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The Lean Startup | Methodology - Dtech Systems

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How Lean Startup provides a scientific approach to create and manage startups and get a desired product to customer's hands faster.

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The Lean Startup | Methodology - Dtech Systems

  2. 2. The Classic Way to Start A Business
  3. 3. You Can’t Make Good Predictions Five Years in Advance The assumption is that it’s possible to figure out the unknowns of a business in advance - before executing your idea. That just isn’t realistic.
  4. 4. Most Product Developers Don’t Get Customer Feedback Until It’s Too Late.
  6. 6. The Business Model Canvas Sketch out hypotheses. A Business Model Canvas.
  7. 7. What Assumptions Will You Test?
  8. 8. Customer Development Listen and learn.
  9. 9. Minimum Viable Product A version of a new product that allows a team to collect the most learning about customers with the least effort.
  10. 10. Finding the Right Model
  11. 11. Agile Product Development Iterate quickly.
  12. 12. Traditional Product Development Is Long and Linear
  13. 13. Agile Product Development Has Short, Quick Cycles
  14. 14. Lean Execution Ramp up operations quickly.
  15. 15. Continue Learning and Adapting
  16. 16. Organizational Differences TRADITIONAL VENTURES LEAN START-UPS Have Functional Departments Have Agile Teams Hire for Experience And Ability to Execute Hire for Ability to Learn, Nimbleness, and Speed Measure Income, Revenue, Assets, Cash Flow Report Customer Acquisition Costs, Lifetime Customer Value, Churn, Viralness
  17. 17. Macro Trends Encouraging Start-ups
  18. 18. The Spread of Lean Methods
  19. 19. Business schools are embracing lean start-ups. Corporate entrepreneurs are going lean too.
  20. 20. The New Tool Kit
  21. 21. The Past vs. the Future TRADITIONAL VENTURES LEAN START-UPS Elaborate Planning Experimentation Intuition Customer Feedback Up-front Design Many Design Iterations
  22. 22. Thank You 00966 56 100 4748 info@dtechsystems.co www.dtechsystems.co You can contact us at