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Dreamz Infra Reviews - Mr. Surya

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Please watch this video shared about Dreamz Infra Reviews posted by one of the valuable customers named Mr. Surya.

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  • We went to Dreamz GK office and booked a flat after checking all the details. I must have to say that our CRM girl is very polite, nice, friendly and always replied to my emails within hours of sending an email to her. She was able to answer my questions and help me out whenever needed. My supervisor is great! He contacts me at least once a week to let me know where they are at with the building of our flat. His team has done a great job so far on the home... with only about 6 weeks left till completion, i am fairly confident that the remainder of the house will be just as great! Thank you Dreamz GK for making my first home a stress free experience! You team is wonderful!
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