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Wellness Presentation

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Wellness Presentation

  1. 1. Wellness Wellness is a state that can be attained only by physical and psychological well being.
  2. 2. Physical Well Being • Physical wellbeing is the basic health of the body. Indicators • Reasonable Appetite • Proper Waste Disposal from the Body • Able to walk 1 Km with out any strain. • Good Sleep.
  3. 3. Psychological Well Being • Psychological well Being is the basic health of the Mind. Indicators. • Contented with life • Always in a happy mood (not Sad)
  4. 4. Physical well being Needs good Nutrition. Needs good water Needs reasonable Exercise. Needs good sleep. Meditation.
  5. 5. Hydration - Water • Our Body is 85 % Water and body recycles water for all its functions from Digestion – waste disposal. • Min. 3 litres + 1 litre if exposed to sunlight for 1 hour (in our Climate.) Hydration depends on the Habits.
  6. 6. Nutrition Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fat. Supplements Vitamins. A,D,B-Complex,C,E etc Minerals: Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Se, etc Anti oxidants Probiotics, Fiber Nutrition is dependant on Habits.
  7. 7. Exercise • At least 40 minutes every day. • Walking, swimming or aerobic exercise. • Yoga. • Dance • Martial arts – Kalari etc Exercise is entirely dependant on Habits.
  8. 8. Good Sleep Just like our body our Brain also needs Rest. • 6 – 8 Hours every day. • Regular timing. • Dreams Sleep is entirely dependant on Habits.
  9. 9. Meditation • Observing yourself Inside and outside. • Silencing your left brain. • Opening out your creativeness and Potential. • Clear Inner voice leading to Bliss and enlightened state. • Inner Harmony and Peace with oneself. Sleep is entirely dependant on Habits.
  10. 10. On Habits • The Upbringing. • Social culture. • Beliefs. • Habits. Habits play a very high role in health.
  11. 11. Habits • Physiological conditioning. • Psychological Conditioning. Conditioning happens by Training particularly childhood
  12. 12. Psychological Wellbeing • Healthy Body. • Contented Mind • Happy state of Mind
  13. 13. Contented Mind • Intelligence • Emotions
  14. 14. Intelligence • Analytical Skills • Creative Skills • Practical Skills Can be measured as IQ
  15. 15. Emotions • Emotions Potentiates the actions of Intelligence if positively used. • Emotions de Motivate the actions of Intelligence if negatively used. • Learn to control Emotions with intelligence. Emotional Intelligence. Can Be measured as EQ
  16. 16. IQ vs EQ Various proportions of IQ and EQ, evolves in life and causes psychological abarations which affect the mental health,
  17. 17. Diseases • Physical Component • Psychological Component • Phantom Limb Phenomenon • Imagining Cat as a Tiger or vice versa about diseases.
  18. 18. Rejunuvation Of Mind and Body
  19. 19. Assessing Health Allopathic Diagnostic tools – the proven best. Enables us to make the person fully aware of his health. Guide him for the right treatment – respecting his beliefs of System of medicine.
  20. 20. Various Systems –for Body Allopathy. Ayurveda. Homeopathy. Unani Accpuncture. Naturopathy. Chelation Therapy. Yoga. Sujoku
  21. 21. Various Systems –for Mind Sensual Therapy. Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP. Hypnosis. Yoga Counselling. Training. Allopathy. Ayurveda.
  22. 22. Sensual Therapy Aroma Therapy. Taste Therapy. Visual Thearpy. Music Therapy. Touch Therapy. Hot and Cold Therapy. All new sensual inputs of the ultra short present to be made pleasant by reviving – reliving- reorienting and reinforcing the positive memories of the past.
  23. 23. • Thank You