temple is Senior Vice President and Director of Credit Research, U.S. at Pioneer Investments. His duties include independent research of credits, sector analysis, and coordination of research efforts in high yield, bank loan, investment grade, emerging markets, and municipal credit. Michael is a Portfolio Manager of Pioneer Dynamic Credit Fund, and Portfolio Manager of the institutional Credit Opportunities strategy. Prior to joining Pioneer, Michael was a Portfolio Manager at Boston Partners Asset Management, where he helped manage $1.5 billion in institutional Core Plus strategies. He was also a Senior Credit Analyst at Putnam Investments, where he was responsible for the analysis of investment grade, high yield, and emerging market investments. He was a Senior Credit Analyst at Duff and Phelps in Chicago, and the Director of Planning and Investor Relations for the Public Service Company of New Mexico. Michael received a B.A. and M.B.A. from the University of Colorado. Peter Lupoff is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Tiburon Capital Management, LLC. He is Co-Portfolio Manager of the Tiburon Event-Driven strategies and funds, including the mutual fund, Balter Event-Driven Fund (“BEVIX”). Mr. Lupoff has run event-driven, credit and distressed investment portfolios as Portfolio Manager for Millennium Management, LLC, Robeco Weiss Peck + Greer and MJ Whitman, LLC. Funds Mr. Lupoff has managed or co-managed have achieved awards such as GAIM’s Top Performing Emerging Distressed Manager, MARHedge’s Event-Driven Manager and an Institutional Investor nomination as Hedge Fund House of the Year. Mr. Lupoff’s BRACE methodology is a unique and differentiating investment protocol, coupling a deep value sensibility learned when a partner of famed value investor, Marty Whitman, with Lupoff’s own game theory/probabilistic weighting of events, and risk management learned from portfolio management with Izzy Englander’s Millennium Management. Mr. Lupoff is a frequent speaker and writer imparting his investment philosophies and is a regular Federal Reserve Bank Discussant and consultant on shocks and illiquid markets. Jonathan Kasen is a portfolio manager at Fidelity Management & Research Company (FMRCo), the investment advisor for Fidelity’s family of mutual funds. In this role, Jonathan co-manages Fidelity VIP Balanced Portfolio (since 2014). He also manages the energy sub-portfolios for Fidelity VIP Contrafund Portfolio, Fidelity Balanced Fund, and Fidelity Series All-Sector Equity Fund (all since 2013). Prior to assuming his current responsibilities, Jonathan managed Select Energy Service Portfolio beginning in 2010 and Select Industrial Equipment Portfolio starting in 2008. Jonathan joined Fidelity in 2006 as an equity research analyst following multi-industry, industrial distribution, and electrical products companies. His previous experience includes three years as a generalist equity analyst at Hellman Jordan Management Company and a summer internship at Fred Alger Management. He has been in the investments industry since 2001. Jonathan earned his Bachelor of Science degree in finance from Boston College and his MBA from The Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. He also completed the General Course at The London School of Economics and Political Science.
  6. 6. University of Massachusetts Amherst isenberg.umass.edu Isenberg Pitch Conference April 21, 2016 9 10 CONFERENCE TEAM Matthew Wolfer Co-Founder Finance, Economics, 2017 Trevor Thompson Co-Founder Economics, 2016 Duc Ngo Co-founder Finance, Economics, 2016 Lauren Humphreys Head of School Outreach Economics, French Language and Literature, 2018 Samuel Norton Head of Fundraising Finance, 2019 John Maguire Head of Panelist and Firm Outreach Finance, Economics 2017 Morgan Maradian Head of Alumni Outreach Hospitality and Tourism Management, Operations and Information Management, 2017 Justin Allen Chief Designer Marketing, 2019 Eric Brazell Logistics Manager Engineering, 2018 THANK YOU