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Dragginator 2018 Cup : Sponsors

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Description of the Dragginator 2018 Cup.
Dragginator is a virtual creatures game based on the Bismuth Python Blockchain.
This document is a quick overview of the features and metrics of Dragginator.Com , in order to reach out for sponsors.

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Dragginator 2018 Cup : Sponsors

  1. 1. Dragginator.com 2018 Soccer Cup Sponsor presentation
  2. 2. What is Dragginator ? ● Blockchain based game ● Runs on the Bismuth platform ● Python code, from scratch ● First third party Dapp built on top of Bismuth ● Collectible game with virtual creatures ● Buy, trade, every creature is unique and will evolve. ● Custom engine to run matches and cups.
  3. 3. A Few metrics 2 weeks only after launch : ● 2722 Eggs have been boughts ● More than 400 special soccer eggs created ● Huge interest among the Bismuth community ● Dedicated channel on the discord to avoid flood of #general ● Several unsollicited articles by users ● Several tweets with screenshots and mentions The public is mostly geek, crypto aware and have the gamer spirit. They like collectibles and contests.
  4. 4. The Soccer cup ● Freely open to any Soccer egg owner ● Registration period will last for about a week ● Pools then eliminatory steps ● The cup will last for several days, depending on the number of contestants ● Prizes for the Top 3 Eggs owners
  5. 5. The Sponsors ● Give a prize of their choice ● Can be crypto, hardware, licence, service... ● Have their logo and link on sponsors page and on cup pages. ● Will have their logos on the podium photo (3D rendering of the winnings eggs on the podium) ● Dragginator will do his best to ensure visibility of the sponsors. Limits : ● No adult nor NSFW content ● No illegal content/service ● Dragginator reserves the right to reject a sponsoring proposal without having to give a reason.
  6. 6. Contact ● info@dragginator.com ● https://twitter.com/iyomisc ● Bismuth Discord, #Dragginator Channel