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  1. What’s wrong with enterprise file sharing? Security Lack of Governance/Compliance control; multiple databases, usernames and passwords, no backup copy for recovering Sync & Share Software/Services Expensive to migrate and sync to 3rd party cloud storage; loss of data control; additional training for IT admin; excessive user licensing costs VPN Software Expensive to install and support for end users; Mobile device management costs; ongoing Firewall security issues
  2. Secure Enterprise File Access Add cloud functionality using installed file servers on-premise or in the cloud. No VPN No Syncing & Data Migration No storing data in a public cloud. Browser, Mapped Drive, Mobile
  3. Enterprise File Share Access Cloud access to your company Files without VPN, syncing or migrating data Better security and control using existing active directory permissions
  4. MyWorkDrive Network Overview User Access Desktop Mobile Browser Existing Data Windows Share SMB Active Directory The MyWorkDrive product architecture works by taking existing file shares and making them accessible over https as an IIS Website. The MyWorkDrive software is installed either directly on the Windows File Server (assuming it’s free of other IIS roles) or on another Windows domain member server on the same LAN. MyWorkDrive recognizes the existing Active Directory domain and utilizes it automatically for all authentication including administration to provide users a single sign on (SSO) experience. The System Administrator simply points to the existing shares they wish to make accessible to users in MWD remotely. Traditional mapped drives remain available – company files remain on the internal file servers and are never stored in the cloud.
  5. MyWorkDrive Sharing Share files externally using OneDrive -Leverage existing Office 365 licenses you already have -No compromising security with public server access
  6. With MyWorkDrive -Direct editing of Office Documents in Office 365 Online -Real-Time, collaborative co-editing without moving files to the cloud
  7. With MyWorkDrive • Improve Security & Accessibility • Two-factor Authentication • Single Sign On (SSO) • Online Editing in Office 365 • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership • Immediate Return on Investment Browser ♦ Mobile ♦ Desktop
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  9. 2FA
  10. Data Leak Protection Starting with MyWorkDrive Server 6.1 the DLP view is available in our mapped drive clients: All files may be viewed in the online viewer. When files are view in the encrypted viewer copying, downloading or printing is disabled. In addition the watermark is displayed to prevent screen printing. Optionally you may enable Office 365 Online editing for files that are not allowed to be downloaded. With Office 365 editing enabled users can edit documents in the browser without downloading. Printing or clipboard access is however then available. Only enable Office 365 editing for a share if this meets your company security and compliance requirements.
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